As cruel as life is, I got sick when I was helping a friend to cut down a tree in his garden-.-
Meanwhile my computer was being a bitch, too, and I thought I had lost my script for Risou.
Luckily enough, that wasn’t the case and Archknight whipped me into doing the rest.
Real Madrid screwed Schalke good, too, so it’s a good time to release now!

We’re starting into Volume 02!
The prologue is relatively short, but already gives a good insight on some things. I like it.
Sadly, this is already the 3rd release of Risou this month and I’m afraid that I will have to delay the next chapter until next month or you guys are going to get too spoiled.

On other news, a lot of people volunteered to buy and scan the raws! Thank you!!
I got in contact with a few of them and raws are secured for now. All I have to do is catch up now πŸ˜› But that’s easier said than done πŸ™‚
Let’s see how long my illness drags on…


68 thoughts on “18/02/2015

  1. Great. Thanks for the release.
    I can’t seem to get enough of this novel, indeed it seems i’m getting spoiled.

  2. Thanks for the update and the start of volume 2!
    Well I guess waiting for a month is better than never, glad to know it’s still coming out. Get well and keep up the awesome work. πŸ˜€

  3. Thank you for the release. I hope that it isn’t anything serious and that you will get better quickly.

  4. Once again thank you (the “Anonymous” guy is me”).
    There is one thing that bugs me about Zenjirous height. In the previous volume there was this description:

    “In fact, Zenjirou was taller, even if only by a finger length. He was 1,72m tall, so Aura’s height was probably around 1,70m.”

    and in the prologue of volume 2 we have this:

    “As he wasn’t one of the tallest, there would barely be any difference between him and Zenjirou, who was 1,60m tall, if they were to standd next to each other.”

    My proficiency in English is poor, so maybe I’m not understanding this properly, but it seems that Zenjirou height was decreased?

  5. Thanks for the update, I like this novel such a refreshing breeze, finally a non overpowered main character.

  6. Thanks for new chapter, i wouldn’ t mind getting a bit more spoiled Btw :-). Good luck on recovery, i’m lying with food poisoning right now so i know your pain, but at least i got something to read which is nice.

  7. Thanks, as always, for your excellent work!

    It’s always a joy to read your translations, and I also am excited for the intimations being made in this prologue to play out in the rest of this volume. πŸ™‚

    May your recovery be quick and complete, my friend! Thank you for continuing to work on Risou.

  8. While I don’t plan to read vol 2 until its finished just want to say you rock PROzess! while I admit I’m disappointed that we wont be spoiled πŸ˜› I will survive.

    So anyway thanks for your hard work

  9. “I will have to delay the next chapter until next month or you guys are going to get too spoiled”

    You big tease

    Looking forward to the next releases as always. The quality makes it totally worth the wait.

  10. Thank you for you work. I like this novel very much. I know it’s a rude to ask, but can you translate faster ))))) I can’t wait to read it. You do a great work.

    1. This guy… doesn’t he know that the number of people asking for a faster translation is inversely proportional to the translation speed?

  11. Thanks for the release. BTW, someone from Germany who’s happy about Schalke loosing… BVB fan?

    Oh, and get better soon. And if you don’t want us to be spoiled with Risou, how about some Shinanai Otoko? πŸ˜€

  12. Just started reading this novel, was a refreshing read. A bit more to the slice of life side rather than the usual action fast paced transported to another world novels. Thanks for translating!!!!

  13. I will be Frank, Risou is the LN I look forward to the most out if all the others out there. It s a fresh take on the tired other whole transported to another world genre, I am glad you are doing it. Please don’t ever stop and get well soon.

    1. agree. why bother with adventures, make harem or kick demon ass if we can laze around and have a best waifu.

  14. Thanks for the release!!

    BTW,you can spoil us anytime, I don`t think anyone would mind it. =)

  15. Thank you for the release, you don’t know how much this helped me right now.

    I was having one hell of a headache because some people just can’t see they are wrong here at work.

    I was like, I’m not asking if you are wrong, I’m proving it for you, why can’t you just accept? It was nothing major, but because of this I had to think how to make sure it won’t happen again because of your incopetence.

    After one epic discussion where if I could I would have killed the bloody b****, I will make sure that if it happens again she will be the one that will have to pay.

    But then, I thought to myself, hey let’s see if there is something new to read, I could to with Risou, but PROzess already posted a few chapters this month, not sure, well it will take only a few seconds, and here I am, even if the chapter was short it helped me not kill every single piece of shit that work on this company.

    Again, thank you for the release and for helping me release some steam.

