It is a bit embarrasing when I rant about quality in my post and then someone points out a mistranslation in the very comments^^

Well, nobody ain’t perfect and I appreciate the input, as long as it isn’t spamming of “you missed a -insert random letter here- there”.

Anyway, kept you waiting long enough.
For a reason. This is one helluva big chapter. And my snail pace atm is doing its part, too^^
This time we got no political stuff, for a change! But tbh, I expected more action and was a bit let down at the end of the chapter. Oh well, still somewhat nice.

Next up will be a teaser.

I’m going to start working again in August and September, just a heads-up. Release may or may not be affected, who knows.


24 thoughts on “23/07/2015

  1. Since my family has a couple grammar nazis, I spot at least a couple typos per chapter but they’re minor enough to ignore. You do a good job on catching most stuff. Many thanks once again.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I would you to hear their report at once.
    would you -> would like you?

  3. Thank you for your time and effort!

    I will accept even the pace of a snail 🙂

  4. Just started my holidays todays. Thanks for the chapter i’ll make sure to enjoy it.

  5. Thanks for your hard work, truly appreciated. 🙂
    I just love this Light Novel!

  6. Whhaaaat ? And with my english level, I thought you were perfect, you where my role model in life and now you ruined it D:

  7. Thanks for the update!
    Gah, I guess I’m done spamming “Is it possible to enable email subscriptions?” since I never get a response anyways. I really do appreciate your work since your chapters are both very long and grammatically precise.

  8. Slight possible correction for the Salt Road chapter.

    The scene is “horrific” not “terrific”.

    Terrific means very good and I severely doubt that a scene of carnage can be called “terrific” unless you were really sado.

    1. I’ve seen instances, where it’s used with a negative meaning as well, though. And my dictionary tells me so, too.
      Is that usage a minority and most people associate a positive meaning with it?
      Guess I’ll change it to avoid misunderstandings.

    2. @PROzess
      You are correct, that is a perfectly proper use of the word. Terrific can be a synonym for terrifying or frightful. It’s just that it isn’t used quite as often in common speech/writing anymore, but it can be applied to something very good or very bad either way.
      That said, thanks as always for your work.

  9. Thanks for the chapter.
    Owl is right about the meaning of terrific, maybe you meant “terrifying” because terrific has a positive connotation in english.

  10. Wow. Okay, there was a lack of “action” in that chapter, but you could cut the tension with a knife. I’ve got a knot in my stomach at the moment from that. Thank you so much for the high quality translation, Prozess, as it would have been easy to hurt the writing’s ability to leave me breathless.

  11. Thanks for the speedy updates, it’s amazing!
    Do you have any plans to translate all 5 books of Risou no Himo currently released?

    I loved your snyde / sarcastic FAQ it was hilarious
    I respect your “Do whatever interests me” attitude.

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