Wow, it really has been a while.
Thank you for being patient with me.
I managed to finish my assignment on time, but otherwise things haven’t really calmed down here, so I won’t be back to 100% just yet.
To make matters worse, the next chapter is a rather long chapter again. So forgive me in the likely event that you’ll have to wait for the next chapter until next month again. Unfortunately a day only has 24h, which is way too little when I work and prefer to sleep at least 8h xD
But rest assured, I have something in reserve to keep you busy in the meantime, though I can’t say yet when I’ll release it.

Anyway, not much to say otherwise.


31 thoughts on “06/09/2015

  1. Dont worry about that like we said stay healthy. translation can come after.

  2. Sleep is for the weak! (jk)
    A thousand thanks for the chapter, going to go read it now.

  3. Don’t worry! I think most will agree with the idea of waiting as long as possible for the the chapter…just don’t get sick, take care of yourself!

  4. ‘We used to have 36 hour days, but I keep them at 24 now just to make everyone hurry.’
    Curse you Sarda.
    And thank you PROzess.

    1. Also in the chapter, ‘Guess I just can’t emphasize with the values of nobles.’ I think you meant empathize.

    2. Other edits:
      It was an insuperable vicious cycle. Insufferable or insufferably maybe?

      Ui. It’s my first time seeing it, bit it aren’t bad at all. Isn’t instead of aren’t and Uh instead of Ui.
      His careless actions were a bit on the raise recently. Would use rise instead.

      Nothing else jumped out at me on first read through. Good job and thanks.

    3. Zenjirou had a concrete goal. Namely to learn how to use “Teleport” until Aura was pregnant with their second child.
      before Aura is* (or keep as was after adding the “before”)

      (Jeez, he is more handful than a slothful person.)”
      more of a handful*

  5. I’m glad you take care of your health and well-being first! Thanks so much for the chapter!!!

  6. Hey PROzess. Thanks for the release. Hope things ease up on you soon but not because of your release speed. Actually, one chapter a month is more than enough considering how long and technical a lot of the chapter can become. Honestly, I like reading Risou but the LN seems to have serious pacing issues. Anyways, stay well PROzess.

  7. Thanks! Dont worry about time, i remember that some years ago if the release was 1 chapter per month it was considered fast! 😀
    (damn, now i feel old)

  8. Thanks for the translations. Btw, how many more chapters are there for volume 3?

  9. Finally a chapter! Thanks!

    Just a note: could “uncle Emidio” be “uncle Emilio” ?
    The names in the Carpa Kingdom are normally Spanish, and “Emilio” is a normal Spanish name.
    I can’t read the original, but if the translation permits both, “Emilio” is better.

  10. Thank you for the chapter!

    Here are a couple small corrections:

    > but it aren’t bad at all
    This should be “it isn’t bad at all” because “it” is singular.

    > Jeez, he is more handful than a slothful person.
    This should be “more of a handful”–you were trying to use “handful” as an adjective when it’s a noun.

  11. Gracious, prozess-sama.
    Anyway, do you translate in baka-tsuki too?
    And please allow me to re-translate your project in my local language.

  12. The whole fan translation ‘scene’ is filled with people who simply don’t have a bunch of free time to translate (and those that do burn out quickly). The only thing that’s really sad is when a good translator is forced (or chooses) to quit. You haven’t called it quits yet, so I’m happy regardless of what the release schedule is.

  13. Your translation is actually very fast. 3 volt I’m a year is good enough for me.

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