As promised, here comes the next chapter!

Nothing much happened in the meantime, so I have no clue what I should be writing…

My first novel batch order in 2017 from Japan is supposed to arrive at the end of the week :3 Can’t wait :3 Risou Vol 8 is in there too!

Speaking of, ‘Somedude’, the kind soul that offered to scan volume 06: How is it going? I dun want to pressure you, but it would be great, if you could send me the raws at least in the middle of next month. If needed, I can translate the first chapter of the next volume manually from the physical book, but it’s quite the tedious effort and I would rather not do it for a whole volume, so I hope you can keep your word. Thank you very much 🙂

Also, currently reading a Yuri VN for the “story” *wink*


29 thoughts on “13/02/2017

  1. Well, the epilouge was a quick summary of Zenjirou working as the representative he is and how Aura Got so worried for his idea(who was almost a stunt) and both talking about it and later how the tension break because some souvenir, feel so natural, those two are so lovely(that is why i fear all my soul all that concubine talk and plot, why damage something work so well)

  2. I wonder if there ever be a point in this series where Aura starts to think Zenjirou has more talent at being a ruler than her.

  3. is there a short story for this volume or can i go ahead and make an ebook?

      1. Put that in a FAQ, then complain. If it really was something you get asked too much, you should have done that already.

    1. From a previous post : “Btw, the volume ALWAYS ends with a special chapter about the maids”.

  4. The first chapter of the manga is translated now too. And I’m glad it had THE scene of the prologue I had wanted to have a visual of, namely the dragon slobbering on Zenjirou so he knew he was in another world. The manga might draw interest to your translations more than you’d think too.
    Thank you as always.

  5. Does the vn have an interesting ‘plot’. Maybe some fascinating ‘backstory’.

    Thanks for translating

  6. Thanks for the chapter. It was short and sweet. Zenjirou’s agonizing over thr souvenirs seems very Japanese.

  7. At the end they didn’t even finish the negotiations. Aura is too bossy and over-protective. Zenjirou has to threat with another waifu :P. .

    Thank you for the double translation this month .

  8. Zenjirou did very well in this volume 5, firstly, he handled foreign diplomacy while maintaining balance with Raffaelo (preventing him from getting too credit or influence with newcomers!), secondly, he managed to discern some of the newcomers intention and establishing goodwill and co-operation, thirdly, when wild dragons and Xavier show up, he still managed the balance conflicting authority between Raffaelo and Xavier, and finally his innovation in tackling wild dragons is rather ingenious and successful.

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