As you may know, I’m not a fan of schedules, at least not for a hobby, and real life never lets you stick to any kind of schedule anyway. Just like this time.
Actually, I wanted to release this chapter last week already, but summer suddenly came. A whole week with temperatures of 30Β° πŸ™ And I can’t stand the heat. It kills me πŸ™
So instead of translating, I was spending my time either in the pool or in front of a ventilator, orz.
Screw summer. Can’t wait for winter to come.
Likewise, the heat has killed most of my motivation. I think I’ll throw in the next T7 chapter and then take a break for the rest of the month, if the weather ain’t gonna change-.-

Now for the release. We’re finally at volume 3! Sorry about the bad quality of the colour pages, but public raws are public.
While we’re speaking about raws, I forgot whom I gave the okay to purchase the raws for volume 4. How’s it going on that front? I would like to get some feedback^^ Thanks~

This isn’t meant as a threat, but unless someone scans volume 4 for me, I’m gonna drop it, because translating with a book in hand is such a pain (trust me, I tried) and I dun have a scanner myself.

As for the chapter, I’m only going to say: The poor child is going to get bullied for his name.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, and don’t worry, the weather will cool down a bit, I wish.
    In here we got 3 0 degrees celcius everyday, either rain or summer season T_T

  2. Hi PROzess !

    thanks you again for you work, and mmmh, yeah, I can’t imagine the pain to translate with a book in hand q.q

    Just so you know, I made pdf and epub of your work here
    Now you can share on your website, or not caring about it. ~~

    Have a good day !

  3. In this post, you sound exactly like Zenjirou. xD

    Thanks for the release. I also don’t stand well the heat, and the silver lining here where I am is that sometimes we get some showers and temperature drops for a little while (not much; also, “showers” as in precipitation, not as in washing oneself).

  4. Your lucky its only 30 degrees what is your heat index it’s here is 35 degrees but heat index is 37 to 40.

  5. Eh, I get that. I feel like a jellyfish in a pizza oven when the temp starts spiking.

  6. Typo:

    She probably had anticipated to breast-feed here form the beginning.

    form -> from

  7. Don’t worry, I’m working my weather mojo in your direction!! It will cool down for you.

    If there’s some type of catastrophic storm, however, that completely none of my doing… NOT ME!!

  8. Thank you so much for the chapter, you are currently my favourite person on the internet.
    Enjoy your break.

  9. Well your rant preemptively answered the questions I had so I’ll just say thanks again and hopefully you don’t get to 40 c like Carpa did for the summer.

  10. Thank you for new chapter.

    My country rarely have temperature below 30 so I feel tired to do anything too but because I have to stay home so I can just take a bath and wish for rain fall.

    well, it just rain yesterday so it help me very much or I have to endure nearly 40 around this time of year.

    PS. often heard heatstroke news so care your health.

  11. Uh… wow, I get the image that Carpa Kingdom is one big sauna… I probably won’t last a week there… πŸ™
    Thank you for the translation.

    1. Also, I love the heat! Love, love, love it! I’m from the tropics myself and adore it to a fanatic level. I took hot showers in 36 degree Celsius weather just because! Thanks for your chapter!

      -From Wisconsin with its bipolar weather… Why am I still here…

  12. “Screw summer. Can’t wait for winter to come.”
    Oh you don’t have idea how much I understand you…
    This year it became >30Β°C during the night, was crying…
    Btw, do you realize Risou is set in a HOT climate? How funny is that? XD Thanks for the translation. πŸ™‚

  13. So i am not the only one who dislike heat. once the temperature goes above 20 degrees Celsius it will be beyond the temperatures i feel comfortable with

  14. I’m back after a long term without internet and I find a glorious sight on this… site.

    And you’re right. Our protagonist has a TERRIBLE naming sense!

  15. PROzess, if no one has given you scans for volume 4. I’ll gladly order it and scan it myself. However, I don’t want to do it if someone has already taken that objective. Can you reply about it?

    1. I’ve lost contact with the person, whom I told to buy it. For some reason, I didn’t save the emails and forgot the name, thus I made the shout-out, but no one replied so far.

  16. Okay, then I’ll go ahead and order it from amazon. I’ll contact you back in a month or so (depends on the shipping time and scan time) and put it on a mega download link.

    1. Is that Risou no Himo Seikatsu volume 4? Thank you moredrowsy~

  17. Not related to the post but is Holy Knight still being translated or has it been dropped?

  18. Thank you for the translations sir! I’ve been checking weekly to see if the Tsuki! Tsuki! volume has come out, but Gotou-sensi ain’t talkin. Do you know if he has gone on full blown hiatus or is just taking a break and doing something else? Baka-updates has next to nothing, but perhaps you know more than they do?

    Once again, thank you for spending your time to bring these awesome stories to us! πŸ™‚

  19. Thanks for the chapter!

    – Isn’t that why were all inside at the computer.

    ~ The stupid one living in a real desert.

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