The majority seemed to want a release as soon as it was done, so here we are.
Just a lame intermission chapter, you say? Deal with it.
I will perfectly honest with you: At the moment I harldy have any motivation to translate. For a brief moment, I had the delusion of finishing Volume 05 untilt he end of year, but it was crushed as soon as I started the volume. Oh well.
I know you hate nothing more than waiting for releases (except maybe for my person itself), but I said this numerous times already: It is a hobby for me and does not follow any schedule. If it is no fun and becomes tedious, I stop and do something else. Unfornutately for you, that happens a lot these days. To be honest, though, the “community” does not really do anything to boost my motivation. And I am not talking about the faithful readers commenting here. I mean the general community. Go find any forum, thread or post regarding light novels and you will find people whining either about slow releases or evil licenses.
Discuss your favourite series with others? No chance, unless it is a weeaboo WN with daily updates.
I do like it when my projects keep a low-profile (see how Shinmai escalated -.-‘), but why is it that only series with daily updates get attention?
Either way, I do not see a point to get motivated, when people only start to complain anyway, so I will just go at my own pace.

Well enough gloomy shit.
Here a ray of hope: The mid-season break for league in Germany is going to start soon, so I will have more time on the weekends. Let’s hope I can use it for translating. If I can, you get another chapter on New Years. If not, well, happy new year in advance!


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  1. The only thing I can say is that there are people (many, lots) who seem to like to complain.

    Thanks for your work.

  2. thanks for the chapter! thanks for your hardwork!

    may this dance give you power to keep on going, on the translation, and on your life.

    〈( ^.^)ノ
    〈( ^.^)ノ

  3. Thanks for the chapter! You also hit the nail on the head with “Urgh, Intermission again…”.

    Sorry man, but the “community” of everything is 99% shit when it comes to anything. Light novels are smaller as a community, but just think of anime and manga. It’s especially awful, cringeworthy and full of teenagers as a whole. It also doesn’t attract the people you usually want to have an indepth discussion with.
    Daily weeaboo WNs are always present and easy to spot + they might be more appealing to the overall readership or people exposed to online novel translations. Risou is slow, has very little “action” and it’s not a story of glory and fame.
    Back when I was 16, I wouldn’t be reading it either. And now that I’m a bit older, the amount of stuff I read online has decreased in favour of work and real life stuff.

    I hope you won’t translate anything this year, especially if it means forcing yourself. I’d be a lot more sad if you dropped your, to me very beneficial and awesome, hobby in favour of a new chapter. Happy holidays and an early happy new year!
    And good luck with your games and work. Any new years resolutions yet?

  4. Awww, sorry. But I had to admit that I’m part of those that didn’t discuss about this novel.

    I mean its great. Among the best I’ve read. But yeah, everytime I bring this up in a conversation everyone’s just confused, totally ignorant of the novel. I kinda just stop.

    Sorry about that. And thank you again. I’m really grateful for the translation.

  5. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Take your time! Don’t force yourself to translate when you’re not in the mood! SCREW the ones that complain! Unless they’re paying you to do it, they have no right to complain. As you said, this is a hobby.

  6. thanks for the chapter! It’s only going to get more difficult for fan translations sadly. Weekly series are able to constantly maintain a presence, which is easily one of the most important parts of marketing something. Plus, longer release series tend to have lower scores on NU, which only makes it harder to get noticed (it’s easier to pick up a 4.6 series compared to a 4.2 series). Either way, thank you for keeping up the translation regardless.

  7. Ahhh. I wanna punch someone …. those imbeciles…. haizt.

    Im veey thankful for all the time and effort you put in translating this novel… im very happy for every time that i saw a new update in novel update.. it is one of my favorite… I’ll be waiting for next chapter.. thanks again and hope you have a well and meaningful Christmas and New year ahead if you.

    For those idiot that are complaining … go translate your own novel and read it and just shut up…

  8. Thanks for the chapter!
    A good part of the community are “novel junkies” who need daily doses to escape from reality, so it’s difficult to find discussions in which there are no addicts complaining that their drug doesnt arrive in time.
    Just try to ignore them because they dont represent the majority and are only noisy and toxic.
    Also relevant smbc

  9. seconded Daniel.

    the ‘Community’ is preferring OverPowered Protagonist who have harem and have ‘game stat tables’. Risou is so different that its fan is practically different community. for that matter Josei ‘revenge’ fic and Shojo ‘reverse harem dating game’ also has its own distinct subcommunity. paying attention to LN fan translation community would only depress you. Shield Hero and Mushoku Tensei is most popular novel in community, their fan certainly wouldn’t enjoy Risou.

    1. To be contrarian, I wouldn’t lump Mushoku Tensei into the same demographic. A very vocal portion of readers hated MT after the first trip from the Magic Continent because they found the school arc stupid. Take in mind that the only reason MT had any longevity was because it spent three volumes developing all the side characters in school and then let their lives drive the plot. MT is easily one of the best heroes’ journeys I’ve read in webnovels, although that is not saying much when that category also includes the likes of Slave Harem.

  10. Just like all the comments before, I sincerely thank you for all the work you put to bring these chapters. The story is really interesting and your translations are smooth and easy to read,even for a non native english speaker like myself!
    And one thing : do not force yourself to release, especially with all these stuff like new year and all. A hobby is something you take pleasure to do ,not something you forces yourself to do. Think about you before the others 😉
    So to conclude : cheers for the very good work and happy new year!


