Okay, I told you that I already found a project to replace Tsuki Tsuki.
I stumbled onto this exactly one year ago, but was busy with other stuff to pay any real attention to it. The other day then, raws for volume 3 popped up and since I was looking for a new project, I looked into it in detail. Guess what, it seems to be quite promising, at least to my preferences and that’s what counts here 😛

Currently the series has 5 volumes released in Japan while only 3 have public raws so far.
I don’t want to spoil you with anything, so just read the prologue and make up your mind yourself!

I’m releasing the prologue to announce my “claim” on the series (though I can’t stop anyone to work on it). I will still work on some other stuff first (Tsuki Tsuki reedits, etc).

On other news, I haven’t forgotten about Shinanai Otoko. Or at least, I would like to forget. I did the most unforgivable thing: I read ahead in the series. I know what’s going to happen next and even while I like it, it kills my motivation to translate. I’ll put it off a bit longer and see how it works out. I would very much like to finish it, but that’s easier said than done.

Lastly, I’m still looking for proofreader(s) for the Tsuki Tsuki reedit. So far no one found me on IRC yet (which is the application test at the same time). I’ll wait until the end of month and in case no one applies, I’ll just apply some chances myself and don’t bother ever again. As a matter of fact, I don’t care for it being in good english. I read it in Japanese. You guys want better english, then do something for it.
P.S.: Editing the colour pages is too much for a pain and I’m only doing it for Tsuki Tsuki, since I already started on that. I will not do so for any other series. If there’s someone who wants to redraw them, feel free to find me on IRC.

Now enjoy~

25 thoughts on “08/07/2014

  1. Firstly, thank you for your hard work PROzess. Translators have a hard job and don’t get enough appreciation so thank you. I was also wondering if you start to get ahead in translating Risou, and still have not acquired motivation for Shinanai if you would consider continuing your work on Shinami maou. If not I understand and thanks anyways for the work you have done on it.

  2. hi could you please help me with learn how to read Japanese
    i dont not understand what te chracter mean when i look at it so do you now of a chart that i could uses to help and thank the new read

  3. I am liking this series so far, since the mc is expected to literally do nothing i wonder what kind of story is gonna be maybe a story of simply building a harem? idk, thanks anyways i have never heard anything about this series before

  4. Thank you for picking up another great project I love your work 🙂 hope that it continues for the rest of this great project.

  5. Looks like it has potential and as much as i love tsuki & shinmai maybe this story will have more ‘depth’ for better use of a word and not revolve around ecchi moments (not that there bad but the saying “too much of a good thing “), I for one will definately read this if you decide to translate, as always thanks for the translations ( :

  6. Hello PROzess;

    I do not know if you accept donations but would a modest donation of say 10 euro(or equivalent) make it possible for you to speed up the translation for the rest of Volume 1 of Risou?
    I do not expect you to drop what you are doing for it, but if you could make it a higher priority than it currently is that would be great.

    1. I do not need donations at this point.
      Even less if you want me to translate faster in exchange. That would no longer be a donation, but a payment.
      I work on the novels in my own pace.

  7. Hello, i have no idea what an IRC is, sorry about that 🙁 I would love to proof read re-edits and also suggest changes for the Tsuki Tsuki translations (all 12 volumes ), but being a college student, I may not be able to work as fast you might expect me to, but something is better than nothing I guess?

    You can contact me via my mail.

  8. New novel looks promising. Thanks PROzess.
    Happy to still follow your translations after all these years~

  9. I wouldn’t mind helping you with some edits in my off time. I have done TLC (took classes for years but my vocab sucks) and Proofing for some scanslation groups in the past, but I don’t really care enough to go on IRC, let alone look for you. If that really matters to you, then that is fine. Just ignore me. Otherwise just let me know if you want a bit of casual help in the editing department.

  10. Wao, I know its late to ask, but what is PROzess’s user name in IRC? I haven’t been reading Tsuki Tsuki lately (busy bee ><) so I quickly reinstalled mIRC (god I feel ancient) only to notice that you didn't put your user name in the news post. Hmm…

  11. NOOOOOO!!!!
    Please dont stop translating TsukiTsuki!!!! >.<
    continue translating it please please please!!!!!

  12. I just read RisoHimo, and I have to say you made a good selection. It has me grabbed from the start. I want to read more of it when you get the chance.

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