Yes, late post is late.
But I merely said next release in October and I tend to stick to these kind of promises.

Actually I wanted to rant about my favourite topic again in this post, but why bother…

Let me talk about my last month instead.
I wasn’t really hyped to go back to translatiing after I finished my work contract, so I just watched anime instead. I caught up on a few good titles. Now my watch-list only has 599 entries left, yay!

I also read this really promising 5-volume light novel, where the MC confesses and makes out with the heroine in the first volume already!
Awesome, right? Yeah, until he suddenly kills her at the end of the first volume, that is. Truly a wtf moment. But I kept on reading, because it was all kind of justified. Sadly enough, the story lapsed into your boring, typical harem route of japanese novels without any development. Even worse, the last volume more or less had an open ending. Talk about a waste of time.

Well, and now I’m here. After my well-deserved rest, I dived back into the translation. I would say it’s an overly good chapter. The majority of it may seem boring to you, but the end totally makes up for it.

Next up will be the Epilogue, which concludes the volume. I don’t know what comes after that as I would like to work on more Sword & Wizards, but I also got a pile of other series sitting on my HDD awaiting appraisal. Maybe some gem is amongst them, who knows.


28 thoughts on “27/10/2015

  1. That does sound pretty annoying. I understand some of the reasons that people make open endings, but…. I hate open endings.
    Give me closure damn it. And keep the harems. I’m about sick and tired of them, bleh.
    Good luck finding a gem in the pile. If you do, I hope you’ll post the name and a description.

  2. Thans for the update!
    The things I dislike the most are open endings and unexpected plot twists without sense.
    I dont’t care about harem but I am tired of hyper dense MCs everywhere. 🙂

  3. My anime list keeps getting longer 🙁
    My attention span seems to be getting shorter as I age…

    Thanks for your work once more!

  4. You seem to have similar sentiments to me when it comes to romance in a story. My feeling during Risou had a distinct progression as you translated it.
    Intro: Well this story seems to have some promise.
    Intermission: Oh no, they mentioned how there are more females who have royal blood than males, please don’t let this turn generic harem on me…
    Ch. 2: Oh, Aura married him pretty much immediately to circumvent any nonsense. Go Aura!

    1. On this topic, I have to say that, by chance, I came across this series’ volume 7’s cover and found something interesting. While volumes 1-4 have Aure at the cover (Aura in a sexy dress with Zenjirou in her hand, Aura in a military uniform, Aura in a gold-laced simple-but-formal dress and crowned Aura), from volume 5 onwards there’s this white-short-haired girl in the cover (said girl looking to you with a cold glace in a M-legged position in a riding-ish outfit, same girl dressed the same but showing her back while looking over her shoulder with a coquettish smile and same girl in a short dress as happy as a clam).


  5. Please, take some take time off to watch some good anime. Just forget about sword and wizards, but continue this one after you catch up with your anime

  6. Thank you for the chapter. For many light novel authors, it seems like “nothing succeeds like excess” when it comes to re-using the same tired themes. That’s why I think the Risou and Shinanai novels are refreshing changes. It’s great that you chose these interesting books to translate (for free!). It lets English-only readers become exposed to the more interesting stories some Japanese authors are writing.

    Please take your time to recharge your batteries, enjoy your hobby and occasionally turn out a chapter when you feel like it.

  7. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the light novel you read was Highschool DxD.

    1. DxD has been hamstrung by fuckwit editors; The author wanted to turn it into a true harem where the MC bangs them all but the editors forced him to keep it as a tame ecchi shounen story.

    2. Not exactly. The reason he won’t get them laid instory stems from the label it’s being published under (and it was chosen by the author, so his own fault). There are other labels even under the same publisher that not only allow but demand that kind of plot (if it’s just “allowing”, I believe that Sneaker Bunko, under which Shinmai Mou no Testament is published, is more permissive with it than Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, despite both of them being affiliated with Kadokawa Publishings).

      What you may have misunderstood is the fact that the author has expressed his intention of making all the girls reach a “happy ending”, i.e. a harem end. DxD is more a To-Love-RU (Darkness) kind of story than a Shishunki na Adam (+18) one.

  8. No, IT’S ME, DIO!!!! *dies* I was extremely amused, thank you very, very much for all your hard work!!!

  9. It’s hard to find something nice but keep on trying and of course big thanks for new chapter 🙂

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