Jesus! Can you believe it!?
It’s the next and final chapter of Volume 05! The Volume is finally done!!
And still in February! Three chapters in one month!! Wtf is going on here!!

Well, short story even shorter: I was on a roll. Got two days off work this week, so I had plenty of time to translate and for some reason, the maids were a lot easier to translate than all that political banter.

Anyway, good things cannot continue on forever. The sad reality: I have run out of digital scans. Yes, I do have the books. Yes, I could theoretically translate from them. But no, I will not do so for an entire volume. I will start translating manually from the book next month, in hopes that the person, who promised the scans, will actually deliver. I have faith!
In the unlikely event that said person will not deliver, I will make a shout-out for some scans in the next release again, so please contribute, if you can 🙂

Holding the book with one hand and typing on the keyboard with the other hand is not enjoyable, trust me. The other option would be a donation drive to fund me a scanner, but no, just no.
Well, it is too early to meet trouble halfway. Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

On another, but important note: Do NOT expect releases to continue like this month. This was an EXCEPTION. I promised(?) to finish the Volume this month, since I have been procastinating a bit lately, and I am glad I could meet that goal, but this will not become a habit. Starting next month, please be patient again with the usual release pace of 1-2 chapters per month. Thank you!


33 thoughts on “22/02/2017

  1. Wow You did the volume finished! Maids chapter are always good, they just preffer banter only. Thank you to you 😀 .

  2. More Risou! This is awesome!!!

    As always, thanks for the Translation Prozess!

    Awww, I don’t wanna see the Three Troublemakers leave the palace! :'(

    I ask this only out of curiosity: the raws you seek, does that involve scanning then running the scans through some Japanse OCR? Or are the images sufficient?

    1. I just need the pages scanned. No need to run it through OCR, since I can read it just fine. I simply prefer to have the pages on my screen, instead of holding the book in my hand. The zoom doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  3. Two days off and you didn’t get transported to another world? What a rip-off! 😛 Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Sure the main body didnt go any where
      But what if a copy of the soul already transported there. we have no evident that didnt already happend

    1. Maid chapters are always the best. I always grinning like stupid kid when reading it.

  4. Thanks as anyways!

    Do you not want to open donations for a scanner because you don’t want donations or because it would probably damage the book? Understandable in either case.

  5. Thanks for the translations…
    Wew, maids antics is refreshing to read after political heavy main stories, just hope all the troublemaker didn’t leave palace soon…

  6. Very good your work and thank you, I met a little time to novel by friends here in Brazil and they accompany here in Brazil

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