Impatient fags are complaining left and right. I’m near the limit of my patience.
My motivation has reached a new low point as well.
So I will make it short: I’m considering an hiatus for 1 or 2 months.

I know I’m repeating myself, but translating, in the actual meaning of the word, takes waaaay more effort than stupid MTL. The two chapters of Risou this month amounted to a total of around 120 pages, which is by no means a small number.
I feel like shooting every leecher on sight…

I’ll work on T7 next and will come to a final decision by then.


201 thoughts on “29/03/2015

  1. What’s with people complaining? Leechers like me have no right to do anything beyond be impatient on their own. Complaining to the translators doing all of the incredible amounts of work for you is a true dick move, and ruins it for everyone.

    Thanks for what you’ve done so far and go at whatever pace you need to! Getting burned out is nothing to take lightly.

    1. SO TRUE~! And because I am grateful to le Sir PROzess, I decided to make the EPUB and PDF versions of TsukiTsuki so that these leechers fags will stop commenting if this or that has a pdf/epub version.

      Btw, thanks for the new chapter, PROzess. Don’t let these fools affect you.

  2. Thanks for the translation and your hard work Prozess

    And if you think a break is necessary take one I know translating is not a easy work.

    Also translator give up their free time so other can enjoy themselves, so we should be gratfull that they do that for us.

    Please dont take that badly if I hurt someone who read this it´s only my personal opinion.

    1. you think he is joking?

      I’m gonna curse you who ever you are if because your comment he decide to take a break forever

  3. Thanks 🙂
    ps: Go for half year so impatient readers may get mega butthurt and stop commenting

    1. I don`t get why would readers(trolls here since we are talking about random questions that seriously annoyed Prozess) be “mega” butthurt and stop commerntng.Next time,think before you write something like this.Trolls don`t get butthurt once you start not giving out more chapters,you just add even more fuel to the fire,which would keep Prozess from reaching comments that are actually worthwhile of anybody`s attention(his especially).That may be the dumbest suggestion on this site(Prozess,if you can remember any one that is worse,gimme a link so I can laugh,or just quote it).

    1. He couldn’t give more if he wanted to. Check the baka-tsuki page. There’s 12 volumes translated out of 12 volumes released.

    2. Actually, in Baka-Updates. it say 13 Volumes(Ongoing). So yeah, we have a new volume untranslate but I guess wait until he decide to.

      1. Yeah, because when a site, where everyone can edit anything, says it, it has to be true.

  4. I haven’t really read any offensive comments, but do what you shall. There’s no point in translating if you yourself don’t have the motivation. However, please remember that there are SOME fans around who try their best not to aggravate you. Have a change of perspective, people commenting weeks after your last release means that they truly enjoy Risou and fans constantly return to your blog in hopes of a new chapter. Thinking this way may help you be less irritated when you read through the comments.
    If you do choose to take a hiatus, there’s nothing we readers can really do besides posting our reactions. I’ll just be waiting for your decision.

  5. :wtfits: I cant believe it! I have restraint myself greatly on that thread for what~ nothing~

    Ah well~

  6. first. thank you for the translation.

    i can only write a bit of encouragement. but please don’t give up.
    I f you need rest then rest you must.

    once again thank you for the time and energy you pouring for translating this novel

  7. You will not be able to shoot me. I am a great dodger and a philanthropist that runs away on every sign of a weapon!

    But as a form of thanks I could consider facing you for a few more seconds expressing my thanks before running away…

  8. Although I don’t read any of your main projects, it is always a sad event when the LN/WN community loses another translator. It seem to be a common events these days, due to impatient leechers and complainers.

    It wasn’t that long ago when a single chapter translation would average a month or two. Leechers are getting spoil with frequent translation releases.

  9. You dont have to shoot me! I was too bustbusy with eroge games and midterms so i’m practically innocennet.

  10. ”I know I’m repeating myself, but translating, in the actual meaning of the word, takes waaaay more effort than stupid MTL.”


    I challenge you to try machine translating a language you know nothing about. You’ll realise how much fucking more effort it takes.

    1. Question. y r u even here?

      On another note. Seriously u going to defend mtl? Dude you ok? You sure yoir in the right community?

    2. Speak English, faggot. I’m being realistic. MTL-ing takes a shitload of effort.

      I don’t care if he’s shitting on Machine Translators because that’s his right, but don’t think nobody is going to call you out for making grand and sensationalised statements that don’t check out.

