Like announced before, the next chapter is rather short, so here we go.
First off, I would like to mention something that I have forgotten to say on the previous post.
Moredrowsy was so kind to provide the raws for Risou v4.
Thank you very much!
The future translations of Risou are now secured until the end of v5, as long as you’re patient enough to stick with my random schedule 🙂
I’ll try my best to finish v4 before the year ends, but you never know what will happen along the way, so I won’t make any promises.
Someday, I would like to go back to Shinanai, but at the present time, I just can’t muster any motivation for it. Sorry to everyone, who’s waiting for it.

The chapter itself is all about politics, which can be really boring (or rather, is really boring), but it’s setting the stage for v4 and next time, we get to see some actual action.

Now I originally wanted to rant about the idiotic outburst from entitled leechers about the Oregairu license, but the translator didn’t even drop the project, so the whole matter became kind of pointless.
I’m still disgusted about their entitled behaviour, blaming YP for “ruining” another fan translation, but oh well. Idiots will be idiots.
If you’re too fucking impatient to wait for translation, official and fan alike, then pick a hobby, where you actually can read the language. Otherwise you have no right to complain.
What we do is illegal. Telling the translator to continue despite an license, is like telling your friend to rob a bookstore for you, because you don’t have the money to buy your favourite books.
People are taking fan translation for way too granted.
Remember, when you are pirating something off the internet, because you can’t afford it in real life, you have to put up with what’s available. You don’t have the right to DEMAND more. If the available content is not to your liking, you will have to change it by yourself. Learn the language. It’s not too late yet! Make a difference!


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  1. As always, thanks a ton PROzess.
    And just for the record, I much prefer your “irregular” schedule over none at all.

  2. lol the buttmad

    the translators should know by themselves whether they want to continue despite the license or not and whether they want to pay attention to the leechers, so no need for someone else to get mad in their place

    maybe you should chill out about it

    oh, and thanks for the chapter, the work is appreciated

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    It’s true that licensing can make it difficult to some people to keep following a series (namely, the ones with no access, or too difficult at least, to the licensed material, but if it’s liked there’s always someone who could bring it to those people), but I’d only speak of “ruining” a series when they, indeed, ruin it (like cutting corners with both the physical material and the translation but still charging a very high price, making selfish changes uncalled for and dropping it midway); it’s not like there had been no publisher that did those things, but can’t never know if they did them or not until they release the book, so people should save their complaints until then.

  4. Thanks for the update Prozess.

    Regarding your post, I believe that the happiest day in my life, will be the day when the publishers start selling Light Novels translated in English in Amazon.

    1. I don’t know about your regional version of amazon, but amazon.ca and amazon.com are selling the originals and the ones translated in English.

  5. From someone who is monetizing like prozess…, a shameless rant.
    Dismissing valid criticism because he dislikes an attitude he clearly exhibits himself, damn.
    Right about learning the language, but except that, just inflammatory flamebait.

    I just wish he’d leave the internet altogether.

    1. I don’t know what “monetizing” means in your place, but going with the most usual meaning, I have to say that I don’t see any “donate” button in this site.
      If you mean that about “Moredrowsy was so kind to provide the raws for Risou v4”, that was merely on a personal title and the fact that “The future translations of Risou are now secured until the end of v5” leads one to think that usually he doesn’t get his translation source that way, meaning it’s a one-in-a-time thing, meaning he’s not earning money from this (in fact, he’s most likely SPENDING money), meaning I still don’t know why you say he’s “monetizing”.
      He’s not a translator who keeps asking for donations, makes a donation bar or threatens to stop unless he gets more donations (or directly asks for a fee in order to translate a chapter), while many of those he rants about exhibit that kind of behavior.
      As he has said many times, he’s just someone who does this as a hobby and kindly shares it with us, so like us he’s entitled to share his own opinions on any matter he wants to.
      Still, “monetizing”…

  6. It’s pretty annoying when translators stops translating volume 7 when the official Volume 1 isn’t even out yet, are they not able to wait and take the series down as the Volumes are released?

    As in take down volume 1-3 when its licensed and as the Official releases progress remove the next volumes.

    1. As Prozess said, it’s illegal, and it should be done even if it wasn’t. Wait for 3-4 years and the official releases should’ve cought up. But its not like I can’t understand you; I want to know what happens in NGNL V7 and further, but I’ll have to wait another 1+1/2 maybe 2 years… the wait is killing me and my passion for that brilliant work. :/

    2. Even if you knew Japanese, there should be a bit of a wait. The author seems to have health issues, so even though vol. 6 was released April 2014, vol. 7 will be released 3 days after the second English translated volume. And don’t expect him to churn out new books too often.

      If they keep this pace, vol. 7’s translation should be released in October next year and by then the original will be at most a couple of books beyond that.

    1. And Thanks for the chapter. Been lurking here for a long time reading this and finally decided to make a comment (Although it was for a typo fix)

  7. “Healing Magic” from the “Sharrow Lineage” when it came to the crunch.

    I believe this is suppose to be the “Jilbell Lineage”

  8. Really appreciate your work on this light novel,How many volumes are there currently for this LN?

  9. hou, i actually like some politics occuring in the story thou, its not so boring

  10. The web-novel has only been published up to the prologue for the Third Year and that was published back on February 17, 2015. Any word on further interest by the author, has the publisher interfered with the web-novel, or are the publication and web-novel non-cannon (no really the same story.)? I ask because the author was writing like a machine (all the bloody time) just before February, 2015…

    1. BTW: Thank you for turning me on to this wonderful author and you’re incredible dedication to translating their works!
      I love the adult issues (family, income, relatives, spouse, etc (and only occasionally hanky panky.)) and the lack of focus on bloody high school students. ^.^

    2. The LN seems to follow closely the WN, and if it were meddling of the publisher, the published parts would have turned into a digest (e.g. Re: Monster, TSN) or the project page would have been scrapped in its entirety (e.g. HP1).

      Most probably the author is either in a slump, taking a rest, or too busy with the correction phase of the published volumes.

  11. it’s amazing how every time I check here cause I feel like reading (risou right now, theb other one if they publish it, and the third if Prozess feels like it)… there’s a new release.
    ppl are too dependent on internet, they should take life slow and nice. Thanks for this chapter, I didn’t expect to find another one so fast. MAde my day (well, my evening)
    dunno how one could complain about stuff being licensed, shouldn’t that make one happy? At least I am.
    Maybe I’m behind the times? Bah.
    Oh, how is prozess monetizing from this at all?
    I don’t see any ad on this blog, and I’m on a vanilla firefox right now. Raws are public, or donated. no donation buttons. last time I checket all this stuff is done freely and is avail for free. heck, he doesn’t even ask for hosting fees.
    Anyway thanks. risou is really nice. 🙂

  12. Yeah and DMCA is pure BS to booth I’m ok for them asking remove some licences manga and novel only if they gave an English version in the works but no they pressure translated to removed their work even if the manga And LN will not have an English version fuckk logic.

    Ok my comment doesn’t make any sense.

  13. Why oh why when I read Carpa Kingdom I always thinking about Capra Demon………. :’d

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