I thought about it a long time, and I believe it’s time to make a post for it.

As a few might recall, I closed my manga group shortly after I finished its flagship, Smash!. Smash was the reason why I joined into Scanlation and the main provider for my motivation. Once it was done, I fell into a major slump and ended up closing the group, disappearing for a few month.
The same seems to be happening now. TsukiTsuki is my new flagship for my new “group”, but it also came to an end. Well, it’s currently just on hiatus, but it killed my motivation nevertheless.
I tried to distract myself with a few teasers, but it’s just not working out. I’m in a slump yet again.

I simply prefer working alone, so that I can just abandon all “responsibilities” whenever I feel like it. That said, I am NOT going to drop my projects. I will be taking a break, though. At least until the new year. Real life isn’t flowery at the moment and I just need to get my head free.

I’m sure many of you impatient ones can’t comprehend this and will be angry, but I dun care. I translate for my own pleasure, not for yours.
If you wanna convince a different group to pick up my projects, I will hate you for it, but I can’t stop it anyway. Just be reminded that my policy is to never ever take up a project again that I once left behind. So if you can be patience, you will be rewarded with more releases in the new year, hopefully with my good ol’ speed.

Otherwise, happy holidays~

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  1. you deserve a break my friend. Just be sure to coughcontinuetranslatingcough take care of your health coughs and colds are very common lately. Seasons greetings to you…..

  2. Thanks for all your hard work translating you deserve a break, just glad to see that you won’t be dropping the translations all together . hope you have a good christmas

  3. All I can say is that I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and will have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope that you can find a new inspiration to continue translating.

  4. Oh, well, enjoy your break. Merry Christmas! (or happy holydays, or wathever; I don’t understand why people hate “merry Christmas” but like “happy HOLYdays).

  5. Enjoy your break, I hope spring will make flowers bloom in your life or maybe some iceflowers to make everything flowery again? 😛
    Anyway, enjoy your break, the holydays, I’m looking forward to whatever bone you throw us in the new year

  6. Have a good time, happy new year. >_<

    (I think I may busy that time so I'll HNY in advance)

  7. Happy Saturnalia and New year, hopefully we will see more releases later on. Though you say you are doing it for yourself only, we thank you for taking the time to post it up for us leechers. Hope you find your motivation again 😛

  8. Real life always take the priority. Do what you gotta, and come on back to your hobby when it is fun for you again.

    Please just keep us in the loop, though. I for one check your site once a day to see what’s new.

  9. Thanks for all your hard work, ProZess, especially for Shinanai Otoko. And good call on taking a break. Beats making yourself translate and then getting sick of it for life. I’m a translator too (eng->rus) and am actually going through the exact same thing right now, so I can relate.

  10. Happy New year, I’ll say it in advance just cause 😛
    Thank you for putting up a notice even though you’re in a slump, means a lot to readers who know slumps…
    But are you sure you don’t wanna transfer projects? like appointing a worthy succesor? well anyway your choice and I will be abiding by it (though not without protest) but I am not ungrateful, you do it for your own and share it with us, parasites.
    Happy Holiday too!

  11. Thanks a bunch for the notice. Do what you love and don’t feel pressured to do this for others. I appreciate the effort you put into this and I’m glad you share it.

  12. Take a nice and good break! You definitely deserved it! Thanks for all your quality translations and hope you have a great resting period :D!

  13. Thanks for the notice my friend. I really appreciate your work until now and will wait patiently if/when you release anything. I’ll probably be on a business trip for 2 years overseas and will have a lot of patience. Take a rest, go out, see some people, go crazy, do whatever it is that makes you happy. Remember that there are trolls in the web and they will try to make bad comments, ignore them and just focus on the good comments (which I can see from the above comments that there are A LOT). Have a happy holiday and a happy new year 🙂

  14. Dude, take a break. It’s good that you’re still translating.

    That said, have a good Christmas.

  15. thank you for all this time and sorry that it seems that you are getting burned out… for some reason I keep thinking that translating too many technical stuff could take the fun of translating (maybe just give quick summary or just wikipedia link instead of full translation?)
    sorry, I don’t mean to question your standard or trying to sway you to dark side, just want to keep it least painful as possible for you translate

  16. may you rise like a phoenix when you return. In all honesty I hope you have a wonderful break.

  17. I got the feeling he regret giving up konjiki to this very moment… that hate word..

  18. I don’t like large delays but as long as you come back early next year I can wait.
    This is basically an unpaid job anyway, we have no right to ask much of you.

    Risou seemed like it was about to get interesting too, QQ.

  19. Thank you for sharing your joy with us especially risou no himo seikatsu.Take heart in knowing your happiness has made many us very very happy. Your work was well done and much appreciated. It is a pleasure reading your work. I happy to hear you having a break and wish you happy holidays. Have a new year great and I do sincerely wish you find your heart again for yourself and these stories.

    Many Thanks,
    Your loyal fan Tasear

  20. Relax Pro! You’ve done a stellar job and deserve a break. These translations are like free gifts of awesomeness for a freeloader like me, so I’m grateful that what’s there is there. Have a nice Christmas and a happy New Year!

  21. Thanks for your hard work, but overwork can kill, so you need loooooooong break !


  22. Thanks for the notice. Hopefully you feel motivated again once the new year comes around. Enjoy your holidays, and see you in 2015!

  23. k ill be patient, but in return i’m expecting a bountiful amount of isekai chapters

  24. Thanks for all your hard work, especially with Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha, your work is appreciated.

  25. Ok
    thank’s for your notification
    n for your hardwork. 🙂
    have a nice holiday!

  26. Take your time, bro. U deserve a break for tranl8ing all those LNs.
    Any news on TsukiTsuki?

  27. Well man you deserve a good long break so take a much time as you need and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  28. yep thanks for all the hardwork with bringing us tsuki tsuki
    😀 even if it stays on hiatus thanks to you we know whats going on in other volumes

    1. FAQs say “please contact”…

      cause imagine the trouble if he had a half-tl’d chapter lying in wait, or it turns out it’s super interesting to him, and he wants to pick it up, or maybe he might begin translating the next chapter unaware someone picked it up, or doesn’t get properly credited, and omg I’ve already got a headache just imagining the headaches he must get.

  29. Happy Holidays and happy Thanksgiving! Here in chile started the hot season, so we citizens dont know the snow, so much at least.

    I hope this break can help you to relax, because all this time your translations have been the most interesting ones. I thank you a lot about tsuki tsuki, and I’m hoping you can find a good motivation to continue next year.

    Just in case Happy New Year! And thanks really for posting this, it means a lot.

  30. Have you laid in a silent dark room? Just laid there and nothing else? Interesting experience after a few hours.

    1. Isnt it same as when you laid to your bed for good sleep ?
      … I always sleep in quiet dark room.

    2. No, sensory deprivation. Some can also induce sleep paralysis under those circumstances. Combine the two and its almost like a controlled hallucination, where sensations like sound, sight, and touch, are faintly overlaid over the darkness.

  31. Weren’t you translateing with AlaAtra scans a long while back? Either way take the time you need. I always find translators do their best work when they want to do the project their working on, not because they feel obligated or something.

  32. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. You chose to translate for your own enjoyment and I applaud that. You do deserve a break and if life is still not right for you to feel like translating than extend it. It’s your life not ours to control.

    Yet again, thank you for all of your hard work and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy holidays plus new years.

  33. Thanks for your hard work.

    You deserve the break. Enjoy it to its fullest and return to us when you feel ready. We shall eagerly await for the return of our Overlord. *bows*

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