Well then, here’s the next chapter in the new month as promised.
I struggled a bit, since I fell sick for a week, are currently helping to renovate the house of my parents, including my spare room there and had a spontaneous addiction to minecraft again.
Likewise, the soccer league had what we call “English weeks”, meaning matches in midweek, so I spent nearly every evening drinking <3
I’m kind of surprised I still managed to finish the chapter on time (could have release yesterday, but archknight was being a smartass, so I decided not to), but hey, it’s me we’re talking about πŸ™‚

Since we’re on the topic of my awesomeness, I actually made a mistranslation in volume 01.
Fear not, it’s actually only a small nuance.
Remember how Aura explained that “the one of lower status will initiate the contact”? Well, yeah, that’s bullshit. It was phrased a bit roundabout, so I interpreted it wrongly, sry. The actual meaning is “you start with approaching the lower ranking ones”. I already fixed the line in the volume.
I mention this, because in this chapter you will find a sentence contradicting the previous wrong translation (the reason I even noticed it^^) and I don’t want you to get confused.

Now then, what else to report?
Yeah, well, the next chapter is like around 70 pages again. As I stated above, I’m helping with renovating, so a good deal of my free time is wasted. I’m confident I’ll finish c2 this month, too, but you never know. Just be prepared for the worst πŸ˜›
Truth be told, I actually feel like throwing in another chapter of Trinity Seven first.
We’ll keep your hopes up and until next time.


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  1. Yay!~ A new month and here is a new chapter!
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. PROzess, I proclaim my undying platonic love for you and your work.
    I was having a very bad day, but now it just got a bit better, thanks to you. Thank you so much for your amazing work.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!!
    And also even thou the end of the chapter left me hanging, I don’t know why but I can see Zenjirou having a hard time appeasing Aura’s temper tantrum XD

  4. Once again i can’t thank you enough!!
    whenever i see that a new chapter has been released i can’t help but get extremely happy πŸ˜€
    anyway good luck with the renovation.

  5. Thanks Prozess! Another great chapter. I can’t believe how addicted I’m to this novel.

  6. Great work with such steady translations. I love the mature calm atmosphere, it’s so rare in LNs.

  7. Thanks for the chapter.

    BTW since we are going with a Spanish flavor for the Carpa Kingdom, shouldn’t it be “TomΓ‘s Pantoja” (read the same as what you have, just the stress placed on the “a” instead of the “o”)?

  8. Thanks for the chapter, PROzess. Also, I think I’m not alone when I say f*ck Trinity Seven, we need more Risou. Jk, feel free to release whatever when you feel ready.

  9. You should take care of your health more a person should always take care of themselves first and its good that your helping your parents.

    PS. I never understood the addiction of minecraft cause I haven’t played it could you explane what so addicting about it

  10. Thank you for the chapter.
    When is next one coming out?
    πŸ™‚ Arigatoo Senpai.

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    Just keep having fun with the projects and I’ll be happy, cause you’ll be happy with working on stuff I’m happy with, resulting in a quantum happiness wave that will overlap the world resulting in…

    (Endless stream of technobable ensues)

  14. Thank you for new chapter.

    I see you have sick many time so I hope you find a good time to rest yourself along with English Week and come back healthy.

    See you again, good luck.

  15. One of the best series ever. An story where the couple is actually TOGETHER early on and the plot develops nicely.

    Thanks Proz!

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  19. Thankyou so much PROzess! Man you are one busy dude. A large number of LN I read seem to be translated by you and for that I am truly grateful. Make sure you take breaks though πŸ™‚ Don’t want you to burn out.

    Take care and keep up your awesome work! Big fan.

  20. I just wanted to thank you for using your free time to work on these translations. ( P.S. Best FAQ ever. )

    1. After a time without translations all these “thanks yous” sound a lot like “hurry the fuck up!” , if you feel like thanking the translator/author/etc do it within the first days otherwise all messages start sounding like that. That said, hurry up man! I need my married couple shenanigans!

  21. @chris, translator said he got RL stuff to take care of. i’m just as impatient, but yelling at a volunteer is hardly productive. that said PROzess, i need my fix as soon as possible. plz?

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