14 thoughts on “27/10/2014

  1. Thank you for your hardwork ^^ Also i have a question. When will yo release a new chapter of Risou no Himo Seikatsu? >3>

  2. It is just me or the story alway described thing and action in third person. I been wondering it is the author or something else

  3. Interesting thing: second time we see Hiro’s stats in web novel, his INT has gone down to 17 from 23. Printed version actually shows his stats a lot less.

    1. lol. Didn’t notice that 🙂
      Well, just like with the slime count, there are a few inconsistencies.
      I’ll stick with the web version, though.

  4. Wow haven’t checked in a week or so and you released so much. Thanks PROzess.

  5. This is amazing I am very happy you are translating this. Thank you for all the hard work 😀

  6. Thanks for the translation. Not too bad from a RPG stat type view, but I hope the MC’s lonerism is dropped at some point.

  7. All this time I was think why couldn’t he just use duplicate on the money but I kept forgetting that it’s in his card. There is probably a really good cheat with his magic to make lots of money that we will find as the world is explored more.

  8. thank you for the hard work and i really hope you keep up this good pace ,breaks are fine too

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