Okay, this will be last chapter I do of it.
I just can’t get comfortable with the horrible naming sense.
The herbs appearing in this chapter literally mean “lottery”, but are written in Katakana and nothing gets mentioned about them, so I have no clue what they actually are. I don’t fucking care anymore anyway, so I just named them Lucky Herbs.
Anyway, dropped.


15 thoughts on “18/10/2014

  1. It’s can’t help if you don’t want to continue. Thanks for your hard work

    Have you thought in translate another isekaijin series (reincarnation or teleport)?

  2. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope one day you’re in the mood to translate this one again, because I find the protagonist really amusing.

  3. Personally, I’m glad you’re dropping this. I like stories of being transported to other worlds, but the whole ending up in a world with video game like systems in that world is just… yeah. This is like the third or fourth Web Novel I’ve seen like that. Only one of them that I’ve read is anything decent.

    I find Risou no Himo Seikatsu is faaar more interesting than this. :3

    1. i kinda agree with that, but i do like -apathetic protagonists- they are much better than evil or good ones in my opinion. So I’m kinda curious as to what will happen next.

      Anyway, Thank you for even the 3 chapters for translating it.

  4. This series got a bit better after chapter 100 in which it fully transform into battle oriented novel.

    It’s just like when a boring jump series transformed into battle manga because it was on verge of cancellation lol.

    1. Oh but the terrible naming continue though : Anod, Shamoe, Marione (it’s an old man with impressive beard character), Iveamu, Akrawinzafaisx (or w/e), Rudeoulp, Crouch. It’s a hellish world in different kind of meaning.

      The best name in this novel is Mikazuki and it’s a damn chochobo.

  5. Thanks for the chapter PROzess…

    I’m disappointed and depressed to know that your dropping this one.

    IMO, I don’t really care about the naming sense. You can just do it the way you’re comfortable with.

    still, thanks again, i hope you’ll found something you’re comfortable with.

  6. Too bad you don’t like the novel I kind of liked it. On the other hand, I really really like Risou and… stuff…

  7. Thanks for translating the first three chapters. It’s a shame you’re not doing more but your the one translating so it up to you whether to drop it not. Is there any possibility of contacting another site like Baka-Tsuki to take over? The reason I ask is the protagonist really seems interesting and i really want to see what he does in the future. Anyway thanks for your hard work!

  8. Tonight’s conclusion: Fuck you. Oh wait, should I be more philosophical, more poetic for you? Ok, I’ll try– bitch. For whom heaven has cast out, for those where love is no longer life, for that which has seeped through the purest of hearts and the thickest of shields, there is you. You are a black feather on a white dove, a shadow in the valleys of sun, a tarnished stain on the chapel’s walls. DO YOU NOT SEE YOUR OWN DISGUST? Can you not feel the darkness that surrounds you? How can a speck of rust corrode a fine metal? A metal so pure that god herself can see her reflection in its shimmer. Are you a happy demon? Does destruction bring you gratification? Blessed by the horns of Lucifer art thou, and praise thee winged lover of death, as there is no other glorification you shall receive in this journal.

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