Well, lately there seems to be a boom about web novels.
Curious as I am, I just dived straight in. First I read the Mushoku Tensei translation. It was done by Machine and was utterly horrible. Vol 2 so bad that I didn’t understand a single thing, so I switched to raws and enjoyed the series quite a lot up till the latest chapter.
Next I went for Tate no Yuusha. Likewise this was done with Machine translation, but the editors put in a lot of effort this time. Sure, there were a few mistakes here and there and it was overall too literal, but I didn’t get as annoyed as when reading Mushoku. I enjoyed the story up to the around 100 translated chapters too.
Speaking of, Risou was initially a web novel as well, though I will only be following the tank releases.
Over all, the language is pretty easy in web novels and since you read them online in your browser, you can make use of rikaichan to display kanji you don’t know. To boost, the chapters are short.
Going with the hype over “summoned to another world”, I looked into another story of this kind and found this.
I translated the first chapter for now, but it’s unlikely I will do more, as the naming sense for stuff is utterly horrible, so it’s marked as a teaser. I will read a few more chapter and look if the story is good enough to outdo the horrible names.


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  1. Well maybe I didn’t get around to it until it was edited to a significant degree, but I didn’t find Mushoku to quite as horrible as you say. Although I have seen some of those utterly horrible mangled things they put up previously to pass as translations before people had a fit. Tate no Yuusha on the other hand is significantly better edited as you say.

    What is this rikaichan thing you mentioned? I would love something like that as kanji vocabulary is my Achilles heel. It sounds like some kind of browser plugin type thing…and Google ->Installed

  2. I am probably putting this in the wrong place but i just want to thank you so much for all that you have given us over the years

  3. Thank you very much for the release though it pains me that you consider it only a teaser project. For some time now I wanted to read this series and the machine translations give me a headache ;p. I sincerly hope to see more of it if you ever have time and drive to translate it. Thanks again 😉

  4. This series is pretty shitty.

    MC has shitty personality and there aren’t even any justification for that, just that his parents is dead and he went to orphanage, bohoo.

    He treat other character like shit and only do thing that benefit him, which is not that bad if he doesn’t shit talk along the way.

    Up to ch. 100 there’s nothing resembling heroine beside a guy who idolize him. His party member consist of old man and loli, twice. Rejoice those who are into BL and old men (I can understand where the author coming from though, with such shitty personality any actual heroine would look idiotic for liking the MC).

    MC is not relevant to plot up to ch.100, the actual plot happen offscreen and told from other POV. His power aren’t even that impressive compared to character from those POV.

    I dunno why I’m still reading this, (mostly I’m waiting for anyone to beat the MC half dead or dead).

  5. There is another group that is translating a third web novel called “Unique Hero” . TY for the release.

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