People were so unmotivated about the lame intermission chapter that I decided to release another “proper” chapter this month.
Be grateful, you mongrels!

On a more serious note, the trend seems to go towards reading pdfs/epubs, so I guess no one visits the homepages of translators anymore. At the very least, I cannot explain the low comment rate otherwise. Well, who cares.

If you have not noticed yet (lol), I change the layout. I tried to style it around Risou this time, because I gave up all hope that I will ever see the ending of Tsuki Tsuki in this life.
Tell me if you like it or not. I ain’t gonna change it, though. Pdfs and all.

Last, but not least: I will probably most likely only have time for one chapter in December, so do tell me if you want that chapter released as soon as it is done or if you want me to delay it for some total unnecessary christmas release bullshit. I don’t mind either way.


50 thoughts on “29/11/2016

  1. Wow, thanks.

    Since I finished formating the text from the intermission just now (private PDFs), you gave me extra work.

    Also, I take “it’s done when it’s done”.

  2. I must say, I like the new design of the site. I’d say to release the chapter when it’s ready. That’s how I like to do things, but you do you. Also, thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! I like the new layout better. Might be the text being easier on the eyes somehow.

    I’d certainly prefer if you didn’t delay a chapter for some holiday release. Delayed Christmas releases are bullshit because everyone does it, so I end up spending days after getting caught back up.

  4. I’ve said it before but I’m usually a quiet lurker type that only comments when they have something worth saying. But I do check here often enough to seem like a drug addict, and this time I went, WOAH, new layout. I like it fine but will miss the old one, since I’m nostalgic like that.

    So, what WAS the last report about Tsuki Tsuki? I heard fans were revolting or something when it looked like he was gonna swerve away from harem route and that was the start of this endless hiatus, but everything I’ve read was third hand.

  5. Love the new layout. I usually dont comment since i didnt even notice the comment section. Thanks and the wait for christmas would be kinda weird, i would love it anytime you are willing to give it. πŸ˜€

  6. Thanks again for your hard work!

    Be sure to go at your own pace and enjoy lots of other things in the meantime to spite the people who only think of themselves πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for ALL the chapters. \o/
    Always hyped about chapters… …in a lurking kind of way.
    For the next one: How about a unnecessary New Year release instead of christmas? fufufu

    Risou is what made me stumble upon this site. Though I can’t say I like this text on pattern background for the content area. So in my case I will change it locally with some stylish script. Something that will make web designers cry overall, but the text area more comfy.

    Thanks in advance for this chapter as well. Will lurk read right away.

  8. It always seems that magic and technology are viewed as mutually exclusive…

    Thanks for the chapter!
    *hugs PROzess*

  9. Thanks for the new Chapter. I hope Tsuki Tsuki will be released before we both die. Love the new layout. Please release the new chapter as soon as it is done. Need not wait till Christmas.

  10. Woah, that layout change took me by surprise. I’m alright with the layout, its much cleaner than the other one but the color bothers me. A duller, or softer blue would be much better looking. I’d be fine with some christmas bullshit too but I don’t mind either way; at this point any risou release is a small gift by itself. Anyways, as always, thanks for the chapter prozess.

  11. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I usually prefer to comment at the chapter page, but since your format is one volume page and I often go to that page directly to read instead of through notification pages like this, I comment here less than I do in other blogs. I do read the story here and appreciate your work.

  12. Holy moly mistress Tony! New look!

    Also, ASAP please. Christmas has Xmas business, we dont want Risou mix in that~

  13. Your words my friend are pretty rough, but are true, I can read in japanese but I don’t wanna translate a shit because I don’t have time and I have better things to do haha, but you can be more polite, there are a lot of newies in this LN world and 99% of them are very good people.

  14. Thanks for the new chapter. The new princess is a slut instead of a virgin, guess she won’t be a harem member after all.

    I don’t really see the point of a Christmas release. Christmas is usually a busy day with family and what not, so I wouldn’t read anything that came out that day till the next day anyway. I’d rather have it at a random time during the month so I can read it at work.

  15. Thanks for the chapter.

    I enjoyed that the plot is getting thicker, and the details about the dissimilarities of the societies, such as the prevalence of the concept of zero. I’m curious as to whether Zenjirou realized that Freya was after Southern blood or if he was trying to counter the implication that Carpa was still weakened after the war or trying to deflect the implications regarding Aura’s humanitarian efforts (being modern Japanese).

  16. thanks for the chapter!

    can’t wait for the next chapter so i wish you could upload the next asap. and one more on christmas :p

    and i love this new layout more than the old one.

  17. I’d say to release the chapter when it’s ready. That’s how I like to do things, but you do you. Also, thanks for the chapter.

  18. thanks for the chapter man! looking forward to your next release. I would like it if you release it chapter by chapter.

  19. That’s probably because everyone is an ungrateful leecher! Who dares to not give thanks?! <— The guy who hasn't posted in eons

  20. I often read on mobile and it’s kind of a pain to comment from my phone. I do enjoy the chapters, except for that lame intermission chapter but to be fair it was splendidly translated. πŸ™‚

  21. Thank you for the chapter.
    As for the new layout, personally, I think previous was more pretty. Also, I don’t really see a reason to match next release with christmas.

  22. For the next chapter, please release it as soon as it done πŸ˜€
    As for the layout, it looks fine though i don’t like the background texture.
    It’s look dirty and not match with clean looks of the navigation bar and the texts. But off course if PROzess like it, i can bear with it.

  23. Thanks for another release \o/!

    I’ll certainly rather the chapter file out when you finish it though :).

  24. Wow thanks for the release, for my part I normally prefer to read a whole volume so I wait until is full released.

  25. I noticed it yesterday, before the new chapter was out.

    I was already find of the previous theme, so it will take a time for me to readjust, but since it’s readable and easy on the eyes, it’s good for me.

    Thanks for your work. I hadn’t seen so many release in such short a span i a long time.

  26. Thanks for the chapter! I cast my vote for “release when ready”, because there’s always a glut of releases during the holidays and it takes me weeks to clear the backlog.
    As for the new layout, I mostly find serif fonts easier to read, but perhaps it’s just me…

  27. Many thanks for the chapter! Really like this new layout and as a Times New Roman’s hater, I’m glad you dropped it and this serif typeface is easier to read for me. Thanks again.

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