Well, I don’t like to make announcements without a release, so I quickly finished this chapters in order to make a post.
I’ve to work on an unexpected assignment, due at the end of the month, and I’m going to be working full-time for the next two months, so I’ll have less time to translate, if any at all. At least in August you’ll not see another chapter. Sry, real life comes first.

This chapter isn’t all that long, but you’ll have to make do with it. Risou wouldn’t be Risou if half the volume didn’t consists of manual explanations. So yeah, we’re back to technical stuff! Yay…

And before more people misunderstand: Teaser are just teaser. They take absolutely NO priority. That I dropped T7 doesn’t mean I’ll immediately pick up a new series (I’ve some stuff in mind to tease, but not the time right now).

I’ll not have more active projects than the current three main projects, albeit two being on hiatus or rather caught up.

Well then, see you in September.


20 thoughts on “02/08/2015

  1. I would want more chapters but there no point if that jeopardize your life, take care.

  2. Oaa~ That’s long. I guess we’ll see you when we see you.
    Good luck~

  3. Thank you for the chapter!
    How many more chapters are left in this volume?
    Also good luck on your assignment

  4. Good luck with your rl to-do stuff and thanks for your work, always appreciate your Risou translations. 🙂

    Don’t overwork yourself! 😉

  5. Thank you!

    BTW, small correction:

    > It were hardly worthwhile jobs

    It -> They

  6. I haven’t read the latest chapter yet, but thank you for your translations.

  7. Two months is quite short ya’ know and waiting isn’t that hard
    So we’ll til’ your next rantings and update on Riso…

    Good luck with your assignments.
    Stay safe and don’t die on us!

    From a Leeching pervert who loves NTR <3

  8. #trump2016

    If he wins, there will be hell toupee.

    Everyone vote for him please.!!!!

  9. Thanks for the chapter and good luck with your RL obligations.

    This chapter is pretty interesting, with some very big possible implications for Zenjirou in the future. His hydro plant has an expected life cycle of 30 years, right? But what if he would just turn back it’s time by a year every year? That way the generator could be maintained for infinity, theoretically. Same for all of his other appliances.

  10. I hope you rested well/ not too busy irl now, keep up with the good work many thanks in advance.

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