Here we go already with another chapter.
However, I have to announce that I will be dropping the Trinity Seven novel now.
Chapter 06 marks the conclusion of volume 01, so it’s a good point to stop, imo.
The magic mechanism and other stuff like the “completely opposite” crap is starting to annoy me and some things are getting confusing, since I still haven’t read the manga.
Anyway, it was only meant as a teaser to begin with. Tbh, I would like to tease some other series as well.
Thus, T7 is dropped now.


13 thoughts on “27/07/2015

  1. I’ll give you a hint about T7 “complete opposite” thing – even in manga it’s confusing as hell. All of it. When you think you understand, they just throw something in that makes completely no sense in your understanding and you’re back to square 1 in figuring out all of it.

  2. maybe start a web novel or something

    oh well good luck what you will choose for next novel to translate

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Konjiki no Word Master start out as a web novel? If so, I don’t know if PROcess would be keen on translating another web novel if Word Master ended as a teaser.

  3. Thanks for everything up to this point for Trinity Seven. Hopefully someone else picks it up at some point considering how much I love this series. I really appreciate you sticking through all the crazy magic stuff to this point. ^_^

  4. Hi unlimtednovelfailure, seeing as you are dropping this project I was wondering if you are willing to collaborate or pick up this novel that might be dropped called Bu ni mi worked on by binhjamin.wordpress.com. with his schedule and his experience translating is hard on him only being to release a single chapter ever few months, Binhjamin tried to get a group going but there’s not much japanese translator masters like you guys ^^ please Chek it out, it has a fan base that fully commits on being patient each month for a single chapter. * crosses fingers* I don’t know if it’s selfish to ask you but i just don’t want a great novel like this to be forgotten ^.^

    1. I think you should at least call PROzess with his name, not his website’s name . . . :p

    2. I realize my mistake after I posted lol…. it was 4 am when I posted hopefully it’s not to embarrassing :/

  5. Hi PROzess

    I apologise if this annoys you but, has anything came up regarding Tsuki Tsuki? I haven’t been able to find anything online so I was wondering if it was still on hiatus.


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