We all had our fun, now back to the regular program.

I never read the Trinity Seven Manga, but the anime was fucking awesome, so I decided to tease the novel version of it. The novel consists of short stories about the past of each girl. The chapters are rather short, so ideal for a quick teaser.
Forgive me if any terms aren’t conform with the manga, since I never read it.

On a side note, the teaser Isekai Mahou is officially dropped.
The author writes too confusing descriptions and the chapters are getting too long for a teaser. It would me take too much time, which would be putting the cart before the horse. Thus, dropped.


39 thoughts on “04/02/2015

  1. i read the manga abit and i kinda dropped it myself so i dont think ill read the teaser ah well keep up the good work haha! unfortunetly was really hoping for isekai mahou but no matter~ you do what you want and ill just continue to be a happy leecher regardless ^_^ good luck and take care~

    1. Since you are on a Novel translation site, how about you do what you have come here for and READ the post?

    2. In addition to being illiterate, you’re a dumbass for asking about it. Learn some English and human language, will ya?

    3. Technically speaking, his grammar is just fine. The only problem he has would be that he didn’t capitalize the first letter of his second sentence. Other than that, I agree that he should read the entire post first before asking a question.

    4. Thank you for your work PROzess, I hope you continue even when times are hard or idiots post mean / useless posts.

      P.S. @ Cipher J
      Here’s a little quote: My life improved when I realized I could just ignore any sentence that started with “technically”. So, whatever you wrote, after your first word I didn’t read your comment^^

  2. You gotta read the manga, man. It’s sexy as hell full of naked girls. The MC is just like Issei with his insanely ecchi power of stripping girls naked. It’s eye candy!

    1. Don’t compare him to Issei… He has style and guts (to enjoy ecchi moments) while Issei is mostly nose-bleeding or chanting “oppai… oppai…” like some zombie virgin.

  3. Risou no Himo Seikatsu is a vary engaging read and is quickly becoming a much beloved read when i see a update of it on this site. first thanks for the read. and now the qeastion are you going to do the other books? or just stop one book one…i belive there are three books out at this time

    1. I agree, Risou no Himo Seikatsu is the most recent story I read here, and I also look forward to the updates.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for the translations. I apologize on behalf of all ***hole leechers who forget that you and other translators are being nice enough to post these translations online for us to enjoy.

    I just finished reading the all the translations on your site, and want to say that I appreciate both the time you put in as well as the quality out bring out in the works that you’ve posted.

    Thanks again

    1. YEAH! We always praise translators for their work through ungrateful sounding words!!!

  5. so are you going to translate only short stories or the whole thing . anyway thanks

  6. *cry* Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    The waiting for news on Isekai Mahou is at an end and it’s the worst possible occurence :.( looks like I have to cry myself to sleep and hope it’s a bad dream…
    The only silver lining is that Trinity Seven is a great manga (which is the โ€˜original’ medium, the maga or the LN?) and the novel should be good aswell.
    Anyway, thanks for the translation as always, Master Prozess

    1. The manga is the source material. The LN here would be considered a spinoff as it’s telling stories not from the manga.

  7. Well, i’m a fan of risou so im not affected by dropping out isekai. hehe. Thanks for the translation anyways.

  8. As someone who has consumed both the Manga and Anime versions of Trinity Seven, I recommend reading the Manga as the Anime was very low budget/quality.
    Additionally the Anime ending is not part of the Manga, the Manga story is still ongoing and has much better pacing than the Anime.

  9. Ah, I was really looking forward to Isekai. I do hope you keep Isekai in mind for a LN to translate if you decide to translate another novel and thanks for the other LN you translate.

  10. I kinda drop this manga so I may not read this but thanks for translating this.


  11. Thanks for the translation of the Trinity Seven novels ! I’m buying the manga and I have to say it’s very good ! Thanks for the hard work ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I didn’t know there was a light novel for Trinity.
    Thanks for the translation.

  13. Thanks prozess i love trinity seven and would definitely recommend you read the manga its awesome

  14. Thanks for translating this spinoff series. Would definitely recommend reading the manga.

    The currently translated chapter appears to be based after the last arc in the anime adaption since they mentioned Arin’s Spear. Depending on how Akio acts in any upcoming chapter, we’ll know if it’s before the next arc in the manga.

  15. Really sad that isekai mahou was dropped, but in the end I am just happy you are still translating… that you made this post means you actually tried taking a pass at it, so thanks for that at least.

  16. Wait, is it a Novel? With the manga and anime based off it? Or were both based off the manga?

    1. The manga came first. The LN is a collection of side stories, there are two volumes so far.

  17. Many thanks for the this new teaser!
    Indeed the anime adaptation was great but I’m not sure if it will get a second season (hopefully it will), so you should read the manga if you are really interested in the story.

  18. thought I would just mention again ho2 much I appreciate your translations.
    You have good taste in which ln’s to translate, and your quality is amazing.

    Thank you

  19. Trinity seven is the reason why i started reading manga and i’ll seriously read light novel too if you’re gonna keep translating the novel ๐Ÿ™‚

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