Okay, I know I said I would drop it, but I’m just craving for some RPG elements.
I started on the next chapter of Risou yesterday, but it seems it’s still going to be about boring preperations, so I wanted a change of pace.
So here’s another chapter of Word Master.
I made a little change to the previous chapter as the magic gets explained in this chapter.
One difficulty with the Word Magic is that the author gives it an english title, but actually means a kanji character with it. Just think of it like this: 1 Kanji = 1 Word, 2 Kanji = 2 Words.
That obviously isn’t correct in the english meaning as some words use two or more kanji. The author just wants him to use these “advanced” words later on with level ups. So I choose to name it a chain of words/kanji. Basically he’s going to chain up kanji to make words and the length of the chain is based on his level. The more kanji a word has, the more powerful the magic, probably.
For an example, fire uses a single kanji 火, whereas a blaze uses two kanji 火災. So I think a blaze should be stronger than just fire. Meaning Fire is a single chain and blaze a two-part chain. Hope its understandable.

15 thoughts on “24/10/2014

  1. Thanks for your hard work PROzess. I have question will you finish 2nd volume of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha? Will you translate it further?
    Thanks for Risou and Tsuki Tsuki.

  2. I love boring preparations. It’s exciting how the protagonist prepares himself

  3. thank you for all the hard work PROzess.
    and is good to see u give it another chance

  4. thank u for translation
    i’am stumble this Ln and try to read it..
    and it is great read!
    thanks again!

  5. Did not expect to see another chapter of this, I haven’t red this yet but thanks.

  6. Thank you for the hard work prozess, hoping you will still continue this.

  7. I’m reading the GT of this and now I can understand what i have read!! 😀 YEA!!

  8. I’m glad you decided to do another chapter, was kinda bummed when I read you weren’t doing anymore. This LN was the reason I found your website and the other LN’s your doing cant wait to read them.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into translating these LN’s for others and ask nothing in return say only give credit where credit is due.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. Thank you for translating more of Konjiki no word master, and for explaining that kanji thing. I really appreciate all your hard work!!!

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