    3. Oh oh oh pick me i know how!! Ever read mashoku tensei ( not sure if spelled correctly) …

      Gawd nvrmnd i feel its useless explaining it to these type of people *sigh*

    4. I challenge you to try actual translating a novel in the correct sense of a translation. You’ll realise how much fucking more effort it takes.
      And just because it takes “effort” to use MTL, doesn’t automatically mean it’s correct.

    5. No need to challenge me; I’ve done some of both in different languages, so I can tell you for certain that MTL takes more than twice as long.

      Now have you done any MTL?

      1. Why would I?
        An ACTUAL translation is far more accurate. MTL is a waste of time.
        I’m not dissing the effort of the machine translators, but the inaccuracy of said machines. Stupid leechers cannot differentiate between a wrong or correct translation, so they take everything you throw at them at face value. And if you check the fucking releases paces, you would see that hardly anyone of these “machine translators” puts in enough effort and just releases on a nearly daily basis.

    6. “I know I’m repeating myself, but translating, in the actual meaning of the word, takes waaaay more effort than stupid MTL.”

      Didn’t call you out about your translations being less accurate than machine translations.

      Whole point was that your claim that
      1) translating from a language you’re fluent in
      is harder than
      2) picking out words here and there from various dictionaries in a language whose syntax and grammar you don’t understand at all, and then using these words to guess and make up your own fanfiction

      is not true in my experience, nor a number of other peoples’. Ergo my challenge to you, before you start making assumptions. And yes, published MTLs are cancer; doesn’t make them easy.

      1. Translation always has to be accurate.
        An accuracy requires effort.
        Sry, but I don’t consider it an “effort” to blindly choose random words from a stupid machine.
        Actual translators have to deal with dialects, metaphors, wordplays and cultural difference. Projecting these in your translation actually requires effort, quite a lot of it. The machine simply ignores that.

        And if you’re too stupid to get my point (which is obvious that you don’t), then read my announcement from a few months ago.#
        TL;DR: MTL are not translations, but guesslations. They are hardly accurate and should not be confused with actual translation. Actual (accurate) translation need TIME to deliver.

    7. MTLs release often because they necessarily use web novels (i.e. text they can paste into programs), and said web novels often have short chapters.

      Also, there’s a statistical bias involved;
      1) anybody can do MTLs -> ergo pool to chose from is large
      2) selection bias means that anybody with a life is not going to bother with MTLs (because as I’ve mentioned, making up your own story from gibberish and dictionary entries takes a long, long time) -> ergo, only the people with lots of time are left behind

      So yeah, basically you have the right to say whatever the fuck you want, but if you say something wrong you should expect to be called out on it.

      1. WRONG!?
        HOLY SHIT.
        I can’t deal with this bullshit anymore.
        Do you expect to get praised when you paint a whole fucking building, including the windows and all, in black just because it took you “effort” to do so!? No, because it is fucking retarded. Same for MTL.

    8. Putting Legendary Moonlight Sculptor into dictionary and translation programs, and then playing make-believe with the gibberish that came out was one of the most challenging experiences in my life.

    9. Apparently you’re the retard because you can’t separate ‘effort’ from ‘meaningful’ effort.

      And yes, yes, I read your grolious post from a while back. All I saw was a guy who claims himself that he learned his English off the internet bash somebody weaker in Japanese than him… for a reason I could only assume was because he wasn’t getting enough of an ego boost from the leechers on his comments page.

      And he wasn’t getting enough leechers on his comments page, because he was having emotional outbursts and saying things in the vein of “I want to shoot all of the readers who come to my website”.

      1. Hahaha
        I can separate it, thus I complain.
        Stupid pricks like you, however, cannot.
        I don’t fucking care if you waste your stupid time by writing up some bullshit. But when you go as far as calling it a “translation”, then you deserve to die.
        In no occupation, someone is going to acknowledge you, just because you googled it.
        MTL are an entirely “wasted/unmeaningful” effort, but because the stupid masses in the community fail to comprehend that and expect the same pace from ACTUAL translators, the point you obviously missed in my previous post.

        And incidentally, I didn’t say “shoot people on my website”. Read more carefully, but I guess your brain cannot process so many words at once.

    10. Yeah, wrong.

      Nobody mentioned praise.

      You claimed
      – MTLing(i.e. storywriting) takes less effort than translating(i.e. interpretation and adaptation)

      I responded by basically telling you that you’re incorrect, and have obviously never tried creative writing from gibberish before. And yes, yes, translation needs nuance, and tone, and feel and all of that stuff, but creative writing is creative writing.