  11. What a coincidence I started re-reading the entire series just yesterday so I guess I have a pleasant suprise once I get caught up. As for why people bitch and complain I can only assume its because the manga/LN/WN community tends to skew towards a younger audience so you end up with entitled teens/preteens. I also assume that the reason daily uploads are more popular is because people have limited time and attention spans so they’ll favor consistent entertainment over that one series that uploads every month or so because they just forget about it. Thats my opinion at least, anyways thanks for the chapter Prozess.

  12. Unfortunately people with complaints are far louder than those who are content. Series that update daily are simply on people’s minds daily with new developments in the story daily to discuss. Many of those stories do not even come close to the quality of story writing in Risou. The only stories that do are weekly releases at their fastest.

    Risou is fantastic, the quality of your translations are great and we silent happy individuals definitely are there.

    P.S. It’s previously not been possibly to comment on your work or posts directly (unless I just didn’t see how) and I don’t browse forums for LNs or WNs.

  13. Thank you for the chapter. Otaku have been demanding & unreasonable since I was in my college Japanese animation society (yes it was that old that it predated the use of anime in English). That’s why I loved Hideaki Anno trolling us so hardcore with Death & Rebirth and End of Evangelion.

    As for the gloom, most of us don’t rely on the Teutons for sunlight. Great engineering, science, music, literature, master-level sausage making, world famous beer, championship soccer, fan translation of a great series, all yes, but no to the sunshine. 😛

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Thank you for another wonderful chapter.

    I have to admit that at times I would love to have a new chapter every day just because I read so much that I sometimes run out of things to read. But I also know that as somebody that in no way contributes to these works I don’t have the right to complain when the world doesn’t work in my favor.

  15. Hi!
    Just found your translation via novelupdates; I read through the archives in two days, and I’m glad I did!
    Thanks for translating! This novel feels like a breath of fresh air; very different from the translated novels I usually read 🙂

    I do kind of facepalm sometimes at the MC forgetting to bring things like penicillin, seeds for plants, or a downloaded version of wikipedia, but overall I like his relaxed yet responsible personality, and his interactions with Queen Aura seem pretty realistic.

    As a Swede, I tend to wince a bit at Swedish words in English writing (“Uppsala”, for example, is a well-known university city close to Stockholm, and thus to me doesn’t sound like a clan or country name), but on the whole, the words are used appropriately.

    Oh, BTW, I noticed a consistent typo: subordinator (grammar term) -> subordinate (lower-ranked person)

    Keep on being awesome!

    1. That’s the one word I ALWAYS get wrong, when I first type it. Usually I spot the mistake, when I read through the chapter again, but this time, it completely slipped my mind, dunno why.

  16. Sadly you are probably right about fast and/or regular updates generating more discussion. The things I see with the most conversation are the ones with constant updates. The quality of the series can vary. I think it’s partly because rapid updates attracts/keeps an audience, and partly because said updates have more content for discusssion.

    But I really like Risou, so thanks a bunch.

  17. 1 is THANKS
    2 i am with those ‘Just a lame intermission chapter’ before even reading it(my bad :P)
    3 I find this novel great to the point there i want to read as fast as i can and after reading it want other chapter as soon as posible forgeting to comment…. damn it wanna new part ….. i am greedy i know but oh well ‘ I’d be a lot more sad if you dropped your, to me very beneficial and awesome, hobby in favour of a new chapter’ cant not agree to this tooo…..

  18. It really would be nice if there was an auto something that would just discipline people who feel entitled to reading fan-translations. Rather irritating to see forum posts asking people to pick up a work just because its not ‘fast’ enough. If they want it faster they should put up or shut up by asking to help you or other translators. Better yet just learn to read that language, they never consider that to be an option.

    You translate at WHATEVER pace you want or drop it if you want, readers have no right to complain. Nobody has any right to fault you if you decide to stop because of lack of motivation. It’s already miraculous enough you have been at it this long and have consistently updated every month or so.

  19. Great, THANK YOU!! I love this series. I hope that Zenjirou get in business soon with the princess/captain. I like the new characters, they are funny 🙂 . By the way do you know the ascendance to a bookworm series? It is a really entertaining series to read if you have time 🙂 . It is a real point of view of Isekai as Risou and Grimgar.

  20. It’s like in this old joke, good and bad news 😉
    But thanks for your hard work ^^

  21. Hey Prozess, I was wondering if you already have copies or scans of volumes 6-8 of risou. I recently got them and should be able to scan them if you need them.

    1. I do have the physical copies, but I still do not possess a scanner. I would be extremely grateful, if you could scan them for me (and everyone else).
      I tried to build a stand for the book, but I would still have to take it into hand every now and then to read some kanji more clearly. Tbh, that’s quite tedious and a waste of time 🙁 And I’m not really keen on taking pictures of every page with my cell -.-‘
      So, yes, I could need some scans 🙂 Thank you 🙂

      1. Not a problem. I should be able to scan them in a couple of days. It might take a while thought because the holidays are coming up. I’ll let you know when I have them.

      2. Much appreciated, but please no hurry. Enjoy the holidays first 🙂
        I will take at least all of January to finish Vol 05.

  22. Well this certainly was a nice surprise to see a release so soon after the previous one. Unfortunately I read it on my phone and couldn’t really thank you at the time. So a belated thank you is in order.
    As always, take your time. Don’t force yourself to do something if you don’t enjoy it (and also don’t get paid for it. Still gotta do your job even if you hate it).

    And considering it’s almost the holidays, happy holidays to you PROzess.

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