I hope I did not make you wait too long.
The next chapter aka. epilogue should not take as long, since it’s a very short chapter.
But I have to apologize for something for once.
I did say that I would do my best to finish Volume 05 in February, but to be honest, I’m kind of behind on schedule, if you will so. I will definitely get out the epilogue next week without doubt, but it remains to be seen, if I can still finish the extra chapter in February. I hope you will not be all that angry with me, when I take a few days longer for that one.
The reason for my delay is actually minecraft again. As it happens, I’m currently in my third addicted phase of minecraft.
Some of you might remember that my first phase was a few years ago, when I watched the Let’s Play of a german YouTuber. As chance would have it, that very YouTuber was responsible for the other two phases as well. His name is Gronkh (prolly only Germans will know him, but he’s a really great guy) and sometime last year, he started to play a modpack called Life in the Woods for minecraft. Inspired by it, I also tried it out and thus entered phase 2. Right now, I’m in phase 3, because Gronkh (yes, again him) released his own modpack version for Life in the Woods. It incoperates stuff like thaumcraft or tinker. There really is a shitload of things to do now and really fun on top of it, so yeah, sorry, I have been playing it a bit more often than you would have liked 🙂
To boost, soccer season is back from the winter pause, so my weekends are pretty much unproductive translation-wise again.
So when I don’t manage to finish the volume this month, please don’t spam “NEXT CHAPTER WHEN” comments. It will come for sure, just a bit later.
You know I’m not fond of schedules, but neither am I fond of breaking my word. Still, I’m doing this only for fun, so I hope you can be sympathetic to my situation 🙂

On a related note, Risou got a manga serializaation in young ace, starting this month. If anyone happens to get the raws, please do share. I will NOT have the time to translate it, but I would like to read it nevertheless 🙂

Well then, see you (very likely) next week!


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  1. I had half expected you to upload all the rest of the volume on the 1st, because you are frequently too good to us. Heard about the manga too, which is nice news. And thanks for the chapter.

    Truly, Minecraft is one of the addictions of the Modern World.

    1. Couple minor revisions:
      ‘The army from the March of Guzzle had been pressed for a though fight’ though -> tough
      ‘but this dragon was an expectation’ expectation -> exception
      ‘endure the number one and just leak the number one’ the first ‘one’ supposed to be two?

  2. Here’s chapter 01, which can be found on the Share P2P network:

    (一般コミック・雑誌) [ヤングエース] [渡辺恒彦×日月ネコ] 理想のヒモ生活 第001話 [2017-03].zip

    Feel free to delete the link once you’ve downloaded it. Cheers and thanks for the T/L.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Just remember to breath a few times in the minecraft sessions and everything should be fine. I forgot a few times playing WoW and…

  4. I feel nevertheless obligated to state that the first couple of pages are NSFW, so don’t come complaining – you were warned.

  5. Thanks!
    Honestly, pretty happy about anything I can get. Who are you rooting for, soccer wise?

  6. Thanks again for yet another chapter. Go at a pace that seems best for you!

  7. Thanks for the chapter, and I hope you are remembering to eat properly, and walk around from time to time, unmodded minecraft was able to make me a bit of a shut in, and I’m not that hardcore into gaming.

    1. I lost my loved one(pet gold fish), my social life and my grades to minecraft. Ive been there

      Also many thanks for the chapter

  8. Many thanks for the chapter and take your time! Moreover, I have a massive backlog of interesting LNs to read anyway and I’m so damn slow to read them…

  9. Thank you for the translations!
    Every chapter of Risou Himo is worth wait. So take it easy and we will waiting patiently… 🙂

  10. Thanks for the chapter.

    So Skathi is a practitioner of the Spanish-style javelin throw, so called because it was used by spanish atheltes in competitions in the mid-20th century; it’s currently banned.

    1. lol, didn’t know that it was an actual existing technique 🙂
      Very interesting.

    2. Wait this actually exists? It sounded like some made-up anime technique the writer invented in a chuunibyou fit. Wow, I’m impressed.

  11. “On a closer look, all three dragons had deep vertical cuts at their “throats”. The wound was so deep that any normal animal would have died immediately without even being able to utter a death cry.
    The Pack Dragons had fled all the way from the battlefield up to here with this kind of wound?”

    Yes, that’s right Zenjirou, Pack Dragons can survive insta-kill throat slashes that were in no way caused by Ines; no way at all. 😉

    As always, thanks for the translation Prozess!
    Feel free to Minecraft and translate at your own pace, it’s less stressful that way! And less stress is good for the health :).

    1. ikr.
      Xavier used mainly arrows in the attack, so why were they cut at the throat?
      And Ines was so surprised to see the corpses that she jumped straight onto them, rolling in them, or how else did she fucking get the blood all over her!?
      Only one maid in the inner palace is supposed to be from the “ninja squad”, but maybe Ines has a past as well? Would laugh if this was a foreshadow…

      1. I mean, the only people in the carriage were a foreigner, the king/prince-consort, and Ines. Covert bodyguard seems like it’s part of her job description.

  12. Thanks for the chapter. This epilogue will be very interesting to see how everyone reacts to Zenjirou from Aura to Freya to the power players in Carpa. I’m glad that our boy Zenjirou got to spread his wings a bit.

    1. Yes, my thoughts as well.
      It is refreshing that this novel keeps Zenjirou as main character. Though I can’t help myself and feel a guilty pleasure of him getting recognized as potent actor from time to time.

      Let’s see how it will balance out. In Carpa and in the northern continent.

  13. Thank you! I was waiting for it.

    I want more Zenjirou and Aura. My problem with the chapter is the scene against the dragon, it doesn’t make sense that she stops a enormous beast fending off with a spear against something huger than an elephant, it is exactly bullshit, although i don’t really care so much.

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