So, chapter 10 is a good milestine to clarify some things.
I’ve been interested in translating a novel with RPG elements for a long time now. The other teaser I did was like that too, but another group was interested in that (though they aren’t making any progress^^), so I handed it over as I still somewhat busy at that time (though I still are even now).
Anyway, the only point I don’t like about Konjiki at this point are the names. But I decided not to give a fuck anymore and just use the literal transcription. I know some names really sound horrible, but that’s not my fault. Blame the author. For that reason, I also made a change to the name of the human race, its now called “Humas” to correctly reflect the authors spelling, I subconsciously added a “n”, since it refers to humans.
Furthermore, I will continue a bit longer with this series, but I won’t make it an official full project. I will be dropping Shimnai soon, but I’m fully stretched with Shinanai and Risou already (and whenever TsukiTsuki 13 will be released). Konjiki merely serves as a distraction for now, as it is rather easy to translate (roughly 3h per chapter).
I said before that I’m only translating what I feel like, not the demands from readers. Deal with it.
But rest assured, since Konjiki is so easy to translate, I can provide daily updates and still have enough time for other stuff, including making progress on Risou.
Comments are always welcome, but if you want to discuss spoilers, go over to Animesuki forum, I have an acc there too.
P.S.: I know that the novel version is more detailed, but I’m sticking to the web novel precisely because it’s not as text heavy. The plot is generally the same anyway, just more details in the novel.


18 thoughts on “31/10/2014

  1. Thanks for translate!! Too bad it won’t be a project… It’s your choise though..

  2. Thanks

    Just to be sure. Are you translating from the web novel?

  3. Wow, I’m liking this more than risou atm. So refreshing to have a self-aware and logical main character that doesn’t get flustered or trying to win the favors of his future harem.

  4. THANK YOUUUUUUU !!!!! btw i like both risou and this so no problem with me 😀

  5. Thanks for the chapter.
    I will gladly read anything more that you choose to release.

  6. 3 hours per chapter = easy to translate with daily releases while also working on one of the main projects? Well, hopefully you enjoy this, because it sounds pretty intense for a hobby.

    BTW, don’t know if it was mentioned before or not, but “Xaoc” is simply Chaos written in Russian. Honestly, I doubt anyone would complain if you were to “translate” the names of the races.

    1. I know that it’s Russian, that’s why I chose it.
      The Katakana names are all pretty fucked up and at first I tried to make sense into them, but I gave up at some point. Just too many.

  7. i love you, your faq must be the most amazing thing ever make keep up the good work and thanks you

  8. Thanks for the time and effort once again for translating this even though you may find it tedious to do so cause your not entirely into it.

    Maybe it will grow on you as your translate more chapters, we’ll see. Anyway no reason to rush these things, go at a pace that allows you to stay sane, enjoy your translating and keep good health above all else.

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