18 thoughts on “29/10/2014

  1. I havent touched this series at all
    since you label it as a teaser, cuz im afraid of starting, liking and ending up on a point where theres no more translation while theres more left in the story. Ofcourse theres always a chance with this even with dedicated tranlated projects but its the likelyhood that matters.

    is this still a teaser?

    I wouldnt mind it as much if i could read and understand japanese myself.. but I generally dont have time and mental energy/capacity to learn a language after a 60hr work week in an ER..where these short narrative readings (compared to large novels) come in handy in breaktime and change of pace… (still trying but at my pace itll take yrs to even get to basic level)…

    so is this still a teaser?

    I apologize if i seem rude about it, for tht isnt my intention..

  2. Uncle P*nis…..damn, I cant read this right XD
    (sorry for the perv joke)
    Thanks for the translation!

  3. a nice change of perspective instead of a hero that shout justice and order everywhere we have one that do whatever he want.

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