Sry, no Risou yet.
Like I mentioned in the previous post, here’s a chapter of Trinity first. Risou will come next.

This time it’s a story about Mira, or an inspector mission from her PoV.
I started translating this morning and after six hours of work, near the ending of the chapter, my laptop suddenly died. I was like WTF, WRY NOAAAA!
But phew, autosave did its job and nothing was lost. I nearly died from shock, though.

Anyway, I ought to mention that the titles of the chapters are all given by the author in Engrish, so deal with its awkwardness 😛


20 thoughts on “08/03/2015

  1. WHEEEEEEEEEE! Second post of gratitude!

    Thanks for the hard work you put into giving us all amusement. Words really are not up to the task.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I always look forward to Trinity Seven. ^_^

    Otherwise, there’s a typo I think.

    > In that case, the fasted way to solve this would be to find the “workshop” of that person.

    Wouldn’t it be fastest instead of fasted?

  3. I find you writing WRRRRRY funny because I was reading Jojo earlier…. Well, whatever.

    Thank you for teh new chapter.

  4. Shoot, and just when I was about to go to sleep. Anyways, thank you and can’t wait for the next one.

  5. I never say anything like this so please don’t take it as an entitled douchy internet demand, but…

    It’s my birthday tomorrow. It would really be an enormous treat is I could read the next chapter of Risou for a B-Day celebration. Especially since I won’t be having any other kind of celebration since I’m starting the time of my living with my grandfather to help him through a broken hip starting tomorrow.

    …Happy birthday to me……….

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