  16. Thanks for the chapter and I’m sorry. I’m sorry because i want to still ask for something. It’s about this part: “I will have to delay the next chapter until next month or you guys are going to get too spoiled”.
    I know you get that a lot, but could you somehow make it this month? My last week of this month is basically just a lot of working. I mean a lot- I have to do everything I had to do this month in one week (couldn’t be done faster). It’s going to be hell, so I’m asking you for just one more release.
    I love reading reading on breaks and Risou no Himo Seikatsu is my favorite (maybe because story feels real while being fantasy, no fanservice, no immaturity/idiocy overload characters). It really lifts my mood.
    Of course I will understand if you refuse (or simply miss my comment πŸ™‚ ) but I will love you even more than I do now if you accept.

    I hope that your life will be a little nicer to you.

  17. Hi i wanna ask something can u tell me about in the volume 2 Illustrations there is picture for Zenjirou and auras and children is it them???

  18. I wouldn’t mind getting spoiled. It’s not like I complain to the translators about their speed in the first place, but no one likes being told that a chapter is getting delayed on purpose.

    Anyway, great work, thanks, and all that stuff. Take it that I appreciate people doing this even if I’m not good at expressing it.

    1. I know that. I’m just saying, don’t be that honest. Even if readers shouldn’t get to complain for the free work that translators do (it being free and translators having no obligation whatsoever), saying that they’re gonna wait just for your whim sounds dickish. If you’re doing it, don’t tell it. Readers are gonna have to wait the same, but your reputation is better.

    2. I’m not sure if that’s a self depreciating joke or not. Anyway, I imagine you know what you’re doing, so I won’t comment again about the matter.

      And once again, my appreciation for your work, if it’s of any value to you.

  19. If you want to pull a prank, an evil, evil, prank, post the next update when you finish… line by line.

  20. Thx for your hard work like always , I just loved this light novel ( if not for Mushoku Tensei and Overlord probably one of my best ln ).

    I thought about reading the web novel but the light novel is better , I mean the “” ero part “” in their room wasn’t here in the web novel. It’s maybe not something so important but somehow I felt like the spice wasn’t here so I prefer the light novel. I can somehow read web novel while using TTS but I can’t read light novel so I really appreciate your work.

    Keep your hard work ( I know how much it’s hard to translate , I’m trying to write a web novel in japanese and kanji are always a pain in the ass, when I wrote mushi , i got the kanji of bug and not ignore , it’s really a pain in the ass to write while checking kanji I don’t know .
    I also tried to translate in english what I wrote in japanese and I felt even more lazy to do that so I somehow know that it’s hard to translate something you didn’t even wrote )

    Anyway just THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  21. Wow thanks a lot, I wish there were more of this type of LN I’m sick of the harem types -.-

  22. I just got my first novel from amazon and getting vol 2 and 3 next month the illustration are so much better when you can physically see it right on your hands. its beautiful. its taking me forever to read it since kanji is not my forte so i have to double check every single one >_< hopefully this will help me get used to it again. thanks for the translations Prozess I hope your health gets better best wishes. and thank you for reigniting my passion for learning a new language.

    PS: hopefully vol 4,5 and 6 will be available for sale soon.

  23. I love it and i say it only after volume one which is not often said by me . Thanks for your work and keep it up !!! πŸ˜€

  24. Thank you for your hard work, as always Prozess. Himo is an odd duck of a novel, no big battles or excessive fanservice. That may be why I’m loving it as much as I am, and am so grateful to your translating it.

    Thanks again for letting us read the fruits of your labors. And here’s hoping you pull a tsundere on us and drop another chapter on our heads before February ends, saying, “It’s not like I went especially out of my way to translate this for you guys. Not at all!”

  25. Kinda hoping Zenjirou ends up with Octavia as a concubine while her husband steps out of line and gets killed for treason or something. She deserves so much better then her current husband

    1. What do yo mean? His ideals and ambitions aside, he hasn’t been show to be a bad husband or even a bad man, sure he is probably older than her father but still a good man nonetheless.

  26. Thanks for the translations PROzess and not just the ones on this site but all the other ones that you did on the side, either in the forums or as teasers and those many many manyyyyyy manga translations as well.
    Many of those translations just made my day (especially when i’m having a bad day) and as always your quality never fails to amaze us.
    Please ignore those idiots who just bug you about releases as they fail to comprehend what kind of commitment translating entails and how much of a sacrifice it is when you give up your time to feed the masses.
    Cheers =D

  27. PROzess’s quality of translation is always good, keep up the good work and get well soon πŸ˜‰

  28. Thanks a lot for your translations. It is really good quality, keep it up!
    Would you mind if I would like to start translating Tsuki Tsuki to Czech language?
    Thanks for answer πŸ™‚

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