Long story short, I’m not dead (yet).
The mentioned hiatus became more like a hiatus from the internet rather than translating and it kind of worked well, but then my site went down and before people jump to conclusions, oh wait they already did. Oh well. This post will now serve as a clarification that I haven’t dropped anything.
Next chapter is also nearing completion. You can expect it next week.


P.S.: Yes, I know, the comments don’t work. Aftereffect from the downtime.

Edit: Comments work again.

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  1. Well, that’s unexpected, given the previous post and another chapter next week no less. Thank you PROzess, your’re the best.

  2. Thank you very much for the chapter!

    I’m surprised there wasn’t any progress in glass tech, considering there is already iron workings.
    I guess magic prevents good accidents from happening.

  3. thanks man for the chapter, i liked how they talked about politics and the round about ways of the upper circles

  4. Thank you PROzess πŸ™‚

    We’re glad that you didn’t dropped any of your project or take a hiatus from translating.

    In my opinion you can take a hiatus from translating or drop any of your project, but if you do it because of some trolls then we are (you and the readers) defeated, because the trolls wouldn’t be damaged from your action, they lose nothing!

    Wise man said: “Ignore the trolls!”

  5. Weeee thanks for the chapter bro!!! I thought I had to wait for 2 or 3 months since u said u wanted to translate t7 first \(^_^)/.

  6. I’m glad your vacation worked out well for you. Glad to have you back, and I never worried for the 404 Not Found. I was just assuming you were still taking your break away from the Translationing.

    Yes, I know it’s not a real word. But I like silly words.

  7. Good to see you back and thanks for the translation. When you say you didn’t drop anything, does that include teasers such as T7?

  8. woah thanks again for your work! πŸ˜€

    I check your website everyday for updates.

  9. Thanks for the update PROzess

    I love this light novel because the MC isnt overpowered, fighting a world of demons or stuck in a virtual reality world which is real where he can pull up menus and goes on a lvling system.

  10. It’s sad that the mc seems to be stuck at being a technical doofus. Despite having all the time in the world, it looks like he didn’t gather any material on old technology and production methods at all.
    And now the author is trying to sell that they can’t even create a simple blast furnace.

    *They can hammer iron, but not melt it*
    *Thumbs up.*

    How did they get it then? Are the fools buying everything they have from other countries? And how do they melt their silver if they have no furnace! They have silver mines!

    *Bang Bang Bang*
    *sad face*

    1. @147random

      You should at least google your assumptions. Melting point for gold and silver are ~500 celsius (or ~900 fahrenheit) lower than iron. So obviously you don’t need a very high heat resistant material like what chapter 3 talked about. Also, you don’t need to melt iron in order to hammer it. You just need to get it near hot enough to bend the iron. Aside from that I’m pretty sure weapon production methods are pretty much kept as state’s secrets. Hence, other countries don’t know about it.

      The novel is pretty mature and consistent with its facts.

      Also, have you even been paying attention? He’s being considerate for his wife not to cause trouble by getting outside or sending males inside. Thus, he isn’t going to do more than necessary.

    2. Actually a blast furnace is not all that difficult if you understand the theory. Sourcing the coal would probably be the toughest part, but seeing how they can smelt iron, i don’t think coal is the limited factor.

      If you have magic on top, which this world does, creating a blast furnace is fairly easy.

      The hardest thing would be to find a stone large enough to carve into without fracturing.

      Im honestly quite amazed he didnt download an encyclopedia or archive Wiki onto this laptop.

    3. Well, since he only had the means of knowing how to melt iron or produce glass due to a celebrity reality show, I doubt it he had any intention on improving technology (since he could have undermined his wife’s authority).
      It seems that the fire clay needed for fire bricks is found often as the bed of coal mines, but there are a number of surface deposits. Basically, unless you have a composition detection method, you’ll need to heat the brick until glass melting point to see if it doesn’t break to know if the clay is fire clay.

  11. Most of the stories are made by the preference of the author it doesnt need to be realistic and sometimes the fact that the mc doesnt do what logic would tell him to do can also be realistic.
    So from the statement that the author wants his storie to be about something is the main reason he didnt download a encyclopedia or archive to his pc.
    Or lastely the author wants to show how a common person with common intelect would react in such a situation i think many of us tryd to look up what a hydrogen power generator was and didnt come with a easy solution like the mc did so what will we do in 1 month i am fairly sure taking a encyclopedia with us aint hard but more than that meh ^^ dont know.

  12. I am sorry to pop your bubble. But I am very knowledgeable on these subjects.
    If you can build a furnace for 500Β°, it’s no issue to build it for higher temperatures.
    Iron was melted 1000B.C. . There is no secret to a blast furnace and following refining processes. Inform yourself.

