Can you believe it? 5 Chapters in one month!

At first I wanted to delay it because of some smart-ass on Animesuki, but I just had a delicious dinner and a few beer, so you’re lucky.

Well then, like previously hinted, time to rant. And I mean RANT, take it with a grain of salt.

Let’s start with something easy.
Yes, you see right, yet another chapter today. That makes it five chapters in total this month. You might think now that the world’s going to end next month, but that’s sadly not the case. I already mentioned it before, but the chapters were relatively short. Or rather, the earlier chapters were just too long. For example, these last five chapters together were as long as c01 and c02 of this volumes combined. I released these two chapters within a month, too, so it’s technically no increase of speed. But I guess you people prefer “chapter count” over “page count”. Actually, I do, too. I think I said this before, too, but I more motivated to work on shorter chapters. Who knows why.
Anyway, I don’t want you to misunderstand the release pace. This month it just happened to be five short chapters, but I can assure you that won’t be happening next month. There are “shorter” chapters in the next volume, too, but they aren’t clustered at the end like in this volume. I’m NOT giving any promises, but I estimate two chapters for next month. Don’t quote me on it, though.

Now some people may perceive me as a trolling asshole that only translates on a whim. Well, yes, I translate on a whim, whenever I feel like it, and I stop when I’m satisfied/tired of it. Duh, that’s why you call it a hobby. You ain’t paying me shit for this, so I’m not going to stick to any kind of schedule here for sure. I said this a couple of times before, and I’ll say it as often as it’s takes, but fucking learn Japanese yourself when you’re tired of waiting. I’m translating, because I like to translate, not because I want to present the whole story to other people as fast as possible. That’s also the reason why I’ll never collaborate with other translators on a projects. I translate a series by myself or not at all. Deal with it. Just don’t expect me to work as fast as a group of five people (even more so if it’s five wannabe MTL, but don’t get me started on this again. Not today). I work at my pace and that will never change. Tbh, I prefer my series to keep a low-profile. If I want drama, I only need to post my name on 4chan 😛 since the trolling asshole part is 100% true and I’m proud of it!

Next up is a topic I monitored for a few times already: Official license.
Yet again I can only face-palm on the reaction from many readers (or should I call them leecher, since they aren’t willing to pay for the official releases?). They argument that an official license kills the fan-translation for it. Duh, Sherlock. After years of free releases, people tend to forget that this all started to only raise an awareness for the unknown market called Japan. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t pay for something you could get for free anyway, but one-sidedly hating on the companies, because the faithful fan-translators quit after the series has been licensed!? Are you out of your mind? You may argue now that the “official” guys sometimes don’t provide a quality worthy of the term “official” or worth the money, but honestly, just take a look at the scene: Nowadays 80% of all novels are web novels translated by machine translators. Some, I stress SOME, are worse than garbage while others are superb like js06. I would name more, but I can’t, since I usually only check out the bad examples-.- I silently acknowledge these that know what they are doing. Now see if I ever mentioned your name^^
The only superior point fan-translation has over official translations is speed and that comes at the cost of quality. Few exception exist, mind you.
I’m not going to say that “official releases” are always better, but I don’t like the attitude of readers (/leechers) when they tell the company to die because their favorite novel was abandoned by BT. Raise awareness, remember? Technically the goal was achieved, but no, the egoists only see one result: Can’t read it for free every week/month anymore. That goes for manga, novels and anime alike.
Scanlation/Fan-translating will always remain in a grey-area, don’t forget that. And spare me of the “web novels are free” argument-.- Most of these get adopted to light novels anyway, entering right into the grey-area as well. To begin with, I have my qualms whether you simply can spread your own interpretation of someone else’ work as you please or not. I sure don’t like it when someone edits my translation as he sees fit without my consent.

Well, I just wanted to get that out. Now don’t start flaming back again like last time. Though I can’t stop you if you’re that narrow-minded. I won’t censor comments like a certain someone that caused a ruckus not long ago. Just as leechers are allowed to tell the publishers to go to die or pester me for faster releases, I’m allowed to tell the leechers to go to die 🙂
Who’s in the right doesn’t matter. I want to blow of some steam and I do so in MY BLOG. Deal with it #2.

I think there was one more point I wanted to address, but like always, I forgot about it. Oh well.