      1. Are you being stupid on purpose?
        MTL stands for Machine TRANSLATION <-- YOU SEE THE FUCKING "TRANSLATION" HERE!??? CREATIVE WRITING ISNT TRANSLATING FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!! Yes creative writing takes effort. But MTL isn't creative writing. If it is, label it different! You're supposed to make a translation, not make up some bullshit from your own mind, no matter how much effort it takes.

    11. “But when you go as far as calling it a “translation”, then you deserve to die.”

      So much emotional instability and conjecturing. I never said that I published machine translations. All I was doing was calling you out on your incorrect assumption that your translating took more effort than machine translating.

      You have brought up:
      – the value of putting in effort into such an endeavour
      – being praised
      – the morality regarding calling these fanfictions a translation
      – etc. etc.
      but I have not mentioned any of these in my original post.

      Please take a chill pill, take a stick out of your arse, and try reading what I actually wrote instead of making up your own stuff. I thought translators had to be GOOD at reading the source material…

      1. And I wasn’t referring to you personally, but the general MTL0rs with the die comment. Maybe you ought to read better.
        Likewise you seem to fail at reading, because I have made all my points in the previous announcements and yet, you still claim bullshit.
        See reality, dude. No one in the community doing MTL is putting in ANY kind of effort.

    12. “And incidentally, I didn’t say “shoot people on my website”. Read more carefully, but I guess your brain cannot process so many words at once.”

      Hence the “in the vein of”. You need to brush up on your English, my German friend.

      1. Wtf?
        Even with “in the vein of”, my statement does not come even close to what you’re trying to imply. Like MTL, you’re making up some complete bullshit. Sasuga!

    13. I think MTL-ing have less effort than MAT or DT


      because the translator (if you want to call them that, though for me it’s more right to call them “editor” than “translator”) are just editing the words that have been translated by the software into a more nice to read sentence

      if the translator are the one that “really” translate the sentence with the help of software (because they understand the language but cannot read the alphabet) we call them MATL-ing

    14. “I want to shoot all of the readers who come to my website”.
      “I feel like shooting every leecher on sight…”

      I want = expresses desire
      I feel like = expresses desire


      all = every

      leecher = person who can not understand the language, and must rely on a translation
      readers on this website = people who come here because they can not understand the language, and must rely on a translation

      sar suu garrt <- the 'r' and 't' are silent

      1. My condolences.
        I see now that you are a natural idiot. Must be tough to even live.
        For your information: leecher =/= reader.
        I know it gets repetitive, but sry to break this to you: Your definition is as much bullshit as your MTLs. Grats.
        Now go back to sucking your mommy’s tits, it’s time for bed for you.

    15. In English, one of the definitions of ‘leeching’ refers to the act to taking without giving anything in return.

      So unless your readers are secretly giving you blowjobs or something…

      1. …It’s been a while since I saw so much stupidity combined in a single person.
        Yes, that is the definition of a leecher, but now are you putting ALL readers on the level of leechers according to your previous equation with your stupid “vein” sentence.
        With that insight now, you maybe can guess a little bit what I was trying to get at? Mh? Nah, guess not…

    16. So some of your readers ARE secretly giving you blowjobs… That’s not how we do things in England (the land of English), my German friend.

      1. What’s with your obsession with blowjobs? Are you that desperate for one?
        As you so kindly pointed out, a leecher is someone that does not return anything, yet you fail to see that some people comment a “thank you”, which perfectly counts as “returning something”. Despite that, you claim that all readers = leecher? Nice going, bro…
        So when I say that I want to shoot every leecher in sight, I mean these people who do not actually return something, like you for example. All you provide is bullshit. Likewise it means the people, who do nothing but complain.
        For the record, staying silent and doing nothing is a greyzone and in benefit of the doubt, they are let off the hook.

    17. Just take my time to read this long thread of comment
      And i realised
      This anonymous one is dumb
      So dumb, it make me feel bad for being mad when i start reading it

      I hope you will not stop translating, prozess
      We don’t want to miss you and your translation 😉

    18. “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

    19. PROzess, you should just go on a long hiatus and never come back. Better yet, just quit the internet altogether. No one actually likes you. Everyone who’s supporting you in the comments is a fucking tool. They secretly hate your guts; they just want your translations. Seriously, since no one actually likes you, not even your “fans”, so why don’t you just stop this farce and leave? Even by your own standards, you’re not a translator. You even ADMIT that on your own. Why don’t you just stop upbraiding others for having the same fault as you? Although, their problem is not understanding Japanese, your problem is more fundamental than that. You don’t have a proper grasp on English.