    And if you are ultimately lazy, you use a simple bloomery which reaches temperatures of up to 1200Β°!

    And if you tune your bloomery, glass production is possible. If you spend a little time on history lessons, you will find out that glass production came up hand in hand with iron production.

    A Venecian glass-oven reached temperatures of up to 1500Β° and it’s actually quite simple!

    Hence I have to tell you, the noble isn’t consistent at all in the technological aspect. It’s just enough to satisfy someone with half knowledge.

    1. you dont need to be sorry because your not popping my bubble and if u read my post i said common people are you common if you know how to build such a thing in detail i doubt it.

    2. Sorry to pop YOUR bubble, 147random, but in the chapter it does say that Aura asks for alternative methods beside the firebricks and Zenjirou answers that he doesn’t know them.
      People on Earth had to come up with the ideas for all that stuff you mentioned and imo, it isn’t THAT unrealistic that the people in the other world haven’t come up with these ideas YET. They might be spoiled from being able to use magic, so they haven’t considered anything of that. Who knows. I’m sure we’ll get to know more about it in the future.

    3. Sooo…..

      If you invest your time into reading one book about ironwork, you will be uncommon too? It takes a day to learn the theory behind it.
      I don’t say that creating the actual oven won’t take a month or two, because you would make some mistakes at first for sure.
      But neglecting it as not possible and unreachable knowledge is simply wrong.

      And the point I am mad about is that the MC knew where he would go. He knew! And he didn’t take any materials with him to research the needed stuff!

      A book about ironwork, medicine, farming techniques…..

      And that he considerate of his wife isn’t a working argument any more. She even asked him to teach her!

      I am a total biological and medical idiot for example! But I would at least take a book about that stuff with me!

      Because being able to read a book and applying the knowledge is what makes us human.

      1. First things first, he was told to do NOTHING. Then he prepared some stuff for HIMSELF to make living more convenient.
        Aura only asked him to teach him about stuff, numerals or glass, AFTER he transferred there and could no longer prepare anything.

        When you’re told to only prepare the drinks for a pick-nick on the weekend with some friends, but on the weekend itself, your friends blame you for not bringing a soccer ball, because they suddenly felt like kicking. Same stuff.

    4. And then having some guy having other picnic nearby saying that you should’ve come better, it’s not that difficult to bring a soccer ball with you. You could have even brought a basketball or a voleyball and it would have sufficed.

    5. The only problem is that we aren’t talking about a picknick!

      The MC faced a life/death situation. Not thinking / simply believing into someone you know for a day doesn’t make sense!
      And bringing five specialized books wouldn’t have been an issue at all.

      If you get simply dropped into that world … okay! But he had a month to think! So no excuse!

      1. Yeah, living in a secluded space served by maids all day sure is a life-threatening situation one has to prepare intensely for!!

    6. Well to be on the safe side, he did say he did not want to interfere with the country and course of actions.

      If he pulled a Da Vinci and brought forth technological advances far beyond the world he would attract too much wanted attention.

      Also science and innovation was viewed as black magic in history, which brought forth the dark ages from the ban of science. A world like this could label the country as evil magic, and basically cause all sorts of trouble for the country.

      I am pretty sure the MC is trying to not influence as much as possible, but if push comes to shove, he will bust out that laptop with its many save files and redefine the Art of War.

      But its already halarious, how he has a hydro power power plant with LED’s. Also how he is able to setup and service an AC with HVAC tools, yet he cant construct glass..

      Also didnt the MC want to bring a glass window at vol.1 because he couldn’t use the AC?

      Imagine the comedy that would of developed if he did bring a glass window.

      1. He bought the AC and realized later that there are no glass windows, so he never installed the AC. Its just sitting useless in the corner. That’s why he’s using the fan with ice instead.
        If he brought some glass, it would just be as valuable as the marbles. They can’t reproduce them, so the few they have gonna cost a fortune.

    7. The time you have to think doesn’t matter. He spent that month doing mostly 3 things: finishing his work, getting presents to aura and securing an electricity source. Anything outside of that were passing flashes of brilliancy, nothing more, and passing flashes of brilliancy don’t come when you want them.
      Also, this novel is titled “The ideal sponger life”, which is a declaration of intentions. He just wants his life to be easy and comfortable. In the “list of 10 things for making your life comfortable”, books on advanced technology normally don’t make the cut; also, many of those books assume the reader has a basic knowledge on the matter that the MC doesn’t have and the eye of an expert (which our MC is not) is needed to discern which ones will show you production methods from the ground up, instead of production methods based on preexisting technology that that world doesn’t have. And since he took it for granted he’d always have the money from his wife, he didn’t have to think about methods of making money (beyond the bartering safety card if things went bad with the transition), and he didn’t know the exact technological situation of the world.
      Take into account that all of this is just for making glass, something that a google trip tells us can be dome inside a disposable crucible by mixing quartz stones, vegetal ashes and salpetre and putting it on fire, but waht they want to do is manufacture marbles, perfectly spherical clear round pieces of glass, which needs a very specialized additional technology.
      It’s very easy to talk in hindsight with easy access to information or a serendipitious encounter with the needed info, but things cannot be done retroactively.

