First post in the new year!
Happy New year everyone!

This might not be what you expected, but I felt it was time to finally release this.
The end of Volume 12, a special chapter about Nazuna!
Tbh, it’s not all that good, it has its moment, but the main story is definitely better. That’s why I put it off for so long, but I hope that Vol 13 will be released anytime soon and I would’ve no motivation to do the extra if I had stuff of the main story to translate. But I wouldn’t like it to skip the chapter either, so here it is!
Sadly enough, there are no news about Volume 13. Release date is simply set to indefinite, no further announcement since a year ago T_T We can only be patient.

As what is up next, I’m gonna roll a dice for that now. Let’s see what it will be.


21 thoughts on “11/01/2015

  1. Thanks as always for your hard work, I’m personally hoping for the die to decide more Risou but we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

    1. Well, I for one hope that the side with Risou will be the one on the table and the Isekai Mahou-side will shine proudly but hey, it’s a toss we can only win cause it results in translations

  2. Thank you! I hope we see more Risou soon as well, I’ve really enjoyed your translations!

  3. You know if the 13 volume won’t be released then i just want to know what happened to Kaoru at the end:P

  4. PROzess, I don’t mean to come off as ungrateful, but can you add email notifications?

  5. I have been puting off reading this series cause I had my fill of unfinished novels like Kaze no Stigma and Zero Familiar I just hope that doesn’t happen to this novel

  6. Thank you for the hard work, and please treat us well in the new year! (That seems Japanese enough to earn favor in this kind of place, I’d bet. What? Oh, crap, I typed that out!)

  7. Thanks for the chapter! Don’t know when the next volume will be released, but we’re waiting with you!

  8. Happy New Year and thank you for your hard work! Hope you enjoyed the holidays

  9. Happy New Year! Hope more chapters for Risou this year and thanks in advance! 😛

  10. Thanks! Whatever you choose will be fine, also hoping for a Tsuki Volume 13 to finally come out.

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