      Actually, scratch that. Don’t go on a hiatus. Just quit.

    20. It’s okay to be proud of translating from your knowledge of the language, but when you belittle other people who do things differently it only makes you look annoying. Especially if your points have little to no coherency or validity in them. God, I can’t believe I actually read this entire argument.

      -From, a translator

    21. “What’s with your obsession with blowjobs? Are you that desperate for one?”

      Thank you for that. That honestly made my day!

      Quite frankly the anon is a cunt. Had to be said.

      Translations are difficult, more so when the languages are extremely different. We have past, present and future. Some languages have seven tenses! So real translations are obviously going to be more difficult to do. Try taking another language on a 1st language basis and get an assignment to translate a chapter (aah how I DON’T miss high school) see what the quality is of your work.

      However, this makes an even better point:


      The above article was put through Google Translate which managed to translate “Nein” as yes. Need I say anymore?

    22. I may not share PROzess’ strong dislike of machine translations, but I do understand his position. It’s all a matter of professional pride, he doesn’t want to be labeled the same as the MTLers. It’s like saying fastfood workers are cooks just the same as cooks working in the kitchen of a michelin star restaurant. The quality is obviously much higher and the required effort and expertise required is a thousand times more than that of MTL. Also, one is the kind of thing you consume when you are bored or nothing better is around, whereas the other you really take time out of your day for.

      On that note, I thank you again for your work PROzess and your willingness to share it.

    23. Just my opinion (or not mine, it’s my sister’s) :
      I have a sister, who is a professional translator (not japanese translator). She really hates translators who claim that they have “translated” but they used machine translators to to do the “translations”. She said that machine translation produces garbages.

      So, i’m with you in this, PROzess.

      Btw, thanks for your time and hard work till now. Just take it easy and take a break.

  11. You’ll never be able to stop people complaining, less so if you go on hiatus.
    If you want it to stop, then quit translating and never look back. But no matter where you go and no matter what you do, there will always be someone there to complain about it.
    You can be depressed, pissed off or even counter-complain, but as soon as you get rid of one, someone else who doesn’t know or doesn’t care will show up and take their place.
    Bitch all you want about it, but we both know that even if you take a 2-month break, nothing will have changed when you come back.

    So, as i see it, you can either stop doing something and walk away whenever someone complains about it, or find a way to deal with the nagging that will give you some satisfaction. We’re not family so you don’t need to hold back.


  12. People are starting to get really worked up
    How unexpected, it’s not like the internet to go crazy about something small and stupid

  13. You know i just watched a video about anger virus, so as much as i want to comment on some of these kids comments. I wont. I will just flame the embers…

    Kudos to those who did. My hatred for you burns like my hatred for spambots

  14. I’m new here, but I just wanted to thank you for your hard work for translating your projects. I have experience on working on scanalation groups, and getting the motivation after overworking and dealing with people is very hard. The internet will always be harsh, so please take care of yourself. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for all your hard work Prozess, and for being able to take it for this long. If you need a break, take it. Don’t let them get to you and don’t worry about us. The real fans will be right here waiting for your return. Just relax, read some of those cute romcom mangas, and forget about all the dicks in the world.

  16. I’ve tried my hand at translating “Hikaru ga chikyuu ni itakoro” vol 3 & does it ever take time & effort. I only used the Google translator after going through my copy of the Kodansha dictionary, verb reference book, introductory textbook, and grammar reference.

    Here is a guess pass to Crunchyroll, in case you don’t have an account, and hopefully it works where you are at (if you are outside of the US): 6U8KNVA7W8W (This one expires 5/1.)

    And I give you my most heart-felt Kentucky Fried thanks: “You have my gratitude.”

  17. ehh… maybe get someone to filter out and delete the negative comments before you read them? That could help.

  18. Thankyou for the continued detailed work. Rather than worry about reduced quality please rest and don’t worry about people online.