Let me say a few words about this extra chapter instead.
As not to spoil anything, I’ll keep it short. I’m no expert on the field described in this chapter (neither seems the author-.-), so a few passages might sound awkward, but trust me, the author wrote it like that. I consulted with a trustworthy source on the field and in the end, decided to keep a few lines literal as the author (intentionally?) left the process vague as well. It was nearly as tedious as the fucking hydro-power stuff in volume 01-.-

Now regarding the near future: This was the last release this month. I won’t be working on anything anymore this week, since I’m going to the DFB Pokal Finale in Berlin this coming weekend :3
I might or might not go for T7 next, who knows, gonna decide that next week. Though, tbh, I tend to Risou right now. Shinanai Otoko is still on hiatus. Here and there I’m translating a few sentences of the next chapter, but it’s no real progress. The chapter is huge-ass long, too, so don’t expect anything in the near future. If my mood concerning it doesn’t get better any time soon, I might as well drop it. I have nothing different to say about Tsuki Tsuki than on my last announcement about it. People don’t bother to read it anyway, it seems. So, yes, I’m purposefully ignoring you if you ask about it.

On an irrelevant note, I’m watching DD3 right now and adult Nanami is fucking hawt :3 :3

Oh right, one last thing. Did you notice the totally retarded reorganization at Animesuki? Fuck, that is a chaos. Good idea, but wow, people are too stupid to tag the threads correctly, geez. I’m glad I only have bookmarked the Risou thread. If I were an active member there, I would be ready to kill a few people. It remains to be seen if the forum really improves from that…

Over and out.


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  1. Thanks for your time translating this chapter.

    Have fun on the DFB Pokal Finale, it’s funny, I’m Brazilian and I have football hahah.

    About the whole buying the book thing, I only do it to my favorite ones, not even sure if I will read the book after buying them but at least I think I’m supporting the suthor and the whole translation process.

  2. Thank you PROzess.

    I think the problem people have with LN getting an official license is that they have to wait for it to catch up to the fan-translated volumes, it sucks to wait but at least you’re helping the author.

  3. Thanks for the update, I really appreciate it. And I’m glad you’re such a great person as too many people really do bitch over the stupidest shit. I’m perfectly fine when someone doesn’t have a schedule. I think it brings out a better quality when the series is worked on rather than through. Also, random updates gives a better feeling of something like a happy surprise. ^_^ Thanks for everything you do.

  4. lol he is back! I come here 50% to see the rants. been lacking recently but made up for it today. the rant is almost as long as a chapter XD

    anyways thanks for the trans, keep doing how you do it cuz you can tell the leechies to gtfo cuz they don’t pay you shit, and im not payin you shit cuz why should I pay you for doing what you like?

    mutual understanding is a great thing

  5. About you translating on a whim, let me tell you that I consider that the thrill of the wait is one of the things I enjoy the most of your translations. If you translated on a schedule, it’d probably be boring.

    About all the people who complain about licenses, I think that licenses are a good thing, as they raise awareness outside Internet (not that much, though) and are a good way to support the author both economically and morally. The quality is a different issue altogether, but on average the worst thing I saw published on paer is better than most of those wild MTL out there. When a publisher screws a series in the many ways they are able to, you can always complain to them about that instead of ranting about them doing their job and bringing us out from grey to white. I’ve complained to two different publishers in my country for their misgivings (one published expensive books in a bery cheap and thin paper, to the point that the ink blurred just by touch and you could almost read three pages without turning them, while the other lacked QC they were in dire need of, added original content to the work and had a bit of an issue with the concept of cover uniformity); I still bought the books.

    As a final note, about DD3, adult Nanami is the better of the adult forms, since Cinque and Gaul look taken straight out of a BL doujin and Rebecca is plain creepy (it may be the fault of the star eyes).

    1. And yeah, the author doesn’t look well versed in the matter. The minimum I know about confectionery is that meringue is not exactly what he says it is, but that with sugar added beforehand (which besides sweetening, gives consistence). That why one has to do a bit of research before publishing something: you can always make corrections and pretend you didn’t make a blunder while it’s still WN only, but once it get on paper, there’s no turning back.

      BTW this also means that the editors and the supervisors of the printing company, who help doing several rounds of corrections, are oblivious to the difference between icing sugar and and baking powder.

