Okay, I could have released this chapter earlier, but various factors kept me from doing so.
1) I played Pokemon for a week. Gotta catch them all (though I failed to do so)
2) I was hospitalized, since I face-palmed so hard on the comments of people trying to defend machine translations, that I got a concussion
3) I had to delay it until February or you guys would get too spoiled from fast releases
4) Reading all these previous comments took some time
5) To tease Archknight

To begin with, I was just ranting, venting some stress. I didn’t want to start a discussion. It’s pointless arguing about the good and bad of machine translation (since there’s only bads, but oh well), since leecher will always be desperate for more. Instead of keeping everything to myself, I just wanted to rant on my own blog. I should at least be allowed to do that (though I trolled a few other threads, too, tehe~). Either way, I’m happy for all the comments πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s the new chapter now!
Ant it’s yet another good chapter. It’s very good mixture of sex, politics, sex, magic, sex and why not, sex.

Keep up the comments and you might get to see the last chapter of volume 01 within this month *hint*


P.S.: Thanks again to Ives for the Spanish

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  1. Ew Pokemon. Although intellectually I know it actually a pretty good game, I just cannot bring myself to play it. It just feels wrong to me.

  2. Lol seriously, you face-palmed your way to the hospital? Hilarious xD. Well jk’s aside, you doing alrite now?

  3. So according to the Almighty Pro-translator, if we wants to to read LN in Japanese we can only:
    1. Wait until either we or the translators are dead before we get complete translation of our favorite LN
    2. Learn Japanese (yup, everyone has so much free time to learn it with their jobs, school, housework and all)
    3. Abandon reading it because why read it when you don’t understand it, right?
    4. Read Machine Translation and shut up about it.
    5. Wait until it gets published in English (let’s wait until World War X, shall we?)
    6. Annoy the Almighty Pro-translators (whose credentials are questionable, as if their translations are any better than the real pro-translators hired by an English publishing company ) to do more.
    7. Create a New World Order so everyone can speak the same language (invade Japan and force them to abandon Japanese and learn to write everything in English)
    8. Go full yandere and commit double suicide with Pro-translator for not giving what you want (twisted love ver.)
    9. Nuke the whole world and make the human race go extinct because no matter what languages we speak, nothing will remains if we die.

    THE END. There, happy?

    1. You don’t get it, they are drug dealers, giving out free drugs (translation) to make you hooked, then when they had enough, they will retire and stop giving out free drugs. What happens then? We will have a bunch of zombies rampaging the drug stores demanding for their new drugs. who will take responsibility then?

    2. LN translators are evil. We need a NEW WORLD ORDER to wipe them out. Please contact the Pentagon for more information about translator terrorists. Contact your local police station if you get addicted to their new drugs.

    3. by then you should have learned to read japanese..
      Or make your own meth..
      whatever works for you.

    4. Translators are terrorists. they hold the nuke button and if you piss them off just a little, they will stop giving out free drugs. They will stop giving free drugs and move on with their lives, but you as drug addicts will have a hard time moving on. Let’s sign a petition to imprison these drug dealing terrorist. You will make the world better if they are gone.

    5. you call yourself ISIS and say the translators are Terroeist *PACEPALM*

    6. Learning japanese is not so difficult (except all of those annoying symbols they got from China and the fact that they don’t seem to know what a whitespace is). With just some knowledge of Japanese grammar, a basic Japanese vocabulary and a dictionary (even better a dictionary add-on like Rikaichan) you could be reading the WN version of this series without much problem (not as good as reading a proper translation, but a whole world better than reading MTL).

      Also, most of your complaints wouldn’t be a problem if there were no MTL, since many proper translators lose motivation (i.e. translation speed or even will of translating) after seeing how the masses treat them by (unfavourably) comparing them to people that just copypastes chunks of text that would look a lot better with heaps of fire.

    7. @ISIS
      Stop trying to hack my twitter account!
      @1: Learn Japanese.
      @2: If you would stop the massacre you would have more time. On my 10th year and still learning. I take it slowly so why can’t you? O.o
      @3: I didn’t get that one…
      @4: Stop calling it machine translation. It’s guesslation. You are welcome to read the fanfic of a novel but stop saying that you actually read the novel or the translation of the novel because that’s not what it is.
      @5: Why wait when you can learn Japanese and get more out of it? It’s not like you got time or money to pay it anyway, right?
      @6: PRO has been translated for many years now. I expect him to get better, lol. You probably don’t know but many of the titles you read, are done by him. I know, because compared to you I check the credit page and show my gratitude to who do my manga.
      @7: You could it but then you need to go to the east instead of the west with the ISIS army.
      @8: If you do that then many manga titles will be dropped, you tard. D: Think about the consequences before screaming wolf!
      @9: I’m still working on the wipe out humanity button!

