I rarely make promises about releases, because pressure ain’t my thing, but when I do, I keep my word.
So here we are.
In my defence, it was a pretty short chapter, so I knew I would finish it with ease 😛
This chapter may seem boring as all they do is talk, but I guess you wouldn’t be here reading Risou to begin with, if you expect action.

Unfortunately, the next chapter is longer again, actually nearly thrice as long as this one, so it will take time. No fear, it will come in February, but I honestly dun see it happening in January. Mircales do happen, but I cannot promise anything.

Well then, see you next month.


35 thoughts on “11/01/2017

  1. If you treat us too often we are going to get spoiled. But thank you very much, and hope you are doing well.

    1. Here’s some minor typos I noticed this time
      “He shall fulfil his task as a direct report to Zenjirou” Fulfil > fulfill, and report > support or subordinate perhaps?
      “normal reaction was to curse one own’s luck” one > one’s and own’s > own
      “they have an excellent noise as well” noise > nose
      “more important they focussed” focusses > focused
      “abnormal aggressively of the pack” agressively > aggression or aggressiveness
      “turned out to be a concerned animal” concerned > cornered

  2. You mind if I comment grammar corrections?

    “terrible honoured” > “terribly honoured”
    “direct report” > “directly report”

  3. “I rarely make promises about releases”
    So did something happen for you to make a promise about the next release?

  4. It was hard to believe that dragons with an own territory inside the forest
    an own -> its own?
    their own?
    owned a?
    possessed a?

    Not sure about this one but that seems kinda off

  5. Thank you for the chapter. I really liked this chapter, because Zenjirou has finally gotten serious. My next guess is that he tries to deflect praise, but Gullen, the secretary, and Raffaelo’s father all take notice of Z’s competency. Looking forward to the next one. No pressure. Cheers.

  6. Lol, that poor hunter in a room full of big shots!

    Thanks for the translation Prozess! It was short but so good, I’m reading the chapter a second time!!!

    Also, Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you for the chapter.
    May I inquire, why you stopped using honorifics in the recent volume of Risou? Sure, it doesn’t used between English-speaking people, but that not necessarily mean it can’t be used in literature (like “herr” or “seniorita”). Especially, since we a talking about translation of Japanese novel (1) with Japanese protagonist (2) in different world/country (3) which is not resemble middle age England very much (or any other European country for that matter, with the possible exception of Turkey+Spain hybrid) (4).
    In my humble opinion, a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” looks more bizarre than “-san”, “-dono” or “-sama”.

    1. Mm, let me rephrase: a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” looks more bizarre than “-san”, “-dono” or “-sama” in this text.
      Also, it makes this volume inconsistent with all earlier volumes.

    2. I started dropping all japanese honorifics in this volume. Or rather, I made an effort to translate them. I just want to try it out and I’m too lazy to change the previous volumes for consistency.

      1. Does it mean that you are experimenting just in this volume or you already decided that honorifics will be translated from now on?

  8. Thank you

    I liked this chapter more than the last, The political problems are more interesting for me and the part with ideas about the dragon pack’s hunt was more absorbing than the boat.

  9. Thank you for translating.

    Image link is broken in vol 04 chapter 03, can you fix that please.

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