I know everyone is worried about the future of mankind, now that our dear friend Trump is in power, so let me brighten up your day (or night) with a release.

Because discussion about unpopular stuff tend to be practically dead everywhere, I kinda want to ask you to write down one thing each that you like and that you not liked about the chapter in the comments. Please keep in mind not to spoil any further development, though.

On other news, I am playing Factorio right now. It’s another great sandbox game that I can recommend.


26 thoughts on “09/11/2016

  1. >open talking about trump.
    >have it on 9/11

    I think I’m seeing things.

    I have no idea why this story is unpopular. If anything, stories focused on politics and worldbuilding on on the rise recently with Realistic Reform Chronicles and Release that Witch.

    Also, thank you for the chapter!

  2. There are mammals on the Northern Continent. Maybe he will finally be able to get a domesticated animal that produces milk.

  3. “I am Captain Freya of the ‘Yellow Leaves’, the eight ship in the fleet of the Uppsala Kingdom.

  4. One thing I liked about this chapter was when he started messing with the shells. O e thing j did not like about this chapter was there was no president trump cameo.

  5. Millenarists got it wrong by 16-17 years: the end of the world is coming now.

    @ajay it’s 11/9 in standard, but some people like british, US citizens and japanese switch the order for month and day, thus becoming 9/11 (they are special). September 11th is known as the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center; no better way to celebrate it than by doing something way worse potentially.

  6. Nice chapter. I did not like how Zenjirou seemed to have just a decorative role there, hope to see him doing something praiseworthy soon. That Marqués fellow did not seem an interesting character, at least not enough to make you jealous of.

    I would like to read more about Zenjirou interactions with the so called princess, since polygamy is allowed you guys know what I mean…At least by know it’s safe to assume he has established a new trading route and a shipyard it’s on the way.

  7. Many thanks for the chapter.
    I liked that Zenjirou was taking initiative to do something productive rather than being completely passive throughout.
    I disliked how little interaction he had with the new characters so far, but I suppose that can be rectified later in story.
    Also, he starts working on glass manufacture again right when representatives of a country with better forging techniques are a stones throw away. Slightly contrived but oh well.

    Can we NOT talk about the election? It was Crazy vs Evil where you could pick which was which.
    That is all I will say on the topic.

  8. Thank you for the chapter. I like the story broadening in scope. Like a previous commenter, I hope that Zenjirou becomes a little more active; though, I do understand that he is holding himself back a bit. As of right now, it seems that he did not make much of an impression on the princess and her retainer.

    I am somewhat curious about why is there such a sense that Trump is going to be more dangerous than the current state of affairs?

    From my perspective in Upstate New York, there have been 3 protests that turned violent during the past eight years of the Obama presidency (Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina) and multiple mass shootings (Fort Hood and Orlando). Contrary to the TV news reports, the perpetrators were known to the authorities. Chicago has the new nickname of Chiraq (Chicago + Iraq) due to the highest number of deaths since the crime wave during the Clinton era.

    Overseas, the U.S. is involved in 5 active battlefields: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan & Yemen. Things have not felt all that safe in the past two administrations to me.

  9. Trump becoming president is something I wouldn’t have even imagined a few years ago. I seriously though his bid for presidency was a huge marketing ploy but damn, here we are.

    Anyway. I enjoyed the fact that this chapter wasn’t devoted to technical details but rather plot progression. One of this novel’s worst flaws is the ridiculous amount of time it spends trying to explain the intricacies of the technology/ideas Zenjirou is trying to implement. It’s unnecessary and frankly boring to read and takes away from what makes the novel interesting. If I had to list something I didn’t like with this chapter is that there’s no real build up to some sort of central conflict. Kinda anti-climatic but I guess it’s still early in the volume. As always thanks for the chapter prozess.

  10. I would like to have seen more deception and conspiracy, but I really liked how he’s experimenting again since it’s bound to get him in trouble ;D

  11. Thanks for the Good work 🙂 the Novel is really great, for my opinum it is like spice and wolf. Not the same someone get in a another world thing with politc and economy. I wonder if the MC is getting a Mätresse (mistress/concubine) I know not every one like Harems in Animes or Light Novel but I think it wouldn’t harm the story. The “real” question is who would it by. The three troublemakers or the other maid Karina or Bona or maybe Fatima ^^

  12. Lots of things happening this chapter, settling in, meeting the princess, progress on the glass project, and insight into Uppsala’s goals. From what’s been said about Carpa though, it doesn’t sound like it’d have much in the way of forests, but I could be misremembering. Clearly what Uppsala really needs is coal or other fossil fuels (if present), better methods for bonding beams together, and maybe even steel (which again requires coal/coke, or an adequate substitute). Zenjiro’s mostly wasting time with shells though, there’s no way seashells are anyway near as cheap as limestone.

    It seems like the current trade agreement might head towards building ship, furnace, and metallurgy tech to Carpa, and a magic academy, spices, and dragon goods to Uppsala. In time maybe Carpa can also trade glass and possibly enchanted goods from the Twin Kingdoms.

    ” This sorry excuse for a show shoe will prevent me from getting a good foothold ”

    Thanks for the chapter! This is one of the “chewier” translated works I’m reading, there’s often lots to think over. =)

  13. I would like to have seen more deception and conspiracy, but I really liked how he’s experimenting again since it’s bound to get him in trouble ;D

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