    2. Well, yeah, it’s more like an episode of the daily life of the maids than a cooking lessons. I spent more time on wiki than translating the chapter^^ Still turned out like this…
      Just don’t pay it too much attention and enjoy the ride 😛

    3. License is only good if the works can be bought the product direcly from local bookstores.
      I bought almost all of mangas & novels i read online when they’re out here but mostly, they license the works at USA, and only release there. I have seen only 3 or 4 light novel titles (from japanese) at local bookstore here this year, and those are the ones i don’t like.

      Talking about quality, if I may say, most light novel fan translations are better than official ones in my country. Publishers will only allocate new (or bad) ones to translate light novels, and yes, they do MTL, sometimes will release unedited ones. Better translators will get “real” novels to translate. f*** my life.

      And no, i won’t buy them online. I seldom, if ever, buy things online.

      BTW, thanks for the chapter.

  6. I’m glad to see manga publishers in the USA are finally giving light novels another go, seeing as they kinda got burned by them around the turn of the millennia. A few years ago it was just Spice and Wolf, Haruhi Suzumiya, and maybe one or two other titles. Now though, we’re getting Index, Drrr!!, Log Horizon, NGNL, Danmachi, and more, all in the past year. They’re definitely still testing the waters, but it’s looking like the market that’ll actually pay to get a real translation and kick some money back to the creators is a bit bigger than the puddle they’d previously perceived.

    Plus, (and maybe I’m just closer to the LN scene than I was before) it seems like the number of foreign fans of light novels has grown by a rather sizable amount in the past 4-5 years, no doubt thanks to Baka-Tsuki and fan-translators like PROzess.

  7. Yay! It’s the maids again!

    I kinda kept expecting them to drop the games console into the pastry, but that would have been mean of the author~.

  8. Thanks for your hard work. 🙂

    Regarding the official release stuff. Yeah, I got mixed feelings about that. Not because I need to pay for it (I pre-ordered “No Game No Life” Vol. 1 and will do so for 2 as well in a few days.) but because I like the Fan-Translations better. The reason is pretty ironic, but it’s because the Fan-Translators don’t stick to english too much.
    I like for example how Shion calls her brother “Nii”. It’s cute! But after reading through 2 chapters of the official release, she seems like a sidecharacter that has close to zero charm. There are more things I rather dislike about the official release, but most are like the “Nii” thing. They try to push it into english, even though they know that it doesn’t sound right. :/
    Don’t get me wrong, I really want official english translations/releases. But I don’t like how they do it… as a leecher I have no right to anything, but as a paying customer I’ve got the right to say what I don’t like. Although I wouldn’t go as far as some others. <.<

    1. I meant Shiro, not Shion… gawd how embarassing. >.< *digs himself a hole to hide in*

  9. I agree. You should translate at your own space so that it remains an enjoyable activity. Thanks for the translations!

    However, the only qualm I have with official translations is the speed. I do buy the english official translated novels but I really really really wish they do it faster because I just want to know the story. I would pay 2x the amount for the novel if they release the books faster.

    1. I know what you feel dude. I buy Danmachi volumes on Google Play and the publisher takes at least 4 months to release the next volume T_T. But I think they have good reasons to take this long…

  10. Bruh, I do enjoy TsukiTsuki. So much so that I read all the novels. I appreciate the translations!

  11. Thank you for the chapter! The author sure do love sweets huh? could this be a little rant for his editor/publisher? regardless it was still somewhat enjoyable.

  12. I just started again yesterday from season 1. Watching it Tokyo Ghoul, and Aldnoah all at the same time.

    Thanks for the chapter +rant.

  13. Thanks for your hard work, PROzess. And thank you for your insight. Don’t mind the uncultured masses.

  14. Man i love your work you are great .I can assure you , that you already have place near Peter in Heaven . Thanks from Poland for all your hard work and I can tell you that if as publisher i publish this novel in my language i will send you copy with thanks for introducing me to this gem .

    1. BTW do you knwo who is original publisher in Japan ? ( I mean which company ) Would be nice to get answer on this

      Thanks again for all your work 🙂

  15. Ok i have found already who is publisher 😀 you can delete this and previous comment.

  16. thanks for the chapter bro :)!! haha love to read the above stuff more than the novel

  17. >If I could somehow obtain some milk, I could make them build a manual centrifuge and try to make some butter or fresh cream

    I think author didn’t think this through. As long as there are humans, milk is going to be readily available. Isn’t Aura about to produce plenty of unused milk (since the prince is going to be given to a milkmaid)?

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