You would think that all the recent DMCA are my clue to endlessly rant about braindead leechers again, who suggest that we leave the legally gray-zone of scanlation and dive right into organized crime in order to continue to read the shit for free, but nah. Not today.

Instead, I have good news for you.
I will definitely get busier in the coming months and the thesis I’m about to write will consist to 90% of translation, so I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have left to translate a novel on top of that.
Now, how is that good news?
Let me explain: I would like to spoil you a bit while I still can. In other words, you can get an extra chapter this month. And fear not, I should have another ready for February.
Anyway, other shady translation groups ask for donation money in order to release an extra chapter, but what I ask of you is not money, but comments. Yes, you’ll just have comment on this post. If the post reaches 100 or more comments before the ending of January, I’ll release the next chapter as soon as it’s done. If the 100 isn’t reached, I’ll simply withhold the chapter until February to give myself a bit of leeway for hard times.
Now, don’t misunderstand that I’m telling you to worship me in the comments. Thanks are appreciated, but this time only the amount of comments counts. You can write about anything. The weather, what you ate today, the colour of your dick cheese or the new labia piercing of your sister (if so, pics please). The only condition: Only one comment per person counts.

Lastly, a note about the series itself. I really like the current volume with its political banter, so I want to see how it plays out in the end as fast as possible. I find it a bit of a shame that there’s a shitload of new magic revealed in the chapter so casually. It gives the impression like they will never turn out to be important ๐Ÿ™


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    1. Thanks for the Chapter.reading is over! Have wait again!!here is like tales-of-demons-and-gods.com!Reader who are interested can take a look!

    2. This seems really stupid. Why would you not release a chapter because you didn’t get enough comments? Just translate the chapter at your own pace and release it when it’s done.

      1. It wouldn’t hurt to read what I wrote before commenting, but oh well.

  1. I was late to finding out about the DMCA party that happened last month. It’s hard to take a side on issues that complex. At least none of the translations I read ask for donations, I guess. It’s a small consolation that what I read is only from fellow fan enthusiasm for works.

    Since I seem to be early to this party, I’ll ask the obvious question:
    Does only the first comment from each person count or can we have discussions?

    1. Couple typos I spotted:
      class manufacture – glass manufacture
      required magical power and time are too expensefull – expensive

      Also holy crap at torrent of comments! My question may be moot.

    2. The only condition: Only one comment per person counts.

      Pretty sure only the first comment from each person counts.

      BTW interesting Captcha on this post with the conversion to roman numerals.

      1 x 8 = VIII

  2. Something something anon’s sister has a new labia piercing


    Now, jokes aside, I don’t usually comment even if I’m thankful for the translator’s work but I’ll do it this time. Take it as you’d like, me wanting another chapter faster, me just doing what you asked for, or any other reason you want to think of.

  3. Really unfortunate about the DMCA, hope you can keep up the great work. Really enjoying the series so far.

  4. I personally think you should leave yourself some leeway for hard times.
    Of course, as a leecher I’d be very happy about an extra chapter.

    *Performs Thesis Good Luck Dance*

    From my window I can see 4 species of bird.

  5. 2016 is a interesting year with the DMCA and the anime coming out this year and the lottery happening

  6. Uugh, i love this series because we could see 3 POV, as a normal human (Zenjirou), as a Queen (Aura), and as a staff (3 trouble maker maids).

    Good luck with your thesis ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. thamks for all your hardwork till now.
    i really appreciate that you intend to finish Risou vol4.
    the good thing from the recent DMCA is that bookwalker is now taking request of LN that you like to see in english to the publisher. let’s just hope that they can release it much faster than Yen Press if they take those request seriously

  8. Thanks for the chapter; Its kinda weird for you not to go on and rant about the current times in the gray-area that is translations, would you mind terribly saying your opinion on all the recent DMCA takedowns?

  9. I say the current Kickstarter for MuvLuv trilogy, novels, game and etc is a kick in the head for publishers so they are pulling in their copyright tittles to aim at KS.

  10. Thanks!
    I probably should start reading this, just have it tagged for now for later reading ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Thanks for all your hard work in translating this novel. I look forward to it every month. The weather here in Toronto is rain everyday. So much for winter.
    Anyways good luck on your Thesis.

  12. Thanks for the chapter~

    I’ve been in the Undertale fandom recently. There are a lot of memorable characters in that game. If you have 10$ and 6 hours, I suggest you try it out.

  13. Thanks for the new chapter! Regarding the 100 comments, do all the various Anons count for just one?

  14. Political banter is exactly the charm of this novel. Especially when other novel have the kings as MC’s half-slave, the nobles as stepping stones and the princess’ as quest rewards.
    /*Random rant is fine right?*/

    Oh, and I think I spot a “princess francessco” somewhere in the chapter.

  15. Thanks for the chapter!

    Hmm what can I say about my daily life?
    I just finished first season of The Wolf Among Us and what a game my friend. Still no announcement of the second season from TellTale on the horizon though…

    Weather here near Paris is always shit that depresses me, I’m freezing to death ๐Ÿ™ . I like kebab. End of story.

    Good luck with your thesis Prozess.

