The good news first: Volume 03 is finaly done!

The bad news: I’m fucking slow these days.
Or rather than saying slow, I just lack the motivation to translate. I still like the action itself, but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to concentrate on it for long. In short, it’s a slump 🙁

It makes you wish back the times, where I easily released a whole volume of TsukiTsuki per month.
Though I do have admit that Tsuki and Risou are in different leauges. Tsuki was/is mainly slice of life with some sporadic battles. Risou on the other hand has not only 100 pages more per volumes, but also has way more detailed and complex description of all kind of things. I have probably spent half of my time translating on Wikipedia.
Not to say that this is a bad thing. As strange as it may sound, it extremely fulfulling to translate something as challenging as Risou.
Long story short, Risou requires more effort on my end.

Anyway, I promise that I will keep providing quality translations of Risou. Altough you may have put up with only one chapter per month, if at all. I definitely love translating and want to release something, but I learned long ago that it’s no use to push a business.

With that said, thanks for putting up with me.


23 thoughts on “21/11/2015

  1. Hey Prozess! Your translation is so good, that I don’t mind if they come once a month. At least, it is much better than you stopping the translation altogether.

  2. “The water had been drained from the two baths, which were large enough to be mistaken has small pools”
    as small pools*

  3. I’ll say this much; thanks for the hard work.

    As long as you can promise and deliver, we will be happy. There are many instances of translators (or guesslators) either taking an extended hiatus without our knowledge or not keeping a schedule they imposed on themselves.

    As long as you can keep communication with us and just tell us if, when or why you can or cannot do this for us, and we will wait. We have been waiting a long time after all. A lot of animosity I think comes from either lying or just being too lazy to post up an update on an event that will affect their abilities or time.

    Thanks again and hope you have a nice end to the year, and to the next one.

  4. I don’t mind the speed, seeing a new translation on this website is something I look forward to. This was one of the first translations site I found. Sounds corny, but it holds a special place in my mind.

  5. Ohh well all good thing has to end. I will check back next year at this time, hope I will see one or two new vol by that time.

  6. In the first place It’d probably be more effective to use scented oils as the base, or at least deodorise it first (treat with baking soda and distill with steam to help separate aromatic compounds).

  7. The language is complex enough, and your translations are good enough that I don’t mind the wait.
    Thank you for your work. 🙂

  8. Thanks for your hard work.

    It sounds like Tsuki was something you could just pick-up and drop whenever you had spare time, whereas Risou requires much more commitment and makes it harder to translate in short bursts.

    BTW, Have you been translating much manga lately?

  9. You may want to think about daily multivitamins. You get Vitamin B, which gives energy, and during the winter you get Vitamin D, which is just stuff you need in order to continue living. Then there’s the other stuff in it which will do you no harm.

    Trust me, the difference in having the right vitamins in your system and not having them is pretty large.

    Thanks for the chapters and please continue having fun with the work!

  10. Love this series, thanks for spending the time. All the detail really makes a interesting world just to read and dive into.

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