I may have no obligation to apologize for the delay, but I do think that I owe you an explanation.

A summer slump is a cruel thing. In the previous posts, I hinted that I will take a break for a bit, but it happened that I took the break just after making that post and I didn’t do a single translation for nearly two weeks. Then I realized that I better should release the next chapter still within the month and set up a strict schedule. Midday, I then realized how retarded that is. I never stick to schedules. And even less I’m going to compromise on my working philosophy. Namely, a satisfactory translation with as much nuances as possible together with a ton of revisions before actually releasing it.
Abiding by that, I just couldn’t make it before the month ended. Blame summer.
The weather is still unbelievable hot (for me) and my motivation remains on vacations on the north pole, but at least the next chapter is only half as long as this one! Shouldn’t be taking me all that long, even in a slump. But dun quote me on it, like always.

P.S.: I’m not even in the mood to rant-.- Maybe next time.


22 thoughts on “02/07/2015

  1. The weather is unvelievably hot for me too. I feel like Zenjirou in that respect.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. BTW I believe that “a number with a big error” and “a number with a small error” should be “a number with error by surplus” and “a number with error by shortfall” respectively (that makes more sense, since it means that blue numbers are those where they made mistakes that turned into paying more than needed while red numbers are those paying less, in line with what’s explained later).

      1. Wow, that indeed makes sense.
        The blue stuff never really got explained, so I was always skeptical.
        I will change it accordingly, thanks.

        The used terms “ooi” and “sukunai” literally translate to “a lot” and “few”, so I simply correlated them to the error (a lot of an error = big error, few of an error = small error), but in mathematics these terms actually do have the meaning of surplus and shortfall. I didn’t research properly 🙁

  2. The summer is the one season I hate… too hot, too fucking sweaty and even cool drinks get warm ohh too fast. 🙁

  3. Thanks for the release, was a pleasant surprise 🙂
    Just out of curiosity PROzess, where do you live region/country wise? Just curious as to why it’s so hot for you. Currently winter season here in NZ where I live.

  4. Many thanks for the chapter as always.
    Yeah I can’t stand summer heat either, this is like hell. The temperature reached 40°C in my area… Geez…

  5. The people of the Carpa Kingdom basically were resistant against the heat by birth, but the nights during the hottest season were definitely though on a one-month old baby.

    There is a typo here where instead of though, it should be tough I’m pretty sure.

    Otherwise, thanks for the chapter as usual. ^_^

  6. Cursed summer! I know I much prefer Fall to any other season. Hope you find some good ways to cool off. On that count, let me share a recipe with you that I find refreshing in summer.

    Pomegranate Lemonade:

    3 1/2 Tablespoons Sugar
    1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
    1 Cup Pomegranate Juice
    2 1/2 Cups Water

    Blend the Sugar into the Lemon Juice inside the pitcher. Then add the Pomegranate Juice and Water, mix well. Always stir before serving if the Pom-Lemonade has sat for a prolonged period of time to re-blend the liquids.

    I use Pom in America for Pomegranate juice, I don’t know what Germany would have, but it’s sweet, sour, tangy, and refreshing all around.

  7. Tis freezing down under, and I have a hard time waking up in the morning >.>.

  8. He should have brought DAM design so they can make a DAM but they just got out of a war so I guessed that can’t be done since that would cost alot of money

    1. If you’re talking about a dam similar to the ones built in the early industrial revolution to power a single factory, he probably could have brought some references along that that would have helped.

      On the other hand, for a dam large enough to be used by a town, city, or larger, there really isn’t one set design. The amount of water, rainfall, the local soil fill for building the dam, the soils underneath the dam, where to send excess water, and geometry of the body of water have to be taken into account without modern surveying and material testing. Building a dam is a risky since the dammed water will try to start flowing again by undermining the soil starting at the toe of the dam or seep through a permeable layer if the right soil isn’t used. Some towns have been washed away by dam failures.

      I keep thinkng that he should have brought Dartnell’s “Knowledge:How to Rebuild Civilization…”.

      And many thanks for the chapter, Prozess.

    2. The Romans actually built small dams to contain water and make them travel through aqueducts so I think its possible to make a small one for water managing.

  9. This isn’t a business nor is it a charity. You have 0 obligations to produce anything at anytime on any kind schedule. So if you don’t feel like doing any work then don’t do it. Forcing yourself to do work or forcing yourself to comprise your self to get things done is out of the question. Just go at your own pace.

    I come here because I love the stories you translate and respect the quality of the translations you produce. I’ll check your blog every few days to see if theres an update. However at no point do I go “why the fuck isn’t he translating” I check here to be pleasantly surprised. And luckily I’m almost always am.

    So thank you for your translation, and have a great summer.

  10. Thank you so much for the translation,I just started reading this light novel and really appreciate your translations as I love this story

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