All good things must come to an end.
As I hinted previously, I’m going to write my master thesis.
To have my mind free for it, I’m going on an hiatus for fan translations.
For now I’ll allocate two months to it, but I might extend it later on. Either way, I’ll make an update post in April (and hopefully attach a little chapter).
I hope you are all patient with me until then. If someone wants to pick up the series, though, go ahead. I will not, I repeat, I will NOT continue to translate Risou if someones does pick it up (even if it’s only for one chapter). My policy has always been that I work on a project all by myself. It has various reason, not just consistency. Deal with it. But I don’t expect that to happen.

Anyway, I stand to my promise to complete Volume 04 (except above clause), even if it might take a bit longer. Graduation takes priority after all. Wish me luck.


29 thoughts on “04/02/2016

  1. Good luck on your thesis, finished mine 2 months ago.

    It was a pain to implement AI on an educational system, but it was worth it.

  2. I don’t think anyone will take the translation over given the message. The fandom would get mad at the poacher, since most will prefer waiting for 2 months over losing a good translator.

    Anyway, good luck with your thesis.

  3. I think we’ll wait. You’ve already spoiled us a lot this year. Many thanks.

  4. Thanks Prozess!
    I’ll definitely miss both you and this series (but mostly this series :P).

  5. Thank you for translating the chapter.

    I have two questions: Is the picture at the beginning of the volume a picture of the maid who is talking to the queen at the end of the current chapter? The maid is being introduced several chapters into the volume and was not focused upon in the previous novels. If so, then does the fact that the author/publisher chose to make her the image associated with the volume mean that she becomes the main figure later in the novel?

    In any case good luck with the thesis. Don’t be surprised if it takes more work and more time than you hope. Go ahead and focus on what’s important and come back to your hobby (translating the novels) when you are ready.

  6. Good luck and ace that thesis
    But remember AT LEAST I will expect a compensation of 1 ch per month of you hiatus
    So let it be a risou release fest month

  7. Thank you very much for the chapter! I wish you the best for tackling your thesis ^^

    On a side note, I wonder whether I would inadvertently spill details like Zenjirou…

  8. Thank you for the translation and master’s thesis! *Sits on a rock an waits patiently*
    Do you plan to go for a PhD after this? … Dr. Prozess?

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