I bet no one of you expected this, but I was thinking how hilarious it would be to actually release the next chapter today after all the next-month jokes in the previous post.
So I woke up earlier today and finished the remaining 80% of the chapter within about 8hours.
Totally worth to see the dumbfounded expression on your faces. Yes, don’t forget to send pics 🙂

On a more serious note, don’t get used to this pace. For some reason the latter half of this volume consists of rather short chapters. By short I mean not longer than 30 pages. For comparison, the earlier chapters ranged from 50 to 70 pages.
I don’t know why, but my motivation seems higher for shorter chapters.
In a good mood, I can easily do ten pages a day, finishing a short chapter in two days, but as soon as the pagecount exceeds fifty, oh boy… I can be happy if I managed to do ten pages in two days and then I need one day off, playing minecraft 😛

Anyway, next volume the chapters are going to be longer again, meaning slower releases.

Enjoy it while it lasts~

61 thoughts on “01/05/2015

  1. Thanks for the chapter~

    You know you could have taken your time. You already spoil us so much. :U

  2. humh seeing you are playing minecraft, how about some survival game? like don’t starve…or something older and more classic like unreal world?

  3. “Next Month”….
    You cheeky cunt.
    Amazing job you’ve done, we all love you.

    1. Also, “Valentia” is a reference to Valencia, the spanish city (‘Valentia’ is its old name) while Potosi/Potoshi is a reference to Potosí a Bolivian region (that once belonged to Spain) known for its silver mines, once the most productive in the world, to the point that there’s a saying that goes “vale un Potosí” (“it’s worth a Potosí”) to mean that something is really expensive.

  4. I was hoping. I was certainly hoping. To fulfill this, it’s quite an exciting outcome.

  5. Too late, we’re used now, you better start to release a chapter every two days now, then continue the speed growth and release a chapter each day, then each half-day, then etc. !
    Yeah, or it will become messy. I assure you., you’re warned.

  6. Dear god! Please don’t overwork yourself. I don’t want you to collapse from 4 releases in a month! Thanks for the translations!

  7. You spoil us. XD
    I totally am stoked this is out. I hope your good mood lasts, and thanks for the chapter.

  8. Thank you for your translation.
    You mentioned next volume but the 2nd one still isn’t completely translated, right? If so, how many chapters(or pages) are left?

  9. I check habitually but you still got double take from me. Good on you and thanks.

  10. Thanks for the chapter update. Happy to see more of this great series. ^_^

  11. If there’s a law against high-speed-translations, you’ve broken it.

    Thanks alot!

  12. Fuck Prozess! This way, I’m gonna get spoiled too much! Thanks for the treat. It is always a pleasure to read more Himo

  13. Thank you!!! Ya u got me bro!! I thought what are the chances of him posting it today and boom! \(^_^)/

  14. ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้ (Thank you PROzess)

  15. Is there anyone that see’s otario Maldonado as Otario McDonald? Hopefully its not just me haha

  16. Thank God this wasn’t April first.
    Your work is amazing like always, thanks for the hard work. This kind of lite novel may be common in Japan, but most group don’t translate then. So I have to appreciate your differences. Looking forward to the next release when ever that is.

  17. Checked the website while wonder why I was bothering since there was no way there’d be a new update so soo–wait, really?! Sweet!

  18. Me? Surprised? ‘course not! I know you’re fast and everyone knows it too. What I’m surprised about was why aren’t you in hiatus? haha

  19. I’m just about to start an internship.
    this is a much needed battery recharge!!

  20. O.o

    I have no words………

    Except this may be the best troll I’ve ever had done to me. Thank Prozess that this has happened.

  21. You are amazing. That is all I will and can say to describe you. Thank you for the translation. 🙂

  22. I was just feeling like reading risou, and what does PROzess does?
    He releases. Awesome. Thanks.
    From a RL Hikigaya, a wry smile. 😉

  23. THNX so much translating! This has slowly become my favourite novel and it only has 2 volumes being translated so far. Thnx for bringing such a great novel to the rest of us!

  24. WOW, another chapter so soon, I’m speechless. Thank you so much PROzess!

  25. I just read this today. Really liked it. Thanks for translating this series!

    (Hope for more to come… soon though)

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