    8. Wohohooo! The mysterious technology to create a glass bubble!

      Venecian glass workers marbled for centuriest over this mythical knowledge!
      It included an iron stick, a wooden stick and a wet towel!

      My point still stands! There are specialized books for that. A human who hasn’t knowledge on those mysterious stacks of paper and how to aquire them has some serious problems.

    9. While I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, let me tell you that marbles are not “glass bubbles”. Murano expert glassmakers can make perfectly round glass bubbles, yes, but not only they have a minimum size but the artesanal method was polished for centuries to reach that point. And marbles are not glass bubbles. A glass bubble is a thin spherical or quasispherical sheet of glass, very brittle. A marble is a spherical piece of glass-a SOLID spherical piece of glass-and they are less brittle (more mass to absorb the shock). In order to make a glass marble, you need a way to shape a solid block of glass into a perfect sphere, and that’s not easy. Glass marbles as children toys stem from the 20th century, when a way to mass produce them was stablished (in 1903 to be exact, by Mr. Martin Frederick Christensen). Before that, people played marbles with polished stones (like marble, hence the name), oak galls, polished animal bones or ceramic spheres (easily manufactured glass marbles appeared in 1846, but the production cost left them behind other varieties).
      Before that, round pieces of glass were considered manmade gems an fetched a high price.
      Almost anything you’d want to know about marbles can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marble_%28toy%29

    10. The title of the novel itself says he’s a sponger. If you want him to not be a sponger and expect him to actually be useful like coming up with glass production, read something else. You’re reading the wrong novel.

    11. We still don’t know whether he really didn’t load any encyclopedia or the like on his PC. He did, after all, load some recipes before coming “back” to Aura’s world. I think he has downloaded some knowledge onto his PC, atleast I would do it in his situation. But I wouldn’t just carelessly cause a highscale modernization. History showed us, more then just once or twice, what happens to people who try to better our world.

      So I think that Zenjirou will leave it at some “new” dishes or the like, unless his wife or her Kingdom will perish without this or that knowledge.

      Moreover, he already did pull a big one with the numerals. That one alone will make a big difference in terms of their accaunting efficiency and the like. Although it may take a few years or even one to two decades.

    1. Every region has its myths, and no matter how hard do you try to erradicate them, they endure.
      Still, it’s true there are many women that shouldn’t make efforts during pregnancy (there are some that come from a long line of hardworking women that don’t have that problem), so you’d wonder exactly how rough is japanese sex… Jokes aside, the myth probably started as a way to explain sudden miscarriages, often caused by blood type incompatibility.

    2. Not exactly true. During the earliest stages of pregnancy. like few hours or even minutes after fertilization. when the fertilized egg is just starting to divide into many cells. Sperm can actually damage the embryo and disrupt or be a hindrance to normal cell division. Ask a person who is an expert on that field. maybe an embryologist? Learned this info in my developmental biology class.

    3. Only before implantation and just after it. What we are speaking about is the common myth in Japan of a ‘stable period’ of just 2 months before birth, with any kind of sexual engagement during months 0-7 having a high probability (>90%) of causing miscarriage.
      The worst thing? Despite studies that point the benefits of sex during pregnancy, most people in Japan who deem the ‘stable period’ a myth, do it in the opposite sense (in that any kind of copulation during pregnancy will sureΓ±y cause a miscarriage or a birth before due date).

  13. I don’t post much if any at all. Just to let you know that I think what you are doing is great and THANK YOU.

  14. i read the faq and jumped off a bridge. sadly i picked one that didnt have water below. thankfully i lived but i still didnt get an answer. oh well thanks for the trans appreciate all the work.

  15. I really like how the novel finally gets to the point with the concubine/2nd wife. From the start it was obvious that this MC wouldn’t be too happy about that issue… honestly though, I actually anticipated a far rougher atmosphere between Zenjirou and Aura when that topic got breached. Though I’m happy that their mood still is a happy one. πŸ™‚

    But now I really can’t wait for the scheming of the nobles, so that they can put a concubine of their choosing at Zenjirous side. I wonder who will win, and how long it’ll take? πŸ˜€

  16. Thanks for doing a great jobb off translating the works on your site is awsome

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