You know what sucks?
When you release chapters so fast that you don’t have time to think about what to write in the goddamn release post.

I’m pretty sure no one reads anything I write outside of a translation anyway 😮

Thus, I’m not going to write anything. I’ll keep the major rant for next time, when volume 02 will officially be concluded. You know, I mentioned the extra chapter, but who bothers to read my posts…


48 thoughts on “18/05/2015

  1. If we didn’t read your posts, nobody would know you posted a chapter though… Also what about a extra chapter?

  2. Thank you for the translation.

    Waiting for this major rant (since it will come with a new chapter)

  3. If you have nothing to say, then i’ll say nothing.
    Not even thanking you, it count like saying something, I’m sure of that.

  4. I read … sometimes. While for many blogs I find it painful to read their rants, I have no issues reading yours. ( Especially since it also announces new chapters lol )

    In any case, thanks for Risou 🙂

  5. Who reads your posts? I do. Not like that matters.

    Thanks for the chapter. His life as a sponger is slowly but surely starting to become troublesome…

    1. Now a proper after-chapter comment (Please don’t read before the chapter).


      Royalty is brought up by non-royalty? Does this mean that Zenjirou won’t be able to see his kid much? How will he name the litle prince. So many questions to which anwers will come from the third volume on…

  6. Of course we do….after we’ve read the new chapter, while we’re impatiently waiting for new ones, hoping for spoilers or a hint when the next chapter is coming…

    Excellent human beings we are, are we not?

  7. Thank for the chapter, it was a good volume. Can’t wait till the 3rd one.

  8. Sorry if my english should be crappy, since I am german…
    Many thanks for the new chapter, I almost cannot anticipate the bonus and the third volume.
    Please keep going. 🙂

  9. One again Thank you for the hard work.
    And yes we do read your release posts. I, at the very least, find them very interesting (most of the time).

  10. I read your posts. :3

    Thank you so much for the update. It has been a great volume and I’m excited for the future now. I’m curious about what the extra chapter will entail too.

  11. I do sometimes… I just read, I don’t comment…. Well anyhow thank you for the early release and also is it okay to expect the next chapter would be released this week since you said it was relatively a short chapter? @_@

  12. Thanks for the chapter PROzess!

    Something to talk about? I think anything would be fine, you’re probably being sarcastic but I think most of us read your post along with your release. But a lot of people probably eat and run without bothering to respond. I don’t really blame them, I did the same for the longest time.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind reading non-LN/manga related posts, (scanlator drama is lame anyways). Anyways, thanks again, see you next time.

  13. I do read your blog posts. It makes scanlators and translators seem… human.

  14. But… the fighting! and the insults! i came here just for that?! oh well i’ll just read the chapter then…

  15. Much thanks for your work on this series. It’s a refreshing change from the typical hack/slash.

  16. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I really love this one so much

  17. Why would I need to read your comments when I’ve already watched you type them…

    *peeks through window*

  18. well, thanks again for this.
    I really enjoy it, and those fast releases are dream-like.
    who said you can’t have quality and quantity?
    as long one has spare time…. 😉

  19. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my frav LN of all time now. Just like that. Who needs goddam action BS shit when the writing can be this good. yumyum.

  20. People who can read an entire LN’s chapter but are too lazy to read a 10-line post from a translator should be ashamed. Thanks for the epilogue PROzess.

  21. Ah, but the minecraft adventures, and the question about life ….
    Next we should discuss, what came first the chicken or the egg?

  22. Sidenote: I personally think there going to go after him since Z was protected in the contract.

    Also, this could be the first book (book2) that I read that was dedicated to childbirth.

  23. Prozess is obzessed with being read and so we read what you write because it is right and a reed is a straw that can be rent. The words we write can be read and we read what we want is right. so when you say we have not read what you write you should know what you write is right and when we read it we are just proving you wrong so there. and thanks i guess not that you care that we care as much about you as the words you write as there is some correlation to which i am sure i can figure out if i cared enough to make it.

  24. Sir prozess, this is off topic but is there no news
    about new volumes of tsuki tsuki? Also we would like to thank you for the efforts for bringing these

  25. also for those who want to know vol 6 of risou is available for purchase on amazon support the author dammit. i got my copy today and its awesome!

  26. Thank you for the translation! As always, it brought me great enjoyment.

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