Sick in bed and nothing better to do.

Anyway, ninja time!
Definitely my second favourite character after the semen demoness ^-^

All this reverse research crap is rather complicated oO One of these days I shall read the manga.

Risou next, but dunno when. Prolly next month, ROFL! -.-‘


17 thoughts on “29/04/2015

  1. It’s all good. Take your time~ You’ve already given us 2 Risou chapters in one week.

    Thank you for the translations~

  2. That moment when you only read Risou and has no idea what is that ninja making reference to…
    Every time there’s an update I go and check the Risou page… sadly, nothing today…

    1. That moment when you receive a notification with link to the next post and, instead of opening it like usual, you open the main page; finally, after all this time, I figured out that it’s shown, but only in the main page, which content was added.


  3. Next Risou next month ? good, you mean like in few tomorow right ? Else go back to wooooorrrrrk slacker !
    Yeah, we did had a lot recently.
    I won’t read Trinity bu I just wanted to say : A new release two day after o.o
    You’re crazy guy ^^ (in a awesomish way)
    So thanks for making me able to leech your work ~~ (please don’t shoot me)

    Et mmmh, there is no way to give you some little money ? :O
    I desactived AdBlock on your website to support, only to find … there was nothing blocked q.q

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