10 thoughts on “17/10/2014

  1. Yeah like that other commenter mentioned, the MC is a bit of a selfish dick. Well I am curious to see how it goes, but not curious enough care if I never find out.

  2. Well, I think the Main Character is pretty sound of mind. Liking his attitude so far

    1. So far the MC is acting on valid reasons and I kinda like him for that, but if he keeps up that apathetic (not to say dickish) attitude to anyone he meets, it certainly will be annoying.

  3. Yay, thanks for the second release ^^
    I dunno why people don’t like MC, he seems to have quite the sound judgement. Well, maybe his character is just up my alley 😀
    Love ya <3

  4. Taishis harem huh…

    I wonder what Hiiro is planning, I hope he wont fall to somewhat becoming a strategist… damn that would be boring.

    A lot of thanks PROzess…

    1. He’ll get a Katana. He’s a hybrid whatever works character.

      Heck he isn’t shown to be that smart either, probably limitation of the author.

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