Well, well, look what we have here.
It’s been a while, since I wrote a release post, but I’ll try my best.
First off, I’m back!
Second off, it’s my 7th anniversary in scanlation!

I wanted to write something more witty, but I watched a live stream yesterday and only slept 5 hours. Moreoever, I going to be drinking all day in a few hours. Yay…
Anyway, to celebrate my comeback and my anniversary, I present you three!!!!! chapters at once. Phew~
Risou is self-explaining. As for Sword and Wizwards: This will be the last chapter from me. I did promise you to finish the first chapter (more than a year ago, though), so here it is. Tbh, this series is shit to translation. The writing is cringeworthy, imo. I do like the plot (which unfortunately for you, only starts in chapter 02), but only when I’m reading it. Translation is a different matter. I tried my best with this chapter, but sometimes I just gave up on a few sentences, so excuse me if it sounds weird. Anyway, the teaser is dropped and free for the taking, though I don’t recommend it. I came for the asses and left disappointed xD

Now what else can I write about?
Since I dissed Sword and Wizards just now, let me introduce you a series I definitely recommend. Sadly for you, it’s not yet translated, but maybe you can bug someone.
Have you ever wondered what would happen when you put Hiiro from Word Master into the world of Grimgar?
Well, fear not, that question is answered by the following novel: Daieiyuu ga Mushoku de Nani ga Warui? Which roughly translates to: Is there a problem with the great hero not choosing a class?
Now you might wonder why I brought up Grimgar. Well, this novel is written by the same author and is also set in the same world, namely Grimgar. A spin-off, so to speak.
And it’s great. It takes a different approach than the main story. The world of Grimgar is still as gruesome and unforgiving as in the original, but the characters this time are totally funny. The whole setting is more comedy.
The basic story goes as following: Three people, the MC and two girls, suddenly awake in the world of Grimgar without memories. They get offered some starting money when they join the reserve forces. So far it’s the same as Grimgar, but then it gets different. The MC decides not to join a guild, aka not choosing a class, because the fee is too expensive in his opinion. Instead, he wants to become a great hero and sets off to explore the world with the two girls, a tanking priest and a melee mage. Yes, you heard right, a tanking priest and a melee mage. It’s fucking hilarious, especially the arrogant antics of the MC. It doesn’t hurt that a busty elf later joins the party 🙂

I definitely recommend it, especially if you already liked Grimgar. Sadly enough, it’s not yet translated, but the chapters are short just like in Grimgar, and not all that difficult, though there are some peculiar quirks of the japanese language. I was considering to make a teaser out of it (because the short chapters are perfect for it), but I think you want more Risou now. At least I do.

Well, that should be enough. Drama post next time. Maybe.


24 thoughts on “01/10/2016

  1. Thanks for your word.

    Last time I checked, Dai Eiyuu etc. was being translated here as a side project (currently just prologue and chapter 1). There was also some teaser by Oniichanyamete.

    1. Guess I didn’t look carefully enough. The raws have been sitting on my HDD for a while now. Oh well, lucky for you guys.

  2. /\___/\
    ) (
    =\ /=
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    ) ( THANKS!
    / \ NOT-NEPU!!
    \ / ICE CREAM!!!
    \_ _/

  3. Much obliged for the translations.
    Is your thesis complete then? Did it go well? Is the drinking in celebration? If so huzzah for you. Here’s hoping for success in all your endeavors.

  4. Thank you, i love this series. Congratulations for the anniversary. I posted the chapter in reddit. It is my first time posting here but i really like your translations and Risou. I’m really grateful, i hope you go on with your great work.

  5. Thanks for the great work, as always.
    Judging from the prologue this is going to be an interesting volume for Risou. Can’t wait to read more.

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