      Btw, I find PRO to be too nice. I would probably be harsher if it was me. Like when I dropped titles cuz it was fun to see the leechers squirm. That was because I got tired of their whining about our releases :3

  4. Let’s not end at LN, why don’t we go and point out everything wrong with subbed anime, translated manga, translated VN because surely those things are shitty translations anyway, unlike the works made by our Almighty Pro-Translator, everything in this world is wrong.

    1. @ISIS
      Then let me start on it.
      Most of the subtitles for anime these days aren’t original translations but one translation done by crunchyroll and then copied by many groups such as commiesubs, horriblesubs and so on. The days of translations are nearly gone.
      Most of the manga…well they are still somewhat safe. Sure there are those who don’t know how to translate but still try to do translations because they think that’s too damn easy with zero japanese knowledge. Luckily, those groups die out very fast.
      Most of hentai manga are still safe too. Phew..sure there are rewrites but we did stop the storm when it began.
      Most of the VN…are safe! No one in their sane head would start working on VNs if they are just going to guesslate the japanese.

      Anything else?

  5. This is a really refreshing novel so different for the others where it’s all about fighting, super powers and saving the world.
    Maybe the fact that it is so different is what makes it so enjoyable.
    Really thanks for the release given how much work you had to put into it.

  6. Thanks for the translation. By the way which pokemon game are you currently playing? is it Omega ruby/ Alpha sapphire? Is your pokedex at 300~/719? Gotta Catch em all for the shiny charm.

  7. Message to all Humans: Please stop supporting these so called Pro-translators, they are drug dealing terrorists in disguise. they are brainwashing you with their sweet words and promise for free drugs, then when you are addicted, they will cut them off and starve you. They have no obligation to give you drugs, but they did it because of their own agenda: to take over the world by brainwashing just like the Devil Shield. they will start their own religion and made you dependent on them and worship them forever until the day you die. They will torture you by making you wait in agony until the release of the new drugs. They will kill you by brainwashing you with wonderful stories that don’t exist in real life and plunge you into despair just like a certain crazy woman from Danganronpa. They worship her and the Devil Shield as their Gods. They lead you on, suck you dry, and abandon you. Join me to stop the Apostles of the Devil.

    1. I’d just like to point out that you sir, are a moron and a troll. I’d also like to point out that with the amount of time you spend ranting, you could get a life instead of harassing someone that is giving of themselves for free for your enjoyment.

      When I found out that the novel I was reading, in this case, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, was going to take years to get the translations out from the sole translator working on it anymore, you know what my response was? Well it wasn’t to act like a whiny little child and call them drug dealers and terrorists. Instead I found a couple of websites, and a bunch of rosetta stone software and started learning Korean so I could read it in the original.

      The point here, put up or shut the fuck up.

    2. Then what you are doing is no different than the shitty MTL that the Pro-translators were criticizing in previous post. Good luck eating shitty translations, hahahaha.

    3. Yep, my translations will be bad for a while, but in a few years, I hope to be able to read and speak it fluently, at which point it will pay off. It’s not like it’s suddenly going to become a dead language in 5 years. So they will continue to publish novels and manhua and I’ll be able to read it without waiting for someone else. Sounds like a win for me. And since I don’t have any intention at this time of sharing my translations, the only one who suffers is me, which should encourage me to try harder. So why don’t you go whine to your mommy about how other people have different opinions.

    4. Thank you, I hope your papa found out about you being a gay otaku and rape you.

    5. I was so sure he was supporting the loli god…are you sure it’s the devil shield and not the meganenekomizugiloli? O.o

    6. Well if this is a drug, than I have no problems saying “Give me a hit please (while slapping my arm to see the vain)”. All I would like to say to those that spend the long hours preparing these so call drugs is Thank you so much.

  8. Thanks so much for the translation. Excited for the next chapter!

  9. ISIS is such a troll. Why is he even here complaining about someone else opinion.

    1. Shut up, asshole. You are even worse than him for feeding him with more shits. Stop feeding trolls and they will go away. Feed them trolls and they will keep trolling.

    2. @Anon
      It’s fun when opinions clash. You get to find out how stupid people really are. Also how long they can go to protect their shitty guesslations.

      You haven’t been to 4chan, eh?
      Trolls never got away. They troll and troll. It’s like they orgasm when they troll so let them.

  10. Well!!! its really a good chapter… with my favorite combination of Learning Magic and having sex in a daily basis XD

  11. First of all, thank you very much for the chapter.
    I’m curious as to how long it took you to translate all this ? It seemed like ten times longer than a WB chapter 😑

    1. I think his TRANSLATING the LN cause I’m reading the WN and this has more details and 2 or 3 chapters of the WN is combined to 1 chapter but I’m not sure lets ask him

    2. I didn’t think he was translating from from the web novel, I knew it was from the light novel πŸ™‚
      I’m asking because some WN-translators talk about 10 hours spent on a single chapter and looking at the size of Chapter 05 (some fourteen thousand words) it really made me curious and I won’t talk about the respect it inspires me seeing that kind of dedication for something he and other tranlsators on the Internet aren’t paid to do.

