Yes, you’re seeing right. It’s not a hallucination.
I started scanlation back in October 2009 and had my own group a few months later in 2010. Since then, it kind of has been a tradition to make a christmas release, and it would be a shame to stop now, so I worked my butt off to have something today!
Specially considering that it might be my last christmas in this business. Wait, did I just say that out aloud!? Oh well, cat’s out of the bag. To be honest, next year I’m going to be busy with my graduation thesis and finding a job, so I might slow down even more than right now. Having said that, I already retired a handful of times during these years, so don’t take me too serious 🙂

Anyway, I’ll definitey, 100%, finish Volume 04 of Risou.
As prove, I already have the next chapter ready, but I’ll withhold it until New Year’s Day. I can’t spoil you too much^^
In the meantime, I’ll finished the first chapter of Sword & Wizards, too. Already have half done, so you probably can expect it sometime in January.

Well then, have a nice christmas~

21 thoughts on “24/12/2015

  1. Either way, thanks for the translations, have a good xmas, and good luck next year!

  2. thanks for the release, i’ll choose to believe in a Christmas miracle and the fact we’ll have a release next year as well, (even if it’s the only one during the entire year).

  3. You have an awesome Christmas too and many thanks for your great efforts through the year!

  4. Thanks for sharing the things you enjoy with us, and I hope you have a happy Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas! I understand I might not, but I hope to see you next Christmas

    Have a happy New year

  6. Holy shit, just saw this! I thought I had opened all my presents, thanks for the chapter PROzess and Happy late Christmas (oops). Hearing that you might retire nexy year worries me, even if you’ve “done it” before, you’ve been a constant source of quality (mostly) series over the years. But real life calls and I totally understand. Hope everything goes well!

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