  19. thanks for the release, and take your time ignore the impatient ones

  20. I have many things to say about above discussion, but i lose my motivation to even retort back…. my only request to PROzess is, plz dont leave us… take as many break as you want, but plz dont drop these projects…about MTL, every one have their personal opinion…dont care about everyone.. you cant make everyone be happy, & you dont have to… plz dont drop or go to permanent hiatus.. that’s my request… thank you…

  21. Thanks for the update! I recently discovered this, and it’s really nice. You are one of the few free translators for LN stuff out there who don’t make me want to poke myself in the eye.

  22. Less than 3% of the people in the previous comments are selfishly asking for more releases, the rest of them are posts to show how grateful they are, so I don’t know which section of comments u read that consists of so many leechers. Either translate this shit or don’t, we told u how grateful we are on numerous occasions, but it is getting on my nerves the way u are trying to indirectly blackmail the community just to boost your ego. Drop it or go with it, but stop being a drama queen, there are enough LN’s circulating out there even without this one.

    1. I never mean comments on my site.
      Only loyal fans bother to post here.

    1. Some guys do have a schedule, some don’t but release when they can.

      Each to their own. Life (not the commenter that is EVERYWHERE) gets in the way sometime, shit happens or you may not feel like translating at this point in time. Sure a schedule might give some motivation. A schedule also makes it feel like work though. That then could be a deterrent to continue instead. Continuous moaning makes going “fuck it! I’m done” a lot easier. Don’t do that to your boss though, they tend to not approve.

  23. Do you know how to stop impatient people, that by displaying a schedule and keeping it.

    1. One would have a schedule to keep if they were paid for their work or if they had any obligations towards it. And I think to many translators that do this kind of stuff out of their free time, a schedule is just another source of undue stress.

  24. Yo I’m grateful for you translation and your hard work.

    But I just got to call you out in this one…

    If you don’t like the fact that leechers are calling you out asking for more chapters then quit. You think your the only translator not getting called out for more chapters? Readers love your work and it’s normal for them to go crazy over it. Of course if you can only see someone you love/book each month you’ll go crazy. You take it way too literally, without a second thought leechers would support you on emergencies like donations or supporting the website by ads.

    People might hate me for this but how your personality is in this matter ruins the light novel for me. Blackmailing us with a hiatus cause we ask for more? That’s bs.

    I rather you quit then blackmailing us or threatning us on some bs.

    Sorry everyone I just had to speak out.

    1. Well, if you can’t stand his personality, then by all means, please, don’t visit this website ever again and be at peace of mind. As of yet, not reading translations made by PROzess isn’t punishable by law.

    2. Yeah you have a point there. Reading here ruins the light novel for me.

      Heck might as well learn to translate it myself lol.

    3. Who are you kidding?
      You will be back with the release of the next chapter, no matter how much of an ass I am. That’s a fact.
      And I ain’t even blackmailing you. This is my BLOG if you have forgotten it.

  25. What can I say, I think I will truly cry if you decide to abandon Risou. It’s a great series that is not filled with typical Japanese idiocy that tends to contaminate many other light novels. I’m really grateful for your dedication (accuracy of translation) and that you sacrifice your precious free time (now, that I’m nearly 28 money isn’t a problem, but time is indeed a luxury) for our sake. Many thanks, really. Internet is a wonderful thing, but at the same time it’s filled with ungrateful scumbags, so please pay them no heed, only because they are loud it doesn’t mean that they represent the majority.

    1. Another quirk that annoys me.
      No one ever said anything about abandoning a project.

    2. Yes, it wasn’t said, but I can only imagine that with things escalating even more you will get sick of it to the point of dropping it or prolong the hiatus to a year or so.

  26. Hhhhhhh when ever i read your blogs or comment it make me laugh lol. Man dont be so angry about all this guys they just like your TL and this story that much

    Any ways thank you for hard work

    1. Funny fact: The reactions of readers makes me lol all the time, too.
      Guess my posts are at least useful for one thing.

    2. @PROzess dont get all worked out because of all this guys, and know that there is some guys (like me) who are patient hope that you think about them too

      PS: i mean no desrespect in the above comment

  27. …Is it bad that I actually find it somewhat amusing at how angry you get at people on the internet?

    1. Still thanks for the update, it makes you far better than the people who suddenly disappear off the face of the internet, and who we don’t know anything of until their website goes down.

  28. Do what you want. The important thing is to enjoy how you spend your time. If you feel that translating isn’t the best use of your time then just stop translating. Obviously the people who read what you translate will be sad, but who cares about them. The important thing is you. You only go through live once so why slave away on something you don’t really want to do for people who don’t appreciate it. My suggestion is take a break and decide if you want to continue.

