Hi, reporting back from the dead.
I said that I had something for you in store and here is it. I had actually planned to release it last weekend, but forgot. Tehe~

Anyway, it’s a new teaser. Hurrah~
I read the first volume, when it came out a few months ago, and well, I kinda liked it. It’s far away from being original, but imo, the coupling of the particular tropes make it an intersting read nevertheless.
There are two plot devices in particular that piqued my interest. You will know when you read it 🙂

Well, without spoiling you too much, this novel is an attempt to do the setting of IS justice, if you know what I mean. If not, you will after reading it^^

I absolutely intend to do Chapter 01 (or even more, depending on the circumstances), but not right now. I’ll be going back to full-time 24/7 translating in one week time, and it’s about high time that I finish the volume of Risou. Then we’ll see what comes next.

As always, the teaser is up for the grab, if anyone wants it, just contact me beforehand, so I don’t waste my precious time.

Now, enjoy~

20 thoughts on “20/09/2015

  1. What made you interested in it? I read the teaser and it was disgusting in in un-originality.

    There has to be something in the next few chapters that drew your attention right?

  2. The setting is not a problem, it’s never become a problem. IS is the problem, it’s total shit, ichika is total shit.

    And if you are complaining about unoriginality, sucks to be you

    1. Thanks for the translation BTW, almost forgot to say it.
      Op swordsman between magical prodigies is already used as a plot in several translated novel, but I’m curious how well the author use this plot.
      Hopefully it’ll be a good one since I know you’ll pick a good novel


  3. Sword and wizards? The main character isn’t a robot obsessed Japanese reincarnated into another world as an otokonoko with the nickname of “L,” yet the title is nearly identical.

    This might get confusing.

  4. Well, the cover frightened me, but reading it, it was pretty normal in the end. Thanks so much for all your hard work!! And I guess fanservice sells?

  5. IS x Bladedance = S&ー No! That abbreviation belons to light novel far more original than these!

  6. The guy’s family name is Satsukiba? “Death Fang?” Seriously? He’s not really living up to the name, so far. He’d better be a sadist MC instead of a Maso MC, that’s all I’m saying or he’s living false advertising.

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