A short chapter indeed, but another release this month nevertheless.
I’m trying to be less cynical these days, but it’s not really working unless I don’t say anything.
So without further ado:


15 thoughts on “14/11/2016

  1. Do not cut yourself short. You even did that chapter while most of world was talking about WW3. As always ty

  2. Always appreciated. Current year+1 is nearing an end, hopefully current year+2 is even better. All the best.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Why try to be less cynical…when you can just be yourself

    1. Left to right: Freya, Zenjirou, Aura, Fátima (most likely) and I don’t know who is the little Carpa girl in the green dress.

  4. There’s no link to the chapter. I have no way of reading it or any of the other chapters. Where are the links?

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