    3. yeah this people need respect since their doing this with their own free will without getting anything in return man I wish I could be as good as them my own translation is pure crap

      Oh yeah what is wrong with that ISIS guy his a real spamer I just hope prozez won’t get offended and stop translating

    4. sorry I meant PROzess its hard to comment when your using a old phone (Nokia E71 S60) yeah this phone is old but I love it

    5. PRO is doing it for his love for darkskinned babies. I would so why wouldn’t he?

      Let me ask you this: How many novels, web or light, do you know who have the main heroine as a darkskinned beauty?

      That’s the reason for his absolute resolution to translate fast, much and well.

      PS: It cannot be the readers or leechers…never.

  12. Thanks for the chapter~! And guys if u seriously think that machine translator is better then get the hell out of this website and go read it yourself using your so called reliable mt n stop trolling…

    1. I think MT is pure crap but I still use it if I didn’t know some basic Japanese I wouldn’t be able to understand that crap.

      On side note I need to better my English since my translation is also crap

  13. ty for the translations take your time i just hope you dont abandon it, i can take it a translation a month as long as its just not dead, i think a schedule would be nice XD but hey not having one means i check every day and raise your views lol, that said again ty for the translation was awesome love risou \o/

  14. Thank you for your hard work as always I would like to say that are great at translating cause I only know basic japanese since I’m so stupid for sleeping in Japanese class and my english is not that good and MT suck if I didn’t know basic Japanese I couldn’t understand that crap .

    PS. I’m readinng the web novel and your translation has more details are by any chance reading and translating a Light Novel if so could you tell me where your getting it but not Amazon I don’t have an account on Amazon

    1. correction on my comment I was saying your great at translating and I want to be the good to thats all.

      Damn commenting on a phone is pure crap

  15. cool chapter, thanks for translating

    lol when he tried to push Aura down and she caught him in midair and is like “was you tryin to do something?”

    lose 5 man points right there.

  16. We are the copyright holder of Risou and Tsuki Tsuki. We’ll be sending DMCA notice to you shortly for violating copyright laws. If you don’t cease distribution of our shits, you’ll be sued to hell. Thank you and don’t have a nice day. Hahaha

    1. I won’t get a life, but I’ll get a gun.. to stick it up your ass. Hahahaha

    2. then its good that I took up ROTC then and had weapons traing so I can dismental that gun of yours and stick every piece of that hardware down your throat

    3. like I care about that mistake is not that easy to see it on a small screen like your brain

      Yes I’m using a small phone E71 cause I love this phone

  17. After reading the novel here I decided to go ahead and buy the 1rst volume of the series I could find on amazon. To support the author and to try and help me along in my studies. reading kanji is not fun >_<. Can you tell me something, does the novel gets even better on the subsequent volumes? I know is up to Volume 4 in the series and I love slice of life stuff like this.

    1. I want to tell you alot things about the novel but it will become a spoiler

      PS: could you give me some link to buy that book but not Amazon cause they won’t accept my debit card

  18. Thank you for another chapter.

    Seem like your health not in a good shape, wish you get better soon.

  19. Thanks for the chapter. Hope all these comments motivate you to do some more of this series. *hint hint, not so subtle hint*

  20. Thank you for the hard work.
    Better late release than no release at all. πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for the new chapter, just found this novel and read it all in one sitting. So far I am enjoying the setting, characters, the flow and finally the mature content. Keep up the great work!

  22. Thank you for all the work.

    I’m greatly enjoying the releases and the quality of them.

  23. Did part of chapter 5 get chopped off or is it my IPad messing up? I say chopped off instead of unfinished because the last line you can only see the top half of the letters in that sentence.

  24. Danke sehr fΓΌr ein neues Kapitel. I hope you will always get new Motivation to translate, so we can read them.

    Thank you for a work well done. πŸ˜€

  25. #3 got a good laugh out of me, very true.

    Thanks for the chapter, I hope you are O.K and the concussion wasn’t anything serious!

  26. What is up with that hint? (I LOVE it…) Expect some serious f5 army near the end of the month πŸ˜›

    1. Did I forget to say thanks for this chapter? Also your summary was great πŸ˜€
      Thank you for the chapter

  27. Pleaes.. don’t be offended by stupid leechers.

    I am happy anytime something gets posted up.
    The qaulity is great~
    The Qauntity is in good moderation.

    Rather then skimping over parts that are “Uggghh…” or “Oh God!”. I just enjoy the read completly~

    I am nearly never commenting. As it seems demanding.
    But thanks for translating this.

    I personally enjoy some “machine guessing” aka (Turtle and Yoraikun). But only, because no real translator is working on them.

    Pleaes just ingore the ingorant demands.
    Enjoy translating and giving folks like me, a good read.

    I always check this site from time to time.
    Everytime a update is posted i go “squeeeaaakk!!”.


    Hope you will continue~
    One of your fans and a fan of the Novels you translated~

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