And as promised, here’s an extra chapter for this month!

Of course I know that the goal would be met in no time and considering the length of the chapter, it’s all well in the end.
Remember that this was a onetime deal. Now back to usual business. The next chapter of Risou will come sometime in February.
There’s no harm in continuing to comment, though.


33 thoughts on “13/01/2016

  1. Felt like an idiot after somehow misreading the one sentence that preemptively answered my question on the other post, but didn’t want to add another post afterward to mislead the count. I blame my eagerness. Oh well. Thanks ingro for pointing it out and prozess for more reading.
    How many chapters are in this volume anyway?

  2. Thanks for the release! BTW found a small typo/grammo: “they wasn’t partaking in the battle” -> weren’t

  3. Comments are Easy
    Comments are Nice
    Thank you for the chapter, Prozess
    and may we Comment all night!

  4. Hi There,

    first of all Thanks for this nice piece of work. I just have started to read ur comments for the last couple of releases. I just got the impression that u are from Germany by reading them. Well if this the case, Viele Grüße aus Neuss.

    Otherwise i hope u to see more of your translations in the future.
    I hope the guys will comment also here a little bit more.

    Cheers Guys

    1. Yeah it’s at the point where you feel paranoid the author’s health will suddenly fail before it sees the light of day.

  5. Recently I’ve gotten more translation work from my employer, since technically I’m the most educated person in the company, aside from the managers.
    Point is, I’ve gotten a newfound respect for translators and you in particular. Right now, I’m working to translate a document that was originally French, translated to English by someone else and now I have to translate that into Dutch. And I’m sure you know how well (not) the French speak English, so that translation is a bit of a mess. Can’t imagine what it is like to translate from Japanese to German and then to English (I believe I read in one of your postst that’s what you do. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    What I’m trying to say, is thank you.

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