The evil real life has caught up to me and I’m forced to take a job over my break to save up some money. I hate working when I have classes, so I rather work during the breaks.
Anyway, this means I’ll have less time in the next two month, specially because one of my shifts is through the middle of the day.
I just want to say that there probably won’t be any new release here during that time.
Of course I will still work on the re-edits of Tsuki-Tsuki and make a little progress on Shinmai during the weekends.
Otherwise you can expect a few manga releases, since that’s the best I can manage with the little spare time I have during the week.

Until then~

17 thoughts on “03/08/2014

  1. While I’m a bit sad and disappointed since I was really really looking forward to the update for Risou…. But RL takes priority…
    I hope things get better and smoother for you; money wise, time wise and education wise
    Good luck

  2. It can’t be helped, real life is on top priority. Thanks for the news and good luck with your job PROzess.

  3. thank you for not ignoring us, & if you can please, let us know about your manga scanlations.. i read some of them- holyknight, blush, minimum, etc.. looking forward to it..

  4. Guess im just going have to wait for Risou no Himo Seikatsu goodness… i will dream the dream for now =(

  5. Good luck with your job, hope you make some money ;p and I’m looking forward to hear from you again.

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