Let’s talk about minecraft.
It’s rare that I get hooked on a single game, even more so when it’s a simple one as minecraft.
But heck, I just can’t turn it off. I still remember when I bought the game during the beta phase, I didn’t even know how to mine properly and died in the first night without resources, rage-quitting right away. A few month later I came back and figured out to how to mine and did some boring stuff. Mainly just testing things out.
But then! I forgot how, but I came across a Let’s play Minecraft series of some German guy, and boy, it was brilliant. He had around 1000 episodes, around 30-40min per ep, on youtube and I watched them all.
I was fucking inspired, so I started a new world on my own game again. That was roughly 2 years(?) ago and I’m still playing the fucking same world!
Holy shit. Tbh, I have explored everything that can be explored. Cleared an ocean monument, build an exp farm, a netherworld network, etc, etc.
But somehow I’m not growing tired of it. Just the other day I invested two whole days (and I mean whole days. Did nothing but mining except for food and toilet) to connect a stronghold to my network. As the expert amongst you might know, a stronghold is deep underground and I had the brilliant idea to completely dig it out! Yay!
I love how it turned out, but thinking back on it, I stupidly mined away a good million of blocks just for the heck of it oO
I’m still wondering how the heck the train achievement works, cuz I’m sure that I traveled 1km already, albeit not in a straight line. Maybe that’s the flaw? Gonna be a pain in the neck…
Anyway, it’s an awesome way to uselessly spend your time on! I can only recommend it.
Wait, you aren’t here to hear me talking about my minecraft adventures?? Blasphemy!

Well, have some Risou then.


47 thoughts on “08/05/2015

  1. Thank you for the chapter 😀
    and woh, 1000x30min o.O
    That’s totally crazy what he/you did xD

    Bu,t, now I want to see some screens of your world :O

  2. Thanks for the update a lot. ^_^
    Otherwise, I understand the Minecraft addiction. It’s one of those things where you keep getting ideas of what you want to do and end up wasting massive amounts of time doing it. In my original world where I played with friends, for the first 1000×1000 blocks, you can’t look anywhere without there being some sort of structure. Just lots of random monuments to excess.

  3. huhm to add more spice to it how about some mod? like animal and taming mod?

  4. If anyone claims you’re addicted they are throwing rocks while living in a glass house considering what we’re all here for.

  5. Hello and thank you from /r/lightnovels . This is one of my favourite novels!

  6. Heh. I know how addictive it can be so I try hard to avoid it. Got too many games to addict already~

  7. Hey you give us chapters so, yeah of course I’ll read your minecraft rant. Anyways, thanks PROzess, hope you keep having fun with it.

  8. To get the train achievement you need to use what’s closer to a train in Minecraft and travel a kilometer in it, I’m telling you indirectly because I don’t want to ruin the fun, but if for some reason you can’t figure it out just mail me… I doubt you can though, in case you already did this then I’m an idiot, sorry.

  9. Thanks for your hard work 🙂

    Tried Mineceaft a few years back, played the shit out of it for a few month.

  10. What the hell PROzess!?! How can you keep releasing these. I mean, I’m at a loss for words…. I don’t even……

    I feel like I’m going to have an accident soon because of all these chapters, like I break my glasses and can’t read them aka twilight zone.

    Regardless, thank you PROzess for the chapter.

  11. Another chapter already? Woah, thanks.

    I don’t permit myself to play minecraft. Given my personality, I would lose an entire month or two to it, and that’s not really good for the whole “being employed and/or functional” business. What I’ve seen of it looked pretty engaging though, and what I’ve heard of the soundtrack isn’t bad either.

  12. well, game with building+farming engine seem to make people lost track of time, too bad Minecraft is unplayable for me cuz I have problem with fisrt person viewing game.

    but for side srcolling like Terraria could make me spend too much time too so I have to restrict not to play it much or I won’t finish my work >_<"

    1. Oh, I see screen capture as in FP all so I think it’s like that. >_<"

      so it has third person view too, thank you for information.

  13. Thank you for another great chapter! As for Minecraft, I really can’t comprehend what people see in it.

  14. Thanks for the chapter!

    Yeah minecraft can burn time like crazy and keep you coming back.

  15. Here I am procrastinating on writing my paper and just read all of Risou… IT’S AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

  16. Thanks for risou 😀

    Concerning Minecraft; That is some seriously hardcore shit.
    I will play Minecraft once they update the graphics(to cel-shaded?), I’m playing Tits* now and even it’s poor graphics take a dump on Minecrafts.

    *Tits = http://store.steampowered.com/app/251150

  17. For the people who want to know who the german guy is. His name is Gronkh. Check out his lets plays, if you want to. You won’t be disappointet. It’s in German though, but still fun to watch. Btw thx for the new chapter, you’re doing awesome work PROzess.

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