  29. one question. Why are you telling us? if you are going on hiatus, the word HIATUS is enough for us to know. I am sorry. I am a selfish jerk who only comes to read chapters. I almost never comment whether to leave a thank you or to ask for faster releases. I think it would be better for you to call people on rushing you on a one by one basis instead of spamming both jerks like me and all those kind and beautiful people who love you and never try to rush you. they don’t deserve to feel like they are getting shot, whether or not they are leechers. Again, sorry, but please don’t do this again. you got my hopes up and then crushed them.

  30. If those guys bother you that much, then you can either Take a break or just ignore them. Though with how low your motivation is I suggest you should take a break till you feel better. Even if those guys come back(again) and try to lower your motivation, then you should know that they are just a minor of a large of group that really looking forward to reading your translation. That’s why just take a break, when you feel better then come back and just ignore them. This is how the internet and leechers are after all.

  31. I’ve been patiently looking forward to this for some time now.

    Thank you for the release.

  32. Thank you for new chapter. >_<

    somehow this post become chaos so I'll just skip on this topic and wait for welcome you back.

    Well, after story progress more maybe we could discuss about how story would go in which direction. I think it would be fun to talk about story that you interesting to with other people.

  33. Uhm, well, I wanted to thank PROzess for this massive Risou chapter.
    /me bows 😉

    Sadly I see some ppl insist in their folly… ignore them, they are a bunch of idiots.
    I myself had someone tell me -the same- about MTLs, and I just laugh at them every time. I stopped trying to make them think.
    Well, I do read a couple of LN that are MTLed for sure… trust me it’s not the same as reading something translated (in the true sense of the term). It even ruins the flow. But hey, ppl want to think they’re good. They want faster… and they will. get. -crap-.
    Speed and quality are opposite, not only in the translation business.
    Translation must be accurate, MTL are not.
    Translation must pass the concepts, MTL fail at it.
    Translation must be grammatically correct, MTL are not.

    I wrote this just cause I don’t get how those ppl can’t understand. Bah!
    /me hands phosphoric ammunition to PROzess- 😐

  34. Thank you for this chapter PROzess, Take a break if you need/want one. On a side note, I apologize for all the asshole lechers out there. I know I can’t take responsibility for them but please understand that at less I deeply enjoy the work you do (and the author as well, he should be mentioned as well) and don’t want to quit/stop/lose motivation cause a few bad apples. Anyway thank you very much again PROzess!!!

  35. Hey, PROzess, thanks for the chapter.

    Like people have said prior: If people are causing you issue’s in terms of translation speed, tell them to put things in to perspective; you are doing this completely free, out of your own time alongside working too(I certainly couldn’t do it, let along speak/ know the Japanese language).

    If you need a break, then go on one. The thing is, what’s the point in translating anything when:

    1: You don’t enjoy it, or find it hard to find the motivation.
    2: The reader’s (im sure in the minority) complain about release speed.

    I am truly grateful that you’ve translated what you have so far. I wish there was something else I could do to say thanks in return.

    All the best.

  36. Thanks for the hard work. I’m sorry to see that asses are polluting this place complaining about this and that… If these people have enough tome to do this then they should learn japanese instead acting like spoiled kids. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.

  37. Please cure your slump with a long break if you feel the need to.
    Thanks for the all hard work.

  38. Many thanks for your hard work PROzess.
    About this matter, all I can suggest is to stop visiting forums full of scumbags. Maybe it will help, but then it’s up to you. See ya and thanks again.

  39. Best of luck to you no matter what you decide to do, and thank you for all of your translations.

  40. Seems repetitive to say but thanks a bunch for the translations. Wish my fellow leeches would follow my attitude and shut up when the don’t have anything good to say.
    You said yourself that you were busy and that you would only try to get another chapter out by the end of the month. You did anyway, and many thanks. Only positive I can draw from people whining is that the work is nice enough (from both author and translator) that some people lose control. If people liking your efforts is any help to your mood, please take that interpretation. (with a pinch of salt of course)

  41. Well ill be sad if you take a hiatus but I understand that this can be stressful. Espicially since ive tried and failed to learn other languages so I just wanted to thank you for the hard work and figured if you take a hiatus then thata your right as the translator

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      And i am a troll by recomeding the translator to not translate anymore even tho i love Risou no himo seikatsu what is it with these teenagers who feel attacked even tho i dont care at all about you?
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