Okay, today I bring you the first chapter of Risou. We already had a prologue, but this chapter feels more like yet another prologue. Oh well. Hopefully the story will pick up in the next chapter.

Stuff gets a bit technical in this chapter and even after reading various wiki entries, I’m not confident in my knowledge about power generators, so I mostly stuck with literal translations. If anything’s wrong, blame the author 🙂 Should it offend you nevertheless, please point it out in the comments 🙂


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    1. I also am interested in translation and noticed how annoying it is to translate obscure and “technical” terms. I read Tokyo Ravens from BT and was thinking how much work was put into translating it. But then again, that’s part of what makes these novels interesting, right?

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Seems really interesting and Zenjirou’s character is a refreshing change from the usual stuff. Eagerly waiting for more.

  2. Thank you PROzess. just a small question: what chapter will the girl on second color picture appear?

  3. Awesome, Just now i picked this up and its really interesting! The queen thinking that Zenjirou is an aristocrat xD.
    I wonder what will happen when they see all the stuff he will bring… And i wonder if she will have a change of heart when she realizes that Zenjirou its intelligent and had a full education.

    If it were me i would also do that but did like to add books about culture, medicine, astronomy, matematics, technology and such since that world seem to be lacking technology advancement.

    PD: It would be a nice thing if it wasnt a parallel world and instead it was just another planet and that the summoning gave that world language so they understand eachother.
    Thinking about the conditions of the stars positions you could guess that once their planet is alinged with earth in specific coordenates allows the summoning

    1. I was surprised at how MC goes after the generator/AC/fridge and other stuff instead of simply technical books on how to build those.
      He’s going to be the King of a frieking country ! I’m sure a handful of books on medicine or agriculture would be a LOT more usefull to him there than a fridge…

  4. Wow, really love this series! I hope you decide to keep translating it! Thank you very much for all your hard work!


  5. So far, quite intrigued. The premise of the story is similar enough to the reincar/ported story to immediately know what’s going on, but there is more than enough that is massively different to be interesting.

    Also my knowledge of recent historical lifestyles being lacking, nevertheless it seems there was a good effort to reasonably portray such a setting.

  6. A little translation mistake: next window for summoning is not three years, but thirty years later.

  7. Thanks for the release.

    It is interesting how he is bringing stuff back but is not thinking long term. If he was thinking long term he would have the carpet filled with all sorts of text books, schematics, tech manuals and a few tools. (small CNC machine maybe?).

    Likely it will not be a driving force of the novels then, more politics + time with his wife.

  8. Thanks for the release.

    I really like the story. The mc seems to be pretty smart, which is a rare find in novels in general. I just hope he will change his priorities from a sponging livestyle to starting his EMPIRE. I like mc’s with ambitions.

  9. OMG. I’m checking this site around 30 times on average per day just to see if the new chapters out. This Light Novel is awesome!!! And PROzess is even more awesome for translating it!!!

  10. Just read this, really enjoying it so far, thanks for your hard work and i’m looking forward to the next chapter if you have time to translate it. Thanks again 🙂

  11. Thank you for your hard work on this novel PROzess, so far it’s pure awesomeness. Much appreciated.

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