  16. Good luck with your Thesis Prozess! I’m curious to know what your area of research and thesis topic are all about!

  17. hello long time lurker posting for chapter, though thanks for translating risou it has become one of my favorites.

  18. Thanks for the chapter.
    Lol, the end speculations shows that no one can live without the internet ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. This captcha doesn’t work properly. It said 4+X=VIII. I typed IV and it said I was wrong. Such bullshit.

    Anyways thanks for the chapter

  20. The weather:Pretty fucking cold. Woke up today and my lips were chapped.
    Dick cheese: Never had any, but the internet taught me this was a thing.
    Labia piercing: Sorry to disappoint!
    Also it never occured to me that you stored up chapters for the “hard times” like some type of tranlation squirrel. Anyways, thanks for the chapter and good luck with your thesis and everything.

  21. Nice chapter, thanks for your work.

    A thesis of 90% translation must be hard, so good luck.

  22. Thanks a lot, I didn’t expect it and I’m super happy.
    True, I check here often, but when there’s a release I’m super happy.
    OK, not the one I’d like to read the most but it’s risou! It a good read every time.
    Thanks again for the translation.
    Only 53th post, I should ask some ghosts… XD

  23. I love you Prozess
    I fuckin hate you Yenpress
    Thanks for the chapter

  24. Thanks for the update! Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of any dick cheese, nor have I heard anything about my sister’s labia getting a piercing ( it never occurred to me to ask). Anyway, good luck with your thesis.

  25. Please keep up the good work. Solid Translation and Great Story are hard to find.


  26. Thanks for translation. We really apprieciate your effort. About your little moral blackmail, I must say, nicely done haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will be surprised if there won’t be 100+ comments here.

  27. Thanks for your hardwork as usual and best of luck with writing your thesis.

    1. Just fyi to other people having problems commenting, you should refresh and answer the captcha JUST before submitting your comment otherwise, it’ll give you some message about time expiring and make you retype everything all over again.

  28. Thanks for your efforts in translating >_<
    +1 to post count ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Guess i’ll throw the comment into the pot.

    That $1.3 billion lottery though, right?

  30. In the midnight hour, he cried more more more!

    With a rebel yell, he cried more more more, more more more!

  31. This is definitely one of my favorite LN series. I love the characters and their interactions. It’s well written and the thought put into using the right words to express meaning in the translation really makes it shine.

  32. I don’t fully understand why you want us to do this, but this is one of my favorite LNs and this is one of the better TL groups so here’s a comment.

  33. Thanks for the great chapter and good luck with your thesis mate.
    I’ve been stuck on my own master thesis for nearly 2 years now, so I can’t imagine how tough a thesis that’s 90% translation is.
    I know how tough proper translation can be. I’m no professional translator or anything, but for my job I’ve had to translate Dutch to English several times (which is not nearly as tough as translating an asian language to a western one), and that’s already plenty tricky. (Especially when you are instructed to translate as is, and the source doesn’t seem to adhere to basic grammar rules.)

  34. Thank you for all the translations! Please kindly continue to feed us leeches!

  35. ู†ุง ุฃุญุจ PROzess ูˆุณูˆู ู…ุนุฑูุฉ ุงู„ู…ูƒุงู† ุงู„ุฐูŠ ุชุนูŠุด ููŠู‡ ูˆ ุฒูŠุงุฑุฉ ู„ูƒ ุจูŠู†ู…ุง ุฃู†ุช ู†ุงุฆู…

  36. I can completely understand not going into crime for us shameless leachers but what about the internet archive? just an idea……..

  37. Thank you very much for the chapter!

    It seems the number of comments already reached 100, however I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 101th comment, yeah.

    I’m pretty sure you knew it would take less than a day for this to happen.

    I’ve been on another binge to try to find decent webnovel/light novel translations in reincarnation-isekai vein and there is a lot of shit. This makes appreciating you even more easier.

  39. Thank for the chapter and I guess you can release the next one as soon as it’s done.
    The weather is okay, no snow a bit rainy.
    My dick cheese is the normal kind, sorry nothing fancy.
    My sister doesn’t have a labia piercing but she got a tatto of a butterfly on her shoulder, might send you a pick later.

  40. Thanks for the chapter.
    As someone previously mentioned, the Wayback Machine at least has a chance of having a copy of the original site if there has been a take down.
    I save everything I can find so that if it happens to be taken down, at least I can still read it.
    It really sucks though when a series with over a dozen volumes and an up to date fan translation gets taken down.

  41. Heya, Prozess. Good luck on the thesis.

    And could the wood and vine chairs be Wicker?

  42. Thank you for another chapter. I’m enjoying the story so far, and it’s nice to see adjectives and adverbs in the translation. Please keep up the good work!

  43. I enjoyed your work. Thanks for the translations. Good Luck with your thesis.

  44. I think what’s worse is that translators will use “Web Novels are free” as an excuse to not do the higher quality Light Novel. Honestly, if you’re going to be asking for donations, actually use them for higher quality. I was reading a WN translation the other day with horrendous Weeaboo translations everywhere and the TL-er had the gall to request donations for more chapters.

  45. Just found Risou no Himo Seikatsu and luv it.. Thanks for translating it.. If by submit a comment will help you, I will gladly do it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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