Okay, I actually finished this chapter yesterday right after the previous one, but since MU was down, I decided to only release it today.
It’s not good to spoil you guys with double releases anyway.

The light spell lighting is rather confusing, don’t mistake it for ligtning-.-


18 thoughts on “25/10/2014

  1. Are you like a tsundere for translating things? Not that I have any problems, it’s more for my mental image of your posts.

  2. Hey is there any way to download tsuki tsuki in pdf or epub i tried searching the net couldnt find anything and cant read online going on trip 🙁 any ideas?

  3. God damnnit, you’ve gotten me addicted to another book on your website.

    …That was only half a complaint, mind you.

    1. Ohhh grats, i too noticed that prozess got 100 releases in MU!. maybe we could get a double release of Risou no Himo Seikatsu to celebrate xD

  4. I’m not really complaining, but Word master doesn’t seem all that promising. It feels like our lone-wolf will become stronger than the rest of our game addicted heroes – who mistake their new life as a game.

    I think SheldBro has made me bigoted towards heroes.

  5. Thanks for the new chapter

    Really I want read this novel till the end

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work translating! I really like this series~

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