It’s almost two A.M. here, so I’m too tired to make a meaningful post, but I wanted to get the chapter out anyway.

This chapter is dedicated to Archknight. Love ya, Pal :3

And I forget to say this in the previous post, but the new arc in Volume 5 is LN original. It does not appear in the Web version. Not that it matters, but I thought you might want to know.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    It makes sense for it to be LN original. Last time I went to check the WN, this arc had started already but the WN hadn’t progressed much further than the royal visit of the Sharrows.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I always look forward to these updates. When you say that this arc is LN original, does that mean that it doesn’t affect the general plot, or does the LN go in a different direction from the WN?

  3. Small correction:
    β€œVery well. I, too, will meet with them once before my departure and apologize for the incontinences in person.”

    incontinences -> inconveniences

    I doubt Zenjirou was apologizing for digestive issues! πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I may sound like a spoiled child for asking this, but when do you plan to put the color-illustrations up? Kinda like those vague spoilers from those few illustrations that one may intepret however you like and let your imagination run wild. πŸ™‚

    1. I totally forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me. Will up them now.

  5. Well I had no idea there was a web version.

    But how did the thesis go? I’m very curious.

    Also thanks for feeding lurkers like me.

  6. just wondering… when will the 2nd chapter be posted… as always GREAT WORK

  7. Hey there, thanks for the translation.
    Just wanted to ask if there have been any news regrading the next volume of Tsuki Tsuki!
    Once again, thanks for translating these amazing titles.

  8. He replied with a smile like always, then said down on the couch.
    said down -> sat down

  9. Hiya, thank you so much for translating this novel. I just finished reading up to this chapter and I’ve decided to follow your blog via WordPress from the log-in link provided but it seems that I can’t eventhough I’m entering the captcha correctly. πŸ™

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