Long time no read!
Yeah, it really has been a long break. I apologize for my long abscense, though it was absolutely justified.
I haven’t touched Risou (or anything else scanlation-related for that matter) in two months as I’m busy writing (or rather translating) my thesis. It’s going well, but unfortunately (for you) it will still take some time until I’m done. For that reason, I cannot promise you regular updates on Risou. Sorry.
So far, you have been very patient with me (more than I actually expected, lol), for which I am grateful to you. But it goes without saying that scanlation is only a hobby to me and matters involving my future definitely take a higher priority. I just hope that you can be patient some more. I do stand to my promise to finish Volume 4 and I would very like to continue after that as well, but that’s something for the future. For now, I spend my spare time after working on my thesis with gaming, but I intend to do some pages for Risou once in a while, too. That said, the chapters are rather long, so i’ll take time. I’m afraid that I can’t stick to my “usual” pace of one chapter per month anymore. Theoretically, I could finish one chapter per month, but I would have to pressure myself into a corner to get it done. However, that is not something I would like to do while I’m writing an important thesis. It’s probably one of my biggest flaws that I get distracted too easily (or turn away from reality for that matter).
Anyway, to give you a little light of hope in these dark hours, I have included Risou Volume 6 and 7 in my Spring Order from Japan. At the same time it’s supposed to motivate to work a bit faster 🙂 The next arc seems to be pretty interesting.
If you’re ready for some SPOILERS, click here for some images of the two volumes. Remember that I don’t have a scanner, so I took these with my cell phone.
Oh right, nearly forgot. I promised I would attach a chapter to the update post in April and well, you know me 🙂
It’s a relative short intermission, but a chapter is a chapter^^


30 thoughts on “24/04/2016

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Good Luck with your thesis. Your real life takes priority.

  2. When I saw you updated I had a congratulation all ready to go for you. Guess I’ll wish you luck in the meanwhile with my thanks.

  3. All hail great Darks… PROzess!

    Thank you for taking the time to bring us some joy, while still being so busy.

  4. Thanks for this! Good luck on your thesis! We’ll be waiting for your return

  5. I’m glad you still enjoy translating! Good luck with your thesis; knock it out of the park!

  6. Nice to see you, we can’t do more but hope you’re finished as soon as possible so we can enjoy the fruits of your hobby. See you in summer maybe?

  7. Don’T! i really like reading but i’ll feel really bad that it would cost someone of their future. that thesis will be done one day. we just gotta do what we gotta do. then we could do what we wanna do. goodluck.

  8. Glad to see this post. Good luck with your thesis. 🙂 I don’t mind waiting; It just means I have to find something else to consume my time with. 😉 I look forward to your next release.

  9. The Department of Redundancy Department advises:

    Raptorial raptors should probably be raptorial dragons

    Anyway, good luck on your thesis! Push a bit right now and you’ll have clear sailing later…

  10. Thank you for the chapter and good luck with your thesis.

    I agree with you, if you are translating and writing all day, doing something totally different like gaming would be a good way to unwind!

  11. Thank you for your hard work, this novel is very interesting, as long as there isnt some homewrecker I’m all right (for the pictures) but I doubt that since Zenjirou seems to be in mad love with her.

  12. Hey thanks for translating. New here, but I just finished volume 1 of Shinanai Otoko ni Koishita Shoujo and noticed there hasnt been any updates in a while. Do you plan to release any more chapters in the future? Thanks and good luck with your thesis!

  13. I would like to know if you plan to release any more chapters in the future. Would you?

    1. The translator doesn’t like being rushed or pressured and only does this in his freetime. Another note is that if anyone new proceeds to translate anything, he says he will drop the project altogether. Tbh i wouldnt mind someone else translates who has the drive for it

    2. Must be incredbile difficult to read a post.
      If your intelligence is too low to comprehend what I wrote above, then sorry, I can’t help you.

  14. Hello PROzess,
    i dont want to pressure or rush you. But i would like to ask how far u are with the next Chapter.

    With best regards

  15. Thanks for everything!
    i know you can’t promise you regular updates off Risou.
    But we will wait for you.
    So please translate more!

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